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I am sincerely grateful to them for sharing their truthful and illuminating views on a number of issues related to the project. I express my warm thanks to Mr.. Jay Path, director BIBS. I would also like to thank my company guide Mrs.. Anural Seen, Haulage India joint director(Kola) and all the other people form Help Age India who provided me with the facilities being required and conductive conditions for my SIP. INTRODUCTION The graying of the global population has become a matter of concern for planners, scientists and the common man alike.

The world’s most populous nations, China and India, account for a third of the elderly (60В±) on the earth. The United Nations in response to the situation convened the world assembly on the status of the elderly, first in Vienna 1982 and subsequently at Madrid 2002, to formulate Action plans to address the challenges of an increasing elderly population and life expectancy. The Government of India too addressed this issue in 1 999 and a National policy for Older Persons (NIPPON) and an Action plan were formulated. The Action plan was without any budgetary provisions.

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The NIPPON has mostly minded on paper and only recently a few states have announced a state national policy. Among these are states of Karakas, Andorra Pradesh, Delhi, Kraal, Assam and Restaurants. In 2007 Parliament passed an Act to ensure maintenance and welfare of parents and senior citizens. In this background, with the estimated rapid increase of the elderly population in India, projected to reach 100 million by 2011 and 120 million by 2014, 1 the issues of elderly can no longer be the concern of only those directly involved.

Legislators, policy makers, media professionals and others al need to be aware and conversant with issues Of this very large and rapidly growing segment of population in the country. Old age is the last stage of human life span, squire with decreasing energy and body resources. Socially, this stage was considered as the sum total of one’s lived experiences. Hence, the society offered a space of respect to the old. In such a society, the aged were the repositories, transmitters, and sole authorities of wisdom and knowledge. All these provided a ‘golden age’ concept to this stage, old age.

But the present society does not perceive old age with such golden age conceptions. There are many measures that determine the social conceptions of old age. There are many means to provide knowledge and wisdom. Old is not the mere and necessary component for the transmission of knowledge. Besides, many fear old age and consider it as a matter to be handled with care and attention. In a developing country like India, especially the state Kraal, old age has become a serious social issue nowadays. The change in conception of old age is the theme of the present study. Repose of the Report To measure the satisfaction of the elderly level and quality of life living in old GE homes and to analyze, with different facts as to how Haulage India is different from other old age homes. Scope of the Report Scope Of the report is to analyze the different ongoing programmers Of Haulage India and to differentiate between Haulage India home and other homes. Limitations Privacy is one of the major concerns as no senior residents are free enough to discuss their problems openly. A private funded old age home doesn’t allow entry of senior citizens who lack the ability to pay.

Often deceptive statistics are being provided by other old age homes to portray a good public image. Methods of collecting data Data collection will be done from primary sources for the survey. Primary data will be collected by the use of questionnaire which covers the various aspects related to the stated problem. The questionnaire has been designed on Liker scale. After finishing the questionnaire, responses will be collected from the senior residents residing in old age homes as well as common people who are well aware of the functioning of old age homes. Sampling techniques- simple random sampling.

Data collection has been conducted via face to face interview. Data analysis will be done on SPAS. About old ages homes in India Old age homes are meant for senior citizens who are unable to Stay with their families or are destitute. States in India such as Delhi, Kraal, Maharajah’s and West Bengal have developed good quality old age homes. These old age homes have special medical facilities for senior citizens such as mobile health care systems, ambulances, nurses and provision of well-balanced meals. There are more than a thousand old age homes in India. Most of them offer free accommodation.

Some homes work on a payment basis depending on he type and quality of services offered. Apart from food, shelter and medical amenities, old age homes also provide yoga classes to senior citizens. Old age homes also provide access to telephones and other forms of communication so that residents may keep in touch with their loved ones. Some old age homes have day care centers. These centers only take care of senior citizens during the day. For older people who have nowhere to go and no one to support them, old age homes provide a safe haven. These homes also create a family like atmosphere among the residents.

Senior citizens experience a ensue of security and friendship when they share their joys and sorrows with each other. About Haulage India MISSION To work for the cause and care of disadvantaged older persons and to improve their quality Of life. VISION Haulage envisions a society where elderly have the Right to an active, healthy and dignified life. We are integrating our programmers and services, and consciously moving from welfare towards development and long term sustainability for seniors. We are working closely with Senior Citizen Associations and encouraging seniors to speak up for their own rights.

We are actively working as a pressure group and focusing on Elder Rights such as the Right to adequate Health Insurance, Right to Universal Pension and working towards providing elders a society with age appropriate services. In our continuing fight against poverty, isolation and neglect of elders though we have made significant strides, but they are just a drop in the ocean. We hope to achieve the following milestones by the Year 2020: Livelihood security for two million elderly through institutions of elderly Health security for two million elderly

A National movement of elders that gives them a voice and political constituency Age appropriate services to 12 million elderly in partnership with government, private sector and civil society HISTORY What began as a humble initiative from a rented two room office in New Deli’s Stature Gandhi Mark has now blossomed into an extensive operation spread across 26 states with 90 project offices in India and headquartered at the capital’s Quota Institutional Area. Haulage India came into being in 1978 with Cecil Jackson Cole, founder of Haulage International (ELK), as its first President.

Around this time two other men figured prominently in the Haulage India story – John F. Pearson and Samson Daniel. Constant endowments, from the United Kingdom Were something both Pearson and Cole felt would not be practical in the long run. They realized that they needed to think out of the box so that charities in the developing world could continue to have a regular inflow of funds so that they could make a positive and lasting impact. In March 1974, when Cole, visited India, an intrepid philanthropist named Samson Daniel approached him for financial help to set up a member organization in Delhi.

A far-sighted man, Cole instead offered to train him to raise funds. After a three month training course in London, Mr.. Daniel and his wife returned to India and organized a sponsored walk with schoolchildren in Delhi. It was so successful that in 1 975 Haulage International recruited more staff to cover Bombay, Madras and Calcutta. A NEW FORCE OF CHANGE The year 1980 saw the advent of an individual who was to become an integral part of the Haulage story and its driving force. Madam Moan Sabbath. Tall was born on August 21, 1922. Happily married, tragedy struck when his wife died, paving him a widower at the age of 51 .

Bereft, Sassafras began to focus his attention, and his many skills, on promoting the cause of the aged. He took over the reins as President of Haulage Indian’s Governing Body in 1986-87 succeeding John F. Pearson. Today, he continues to be an integral part of Haulage as its president Emeritus. Sassafras came from a rich corporate background, so the charitable sector was relatively new to him, but he made efforts to know about its inner workings and felt that changes at the Government policy level were imperative for a long sustaining impact on the ivies of Indian’s elderly.

He later went on to join the four member committee set up by the Government to review the National policy on Older Persons. PROGRAMS In a country of rapidly increasing elder population and subsequent growing concerns to ensure that their later years are lived with economic & social security and dignity, Haulage runs various programs. Though over the last few decades the focus has primarily been on the destitute elder, ensuring that the underprivileged elderly are reached through its various services in the areas of financial, health and emotional security, there is now a growing Ochs on the disadvantaged urban elder as well.

Haulage is also slowly moving from Welfare to Development services for the elderly in urban & rural areas. In rural India it is concentrating on long term sustainability of programs through formation of Elder Self Help Groups, restoring dignity and economic independence among the poor elder community, while in urban India it is urging elders to stay active and form AdvantAge Groups under its AdvantAge Card program, which not only helps provides the urban elder with benefits and discounts of various services, but also urges them to ‘Get Active, Stay Active’.

MOBILE HEALTHCARE In a nation where the reach of the public health facilities is dismal and where private health care is prohibitively expensive, the old in their post retirement years face enormous difficulty in accessing any kind of medical attention. In addition to this is the problem of near absence of geriatric medical skill and treatment. There are over 80 million elders over the age of 80 in the country, almost totally bereft of specialized attention that they require. The situation that Haulage India faces in reaching its Health Care outreach programs to the elderly in urban and rural areas is truly challenging.

CATARACT SURGERIES KEY FACTS 81 per cent of blind cases in India is due to cataract 2 million new Cases of cataract are reported every year in India 1 ophthalmologist for 1 00,000 people in India 60-69 year olds are at 2. 74 times greater risk of losing vision 70+ are at 4. 86 times greater risk of losing vision In the last 30 years, Haulage India has supported nearly 850,000 surgeries on poor and needy older persons by partnering with nearly 400 organizations (eye hospitals, trusts, Nags).

Every year, more than 20000 cataract surgeries re performed all over the country with support from Haulage India through credible and competent Eye Hospitals; and organizations working in the field of eye-care. The project includes awareness generation in the community, the catchments area of the organization, on eye care, prevention of eye diseases/ infections, precautions to be taken during infections etc. PHYSICAL Every individual hopes to live an independent life with dignity and carry out daily activities of their life, unassisted.

However, the natural process of ageing is accompanied by host of degenerative physical problems such as reduced useless power and tone, reduced range of motion and bone density. With this in mind, Haulage India provides physical that is aimed at enabling and supporting the elderly to maintain their fitness and mobility level, enhance their independence in Activities of Daily Living (ODL) as well as improve their self-confidence and self-esteem. —WHAT IS HAULAGE INDIA FIELD OF OPERATION Physiotherapists are duly qualified and registered with the PAP (Indian Association of Physiotherapists); patient registration cards are maintained by the clinic for records and clinical research; monthly reports are sent to HI dead office along with case studies. CURRENT PROGRAM STATUS 70 geriatric physiotherapy clinics supported by Haulage India in 23 states. Out of these, 23 centers are directly run by Haulage India, the rest are operated in association with senior citizens in urban and rural areas.

LIVELIHOOD SUPPORT India had 90 million elderly persons in 2011, with the number expected to grow to 1 73 million by 2026. Of the 90 million seniors, 30 million are living alone, and 90 per cent work for their livelihood. The number of elderly women is more than that of elderly men. Nearly three out Of five single older omen are very poor, and two out of three rural elderly women are fully dependent on others for want of appropriate livelihood opportunities towards economic security.

With poor social security arrangements for the elderly, it is not surprising that around 37 million elderly in India need to work in order to survive. A majority of these workers are illiterate or have limited levels of education. Rural Elderly have been doubly disadvantaged as the access issues common to rural areas to health, economic and development services are only exacerbated due to the fact that the elderly are invisible and normalized. ADVANTAGE – ACTIVE AGEING CENTERS Most elders find themselves at a loss after an active work life, with no place to go, no colleagues and often no support group.

Studies indicate that in most cases this leads to a feeling of complete isolation, neglect and loss of confidence and self-worth leading to depression and health problems. This is a serious situation calling for urgent, remedial action. The consequences of not doing so are alarming considering that Indian’s elderly population is projected to reach 200 million by 2030. According to health professionals, elders who are part of a social or work group fare much better in terms of physical and emotional well-being.

The solution seems to lie in like-minded elders forming small groups and working together on socially useful projects which not only benefits society but is of immense benefit to the elders themselves as it keeps them socially engaged and imparts a sense of self- worth. Which is why, Haulage India, the country’s leading advocate of Active Ageing has launched a unique programs that strives to meet these objectives. WHAT IS HAULAGE INDIA DOING Haulage has always encouraged Senior Citizen Associations to form small ropes of like-minded people to engage in community work.

However, it was soon realized that these groups of elders need a physical space with at least a minimal infrastructure for them to come together to engage in social work and pursue their interests. Hence, there was an urgent need for AdvantAge Centers. Haulage India envisages setting up AdvantAge Centers across the country. This follows the successful AdvantAge Active Ageing programs and is structured along the lines of the already well established Career Centers supported by Haulage India in multiple locations. The centre will be set up at location which belongs to or is rented by a Senior Citizen Association and will be managed by elders.

While the initial start-up infrastructure would be funded, the socially useful work that the elders will engage in is required to become self-funding by the seniors within a specified time period. Additionally, since it is accepted that physiotherapy provides help in prolonging active life for many elders, and is also much in demand, the centers are to be equipped with a set of physiotherapy machines and a trained physiotherapist. The centre charges a token therapy charge from non- embers which contributes towards the running cost of the centre.

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