Findings that intrinsic factors brings satisfaction and increases

Findings on intrinsic motivation factors has been researched and noticed to have impact on work performance.

Intrinsically motivated employees are able to perform better in workplace. This can be seen where Bhattacharyya (2007) stated that motivation either intrinsic or extrinsic leads to employee satisfaction thus enhances productivity and performance. Another study also proved the relationship between intrinsic factors and work performance.

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According to Gyamfi (2015) revealed that there is a positive relationship between intrinsic motivation and employee performance at the selected banks. Furthermore study conducted by Sleimi & Davut (2015) found out that intrinsic motivation positively correlated with bank tellers performance. This means that those bank tellers agree based on the facts that intrinsic factors brings satisfaction and increases performance. Moreover, a study was conducted by Shahzadi, Javed, Pirzada, Nasreen & Khanam (2014) claimed that intrinsic rewards directly influence the employees’ performance.

It is because when intrinsic rewards given to the employees will makes them to realize about their performance and encourages them to work hard to achieve the organization goal. There were many studies emphasized the importance of intrinsic factors influencing workers performance. However, a study conducted by Muogbo (2013) been able to refuse the fact that adoption of intrinsic rewards contribute to employee performance. So, this study align with Herzberg theory which contributes to the managers to design intrinsic motivational scheme that influences work performance.


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