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FeliciaShafferKathleen Waligora, Adjunct InstructorEnglish 15110 October 2018Summary of “Opioids Aren’t the Only Pain Drug to Fear”In her article, “Opioids Aren’t the Only Pain Drug to Fear”, Jane Brody explains that there are “142 Americans dying daily from drug overdoses”. Brody points out that there is an epidemic of opioid abuse and deaths. Stating that a panel from the White House had declared it “a national public heath emergency.” The article claims that it is not just the people seeking chemically induced highs but the physicians and dentists who write the prescriptions along with the pharmacies and patients who fill them are a big part of the epidemic.

The article discusses that People are not only prescribed opioids after surgery but also for chronic pain and that the effectiveness wares off leading to an increase in pill intake. The article then goes on to explain that over the counter drugs such as Tylenol and ibuprofen are also being abused. Brody quotes Dr. Campbell who says “people with a history of coronary artery disease…. NSAIDs can precipitate clogging of the vessels.” The article also lists ulcers, bleeding, kidney failure and liver failure as possible side effects of long term over use of over the counter pain pills. Brody concludes the article by stating that problems arise from mixing OTC NSAIDs with prescriptions that contain acetaminophen.

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Brody cautions “patients should read the label on any drug they buy” and to be truthful with their doctor. Works Cited BIBLIOGRAPHY Brody, Jane E. “Opioids Aren’t the Only Pain Drug to Fear.” 4 September 2017.

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