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The researchers have an investigatory project linking to one of the problems met by the time of today. One of the group’s strategies is to provide the alternative source of food packaging used by fast food chains. And to alter the slow decomposing materials used by today.

Background of the study One problems met by the environment is the non-biodegradable wastes. And one of which is the Styrofoam. Styrofoam are used by restaurants mostly to pack foods that would be taken out.

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And since it would be degraded for a million years, it would be one of the contributors of the garbage robbers we are experiencing as of now. To provide the lessening of this problem, there should be a certain thing that degrades fast or be recycled too. Paper is one example that can be degraded easily and can be used over and over again. But paper came from the trees, meaning that it would require plenty of trees to be cut down and produce food packaging. And if there would be continuous cutting of the trees, there would be shortage of food and habitats for the animals.And there would be a tendency that the life span of the human race will be minimized. And because of this, the researchers thought of an alternative for the Styrofoam or paper.

The researchers thought of the Congo grass. The Congo grass is one of the problems met by the land owners because it is considered as one of the aggressive invaders of natural and disturbed areas. It disrupts ecosystem functions, reduces wildlife habitat, decreases tree growth and establishment of building success rate, and alters fire regimes and intensity.Meaning, that Congo grass is considered as an odious or just a hindrance to the people. And through it, population of organisms would be lessened.

Due to different reasons of nature?s destruction coming from synthetic materials, especially to packaging paraphernalia, biodegradable or recyclable materials are used as its alternatives that had been used by most of the fast food restaurants already. But some are protesting of its durability. So investigation using Congo grass was occurred. Statement of the Problem Based on the background of the case, these are inferred problems identified that are interrelated.How can the Congo grass become an alternative to other food packaging materials? What is the Congo grass’ ability that can withstand like the other food packaging materials? Sign efficacy Of the Study The investigatory project is one big help if done properly, especially to the field of the ecosystem and environmental concerns. One senator said that total plastic bag ban should be implemented to prevent the people from throwing plastics every. Where in which it would contribute to the society where plastics would be the cause of nature’s destruction.

And in this generation, people should understand the risk plastics could do to the society but also to our health. Health experts explained that the use of plastics could be dangerous due to the reactions of the artificial heat by the surface of the earth that would remove the hazardous gases from the plastics. Unlike biodegradable packages, it was chemically made but the natural material is still present in it and only little reaction happens. Alteration of the use of chemically-linked materials should be lessened or if Seibel, banned because of the effects it can cause to us.In order to lessen the plastics used by people, we should use echo-friendly things and can be used over and over again but does not even contribute to the damage of nature. Many groups are already using paper bags but some still uses plastics, which should be not the case. The appropriate material to lessen it is to create an alternative food packaging used naturally.

Scope and Limitations The main aim of the study is to make an alternative material for food packaging and lessen the garbage produced.In order to facilitate the investigation properly, there are objectives that are needed to be considered and followed. First is to determine the feasibility of Congo grass. Second is to create methods in producing the final product and to test it. Third is to consider the other factors that might affect the investigation and the product. The limit of the study is to provide an investigation about Congo grass and its ability to be an alternative in food packaging. Significance of the Study This study will improve the quality of cardboard food packaging.

It will introduce the other important uses of Congo grass. It will introduce biodegradability/quality testing for cardboard food packaging to compare the quality between the ordinary cardboard food packaging and cardboard food packaging using Congo grass.

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