FIFA essay

Having a major sport event contributes to tourism and economic growth but heavy investments are made in facilities and services Holding the world cup will set the stage for Brazier’s future status as a respected, modern, and developed nation.

Private and external costs Private Costs External Costs infrastructure Inconvenience to general public Employment Environmental effects Sec ritzy Time 170,000 people in the nation were relocated for event Brazil world cup budget was 13. B private and external benefits Private Benefits External Benefits Ticket sales Tourism for BusinessesSponsorships National Pride Media Better/more facilities Social change Foreign Investors Better transport Benefits of hosting the world cup are endless. World cup injected 13. 2 billion into Brazil economy while creating 1 million jobs. Social costs inveigh the benefits? The Hosting country usually loses money from the competition, but in the long term impacts can be lasting. The impacts can be direct and indirect and affects many areas of the economy.

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