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Film design is known as scene designs, set designs, creative backgrounds, usually sets the overall creativity of a production.

“There are many different styles of designs as there are production designers, film design arguably uses only two fundamental styles: the realistic and fantastic” (Barsam and Monahan 188). The set design in Little Miss Sunshine (2006) seemed as if Roger Hoover was a brilliant professor of importance as he lectured to his audience with a large projector behind him showing the 9 steps. Richard defines the world as being split into two different types of people, “winners and loser”. The low angle shots in this film as Richard is lecturing make it look like he is speaking to a huge audience, but when the camera is turned towards the audience, we find out he is only speaking to a small number of people. This was shocking to me, because he sounded very professional and his clothing looked very professional.

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Listening to Richards lecture about “winner and losers” gave me the feeling that the film was about someone being a winner, and that Richard wouldn’t except any less. In the first scene Olive Richards daughter is watching America’s beauty pageant on T.V where she sees Miss Louisiana with the face of happiness and excitement, and Olive replays the T.

V over and over practicing her winning face. This makes me believe Olive is learning from her fathers believes and practices, that being a loser is unacceptable, and being a winner is everything. After Olive receives a call that she can enter the beauty pageant, the family goes on a road trip together, where the pit stops to eat breakfast. During this breakfast Richard explains to Olive that sometimes being a winner requires certain regulations, models are skinny because they don’t eat sugary foods like ice cream, after Olive already ordered waffles with ice cream.

During this moment the camera is close to Richards face showing his obsession with winning has become ridiculous. After reaching another rest stop Richard calls his business partner (Stan), who explains to him the 9 steps aren’t selling its time to move on with your life. He confronts (Stan) who has moved on, Richard asks “from one set back, your giving up”? This scene is important in displaying the theme of what makes someone a winner, because Richard has become so consumed with his 9 steps of becoming a winner, that he became a loser with nothing except his family left. Also, this scene costume was used in showing the difference in attire between (Stan) and Richard as Stan was wearing an expensive suite and Richard was wearing kaki shorts and a cheap polo shirt. They were very different people as Stan was a winner and Richard were the loser.

During this time, they wake up to find his father had passed away, and the hospital wanted papers filled out, and the family would have to plan to bring his body back to their hometown. This make Richard decide what he is going to do, either abide by the law with his father’s body remaining in the hospital or supporting his daughter in her beauty pageant. A statement Richard used in this scene “if there’s one thing my father would have wanted would be to see Olive perform in the pageant. Richard realizes at this point winning is more than just coming in first place, its about determination. He sees that for his father, it wasn’t about Olive coming in first place, it was about her wanting to be a part of something and having fun while doing it.


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