Feedback returned to its input in order

Feedback is the method in which part of the output of an organization is returned to its input in order to manage its further output. It is an essential part of training and personal development.

It helps care staff to make the most of their potential at different stages of training, increase their awareness of strengths and areas for improvement, and actions to be taken to improve their performance.It is difficult to be self-aware without feedback from others. Feedback from others informs us in ways that improve our self-knowledge.For example Mrs B A resident who has been diagnosed with dementia appear to be more confused and challenging then normally. Before we contact the mental health team, we take urine sample and analysed to determine whether or not that Mrs B has developed any infection. A dipstick was done and was positive. A sample also was sent to the laboratory for tests to be conducted and the results sent over to the Mrs B GP before he could prescribe any medication. The GP prescribe medication for Mrs B and ask that we continue to monitor her and he will review on the next GP visit.

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I then inform Mrs B daughter who is her next of kin. After Mrs B used her medication she was much better, her be behaviour changes and there was no need to contact the mental health team. Receiving feedback is extremely important to the team at St Mary’s Nursing Home as it enables us to meet the needs of our residents and constantly improve. We are constantly checking that our residents are treated with respect, comfort and kindness, by asking our residents, families and visitors what we could do better, and we respond immediately to what they tell us.

Every year we run our survey of residents and relatives which enables feedback to be provided anonymously. Mrs C is a 94 old lady who used to do everything for herself, she had a fall and fracture her femur, Mrs C was in hospital and when discharged she was in a lot of pain and could not walk or stand for a long period of time. She was finding it difficult


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