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FEASIBILITY STUDYA study was conducted to investigate the kind of entertainment people use.

. Through our research,we found out that animation is one of the most entertaining creations in movie history. So anagreement was reached to do an animated movie about the biblical story of the Good Samaritan.ScopeThis movie is about a man who got attacked by thieves when he was walking from Jerusalem toJericho. Some people just passed this man without helping him then a good Samaritan ended uphelping him. He took him to an Inn where he was taken care of.

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TimeGANTT CHART16/07/1718/07/1721/07/1723/07/1725/07/1727/07/1728/07/1729/07/1730/07/17Feasibility studyRequirementsanalysisSystemdesignSoftware designCodingTestingKEYOn-timeOut-of-timeThis movie was supposed to be completed in two weeks. A week was spent on conducting afeasibility study. All tasks were completed despite a few hiccups which were encounteredthroughout the journey. Requirements follwed and it took five days to finish them. The Systemdesign delayed butit was finished in six days. Then followed the software design which lasted aboutfive days.

The testing part is the last thing we did and it took a day to be completed.Based on all this information, the Good Samaritan movie is feasible so it was designed as planned.ABSTRACTIn this project the old story of The Good Samaritan from the Holy Bible was made into a short movieusing Blender. This biblical story is about a man who got attacked by thieves when he was walkingfrom Jerusalem. Some people just passed this man without helping him then a good samaritanended up helping him.

He took him to an Inn where he was taken care of. This movie was made toentertain people and to also enlighten them about good and bad morals.INTRODUCTION AND BACKGORUNDObjective of the ExperimentThe goal intended to be attained is to come up with a movie of The Good Samaritan which can bewatched by people of all ages. This movie should be entertaining and it should also be appealing interms of scenes and characters.Relevant Background InformationAnimation is the process of making the illusion of motion and the illusion of change by means of therapid succession of sequential imagesthat minimally differfrom each other.

Ever since movies cameinto existence; animation has been one of the most common types of plays ever made. Animationswere originally made to entertain children but as time went on, it was accepted that everyoneregardless of age can watch cartoons. This movie is about a man who got attacked by thieves whenhe was walking from Jerusalem. Some people just passed this man without helping him then a goodSamaritan ended up helping him.

He took him to an Inn where he was taken care of.The Importance of the WorkThe movie is very important in any person’s life as it is a form of entertainment and it teaches goodmorals. It is entertaining in the sense that it tells a story about the good samaritan who helped aman who was in need of his help after he (the man) was attacked by thieves when walking fromJerusalem .It also teaches good morals in the sense that a person watching this movie can learnabout the importance of having sympathy and good intentions towards other people who might bein need of one’s help. So this movie has a good impact in people’s lives today as it helps change theDESPCRIPTION OF THE SOFTWARERequirements analysis? Client perspectiveThe clients have proposed an animated movie about the Good Samaritan.

Themovie should mimic the actual events which took place in the biblical story ofThe Good Samaritan. This movie is supposed to play on a Blender software. Themovie should be built using the Blender software and Make Human softwarewhere necessary. The movie should be completed in a period of two weeks.

System designTerrain? Desert? Rock (small, medium, large)? Shrubs (tall, short)? Path (dirty road)? Weather (sunny)Priest? Face features? Round face? Long hair? Light in complexxion? Beard? Clothing? White garmet? Sandals? Belt? Body? Thin? TallGood Samaritan? Face features (square, long hair,beard, light in complexion)? Clothing? Robe (brown)? Sandals? Belt? Accessories? Wine? Oil? Luggage? Body (tall, medium sized)Thieves? Face features (round, long hair)? Clothing? Black garmets? Weapons? Sling shorts? Rocks? Body (tall, muscular)The Inn? Walls, doors, roofing,bedDonkey? Grey in colourLevite? Clothing? Red robe? Sandals? Belt? Face features (round, long hair)Attacked man? Face features (round, bloody face after beeing attacked)? Clothing? Blue garmets? Pouch? Sandals? Tared up garmet after being attacked? Weapons? Sling shorts? Rocks? Body (short,skinny,light in complexion)? Broken leg and arm after being attacked? Bloody and pale after being attackedRESULTS AND DISCUSSIONThe prototype has been tested and it meets the requirements as planned. The movie playscontinuously as expected. It plays in the same sequence as it is written on the bible and thecharacters in the movie all work perfectly.

LIMITATIONSThe movie only plays for a short period of time because there are a few scenes in this movie. Thetime was not enough for the whole movie to be made but given enough time, the Good Samaritanmovie would have been of a higher standard. Throughout the journey of production of the software,it came to light that team mates lacked skills of actually building the movie. The movie also doesn’thave any sound effects , or any sounds whatsoever so it may be a little harder for younger audiencesto understand .CONCLUSIONIn the end we produced a short movie that told the story of the Good Samaritan , although it maynot be up to par, we believe it won’t be hard for whoevers’ watching the movie to grasp themessage of the movie.

RECOMMENDATIONSWe recommed that this movie be improved by making it a bit long by adding more scenes to theplay. We also recommend other softwares to be used to improve the quality of the movie. Thequality of the movie may have been better if we were allowed more time to work on it, with all ushaving had to first learn how to use Blender before we could start on the movie. 


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