Finding Nemo: A Response to Trailer essay

Finding Memo is the third feature-length computer animated motion picture made in collaboration between Disney ND Paxar. Its previous successful brother was Toy Story and Monsters, Inc. The success of previous movie Toy Story and Monsters, Inc. Itself has set the quality bar so high that the coming Of Finding Memo is in the curiosity Of the audiences about its quality already.

The intended audience of Finding Memo is major children. The rest could be people who love animated motion picture or a Disney fan.In other word, I might say the movie is suitable and intentionally made to become an entertainment for “Children of all ages”. The audiences are also eager for Finding Memo because of the high quality of Disney’s product. In the trailer, the makers also know about this and mention about the other brother of Finding Memo to catch more attention of audiences. At the beginning, the trailer shows the whimsical tense situation of two fish, one is a clownish and the other is a blue tang fish, who both are aground at some harbor with a pelican chasing after and trying to offer some helps.The tense audio with small resonant volume has great impact on this scene to create the dangerous atmosphere for two fish.

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Disney’s films have known for its meaningful but also the humorous wit scenes. In this first scene, he funny element is one again expressed with the unexpected but amusing line of the pelican: ” hoping into my mouth if you want to live” and following with the sarcastic agreement of a herd of albatross. Just for the very first scene with the significant amusing feature usually seen in Disney movies, the makers intentionally put this audiences’ favor to act as the leverage to catch immediately love.After the tense music and sudden amusing, the trailer movie returns to gentle smooth melody of “Beyond the sea” – movie theme song, performed by Robbie Williams. Slowly emerging from the scene s the magnificent visual of serene under sea life with colorful vibrant coral, variety of many different kinds of fish. The successfully outstanding visual describing a lively life under sea in elegantly detailed would positively catch the exciting from the intend audience. It is completely breathtaking in comparison with two other previous movies.

In previous film, the technique in describing the visual scenes and characters was great, but with this impressive complicated visual imagination, Finding Memo has overcome the expectation of its audiences for an animated movie. With this visual impact, TTS intended audiences would love to go to the theater and watch it from the big screen. Moreover, “Beyond the sea” is an excellent choice to improve the effect of visual image. The song with slow tempo creates the tranquil rate of life under the sea. After that, the trailer reveals two clownish -? a father and a son.A father seems to over protect his little son. The trailer then gives the statistic number through a narrative voice ” 71% of the earth’s surface is water” to state the difficult to find a fish in the sea.

The line of the father fish ” Has anybody seen my son” and “I goat find my son Memo” giving the audiences a clue about the fish the narrative voice mentioned is Memo and the film is about the adventure of Memo’s dad to find him. Along with Memo’s dad, there is a regal blue fish, who appears with him throughout the whole trailer and seems to be his company helping him the whole journal.The trailer reaches to its dramatic peak when a great white shark suddenly appears and screams out angrily “We’re looking for Memo”.

The theme song turns off abruptly and the volume of the shark’s voice increases. It makes the trailer more serious and intense. It seems like to find his some, the devoted ether could ask and do any thing even if it is a white shark. This scene provoke more curiosity from the audiences, even Scary feeling for its kiddies fan but also makes the movie more worthy to wait.The music then changes to more dynamic high tempo with series of Memo’s father and his company scene during a long adventurous journal.

The music with high tempo, raise an energetic feeling but at the same time the audience could feel the rush and the determination of Memo’s father to find his lovely son. Beside the dedicated father, his company – a regal blue tang is also a well-developed character. This company ludicrous crazy through the trailer seems to be ludicrous crazily useless but also sincerely want to help Memo’s dad.With just a glimpse of scene in the trailer, this fish still raise some curiosity for the audiences that partly making them want to see the full movie. The next several of scenes, there are the imagines of a herd of turtles, fish, jelly, silver moon fish and a great white shark. Those short previews of company he met through the journal one again claimed the expecting adventure in full movie. Meanwhile, the narrative voice still keep revealing the plot ” to find Memo.

.. Old take a miracle… Getting him back is a whole other story..

. The narrative voice along the action scenes functions like a backbone of the trailer, which gradually reveals the plot and excite the curiosity of its audiences. Through the serial of scenes about the risky journal of Memo’s dad, the reveal about the other main plot flow, which is taking Memo back, is a brilliant way to draw the curiosity of intended audiences. For the end of the trailer, the music then changes to harmonious up-lifting orchestra’s sound. With the change to more passionate cinematic sound, there are several inspired scenes of Memo’s dad touching line like: “Memo, don’t give up”, ” I’m coming Memo”.

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