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Duty of care is a legal obligation which means a requirement to practice a reasonable amount of attention and look after others to avoid negligence which could lead to harm, working with children and young people brings a lot of responsibility and significant duty of care, you need to recognizes the younger the child the more vulnerable they are and the higher the duty of care need to be, you have to be vigilant and have a gig level of concentration of the overall environment of where you are at all times to make sure everyone and individuals are safe. . 2 Describe how the duty of care affects own work role.

Always act in the best interests to make sure that the people we care for are safe and protected from any form of abuse by others may it be other service users, careers, family, friends and even people they don’t know, therefore follow my safeguarding policies and procedures it is also important to be given the correct training so that I can recognizes and understand abuse.It is my duty of care to write down anything that may of happened or anything I feel is out of the ordinary for that individual outside and inside of my work, I also write up incident, accident and temperature forms, it is also my duty of care to provide protection and safety for the children and be there when they want to talk and someone to sit and listen. The Honeymoon Nursery’s policies and procedures make it very clear to me and the rest of the staff our responsibilities when it comes to reporting improper contact and conduct that may compromise safety in our nursery and the protection of our children.

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. 1 Describe dilemmas that may arise between the duty of care and individuals rights. It is my duty care to administer medication and creams when needed, on one occasion a child refused to take her medication, so explain that it was in her best interests and that it would make her feel better, but she still refused to take it, I gave her some space and some time, I went back after about half an hour and she still refused to take her medication. Hereford wrote down what had happened and got another member of staff that had witnessed what had happened to sign a written statement, also wrote out a incident from to get the parents to sign when they came to pick their child up. It is in the child’s right to refuse their medication if they want, but it’s my duty of care to support the child accordingly and recorded and report the situation if they do refuse to take their medications or don’t want their creams on.It is my duty of care to make sure that all children what wear nappies or are in pulls get changed regularly, if a child has filled there pulls/ nappy then it is in my best interest to get them changed, in the case that they don’t have anything to get changed into then we have to put that child in either nursery pants or a spare nappy, if the child starts to come upset that they have not got their own things then you sit and explain to the child that they haven’t got anything to wear and let them pick what they have out of the spears box.

. 2 Explain where to get additional support and advice about how to resolve such dilemmas. Can get additional support from my supervisor, deputy and my manager if really necessary, can also ask for support from the child’s parents to tell their child at the beginning of the day that they have to do as us adults ask.In the case of not having anything for the child to change into, when their arena/ guardian comes to pick them up, you just take them to one side and ask for them to bring in some more and tell them that they got a little upset and that you have had to put spares on him or her and ask that the parent/ guardian talks to the child if they are still upset and tell them that it was in there best interest. 3.

1 Describe how to respond to complaints. All complaints and concerns are dealt with fairly in my workplace and we respond to each individuals needs.

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