Faculty Ground level Types of water tank

Faculty of Engineering Department of Civil Fourth Year TERM PAPERS Title Special Work Construction Represent to DR.Mahmoud Fakih Represent by Zainab Ali Kain Zahraa Ahmad Aoun Mohammed Ali Berro Dana Mohammed Houmany June 2018 Water Tank Civil Engineering Department Islamic University of Lebanon Abstract This paper is application of water tank the structural storing liquid as water, liquid petroleuim etc.. The water tank classified according its shape as rectangular and intze tank and their location on the ground and over head with specifc desgin to each type. 1. Introduction The usage of water tank is storing water for daily necessity. There are numerous capacities for water tank according to their requirments and consumption. Types of water tank depend on Shape Position according to Ground level Types of water tank according to their location and material Chemical Contact TaankFormed of polyethylene construction. Ground Water Tank Resting on ground formed of lined carbon steel. Elevated Water TankWater Tower. Vertical Cylindrical Dome Top. A Hydro-Pneumatic Tank Horizental pressurized storage tank. Types of Water Tank depending on their Shape Spherical Tank for economy and aesthetic view point. Rectangular Tank for small storage. Intze Tank for large storage Capacity. Circular Tank for large capacity. 2. Background Such time befor ceramic, wood, and stone tank was used as water tanks. They were even natural or man made. Some of these tanks are still used. 3. Subject Tank Resting on the groung such as Rectangular Tank. Rectangular Tank The longer sides of rectangular tank shouldnt be larger than two times the smaller side and it is better to be square in plan according to economy. These tanks should be used in case of small capacity. The top edge of walls can be treated free or hinged in case of opened tank, this wall supports a light roof slab. The bottom edge of the wall is treated as fixed which is built integrally with base slab. Other situation such as master pads thejoint treated as hinged where they are provided between the bottom slab and wall. As the water pressure is appluing a rectangular load on walls of the tank then the analysis of moment of them is more difficult. The design of the walls are Direct tension Bending moment Vertical cantilever BM at the base y H – h/6 where, L 2 m Design of section subjected to bending and pull is Suppose M the horizontal BM and T be the pull in it. The pull in the wall is transmitted through steel bars. Then reduced BM will be M M – Tx, Where, x distance of steel from central axis d – r /2, d effective depth of section, t thickness of wall. Area of steel is calculated separately for net BM and for the pull by the Following expressions Over Head Tank A hoop force in the shell will be developed by a radial force when it is subjected to a circular cylinder. The bending moment in shell are formed either due to unsymmetrical loadsor boundary effects. Intze Tank This tank has architecural and structure pros over other shapes by better usage of circular shapes. Typical intze tank that these main structural component are Roof dome Top ring beam Vertical wall Middle ring beam Conical dome Bottom dome Bottom ring beam Staging Foundation Under ground water tank These tank are used for sewage treatment or water purification where they are built partly or wholly underground according to the circumstances The sides of the tank resist water pressure from inside and earth pressure from outside. The loading worst conditions for the design of these tanks are Full tank Testing condition Empty tank Full Tank There will no earth pressure but hydrostatic pressure from inside when the tank is full and soil around shrinks aways from the walls. The earth pressure, in case of fall tank is passive and equal to pressure from inside. The net pressure is zero on the wall. The wall should deflect outward to same extent to develope passive pressure thus stresses in it are caused. Testing Condition Befor filling earth around walls the tank can be tested for leakage. In this case, the tank design for water pressure from inside. No earth pressure will be exert on walls of underground water tank if they are slopped at the angle of repose of the soil . These walls should be build with nominal thickness in order to stop leakage of water. There will be an upward pressure on base tending to lift it when the tank is empty. The design of base slab should be suitable to resist the upthrust of water in case of empty tank. Empty Tank For outside loading the soil around is charged. 4. Conclusions Reinforced concrete water tank can be On the ground Above ground level Under the ground The tank can be roofed over or opened and can either rectngular or circular plan. This tightness can be achieved by Curing and placing of concrete knowing water current ratio 0.5 and richer proportion of current and well graded aggregates, Proper mixing. 5.References HYPERLINK http//egyankosh.ac.in/bitstream/123456789/31053/1/Unit-22.pdf http//egyankosh.ac.in/bitstream/123456789/31053/1/Unit-22.pdf HYPERLINK https//www.slideshare.net/ShawonAziz/watertank-43475014 https//www.slideshare.net/ShawonAziz/watertank-43475014 HYPERLINK https//www.researchgate.net/publication/281494067_ANALYSIS_OF_CIRCULAR_AND_RECTANGULAR_OVERHEAD_WATERTANK https//www.researchgate.net/publication/281494067_ANALYSIS_OF_CIRCULAR_AND_RECTANGULAR_OVERHEAD_WATERTANK PNG @p [email protected] KmI-D [email protected] [email protected]/ [email protected],[email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]@ [email protected] B @oJQR Bx5G Wx5/_,[email protected] [email protected]@ [email protected]@X/0wRR [email protected] j )[email protected] [email protected])m HG.(irZ8ArYao beNjELcrl95BRlWQygrZ/jvaNhKI,mSbzQBdPSif1/w2e5BqjsDz5mwuMYWirZ9(E6/ 3xuz9W/rH10g3BlDLk
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