Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology Institute of Information Technology Kugan Raj Selvaraj Student of the academic master study programme Logistics and Supply Chain Management (student ID 161ADM073) ANALYSIS OF BLOCKCHAIN APPLICATION IN SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT Master Thesis Scientific supervisor from Riga Technical University Dr.sc.

ing., asoc. professor Jelena Pecerska Riga 2018 THESIS ACCOMPLISHMENT AND EVALUATION The Master Thesis is developed in the Institute of Information Technology.

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I certify with my signature that all information sources used are included in the list of Bibliography and the thesis is original. The author of the thesis stud. Kugan Raj Selvaraj..



. (signature, date) The master thesis is recommended for defence Scientific supervisor Dr.sc.ing., Asoc. prof. Jelena Pecerska.




.. (signature, date) The thesis is approved for defence Director of Academic masters study programme Master in Logistics and Supply Chain Management at RTU Dr.habil.sc.ing.

, prof. J. Merkurjevs….



…. (signature, date) The Master thesis was defended at the meeting of the graduation examination commission of the Institute of Information Technology in …

…..evaluated with the mark ( ).


.. (year, month, date) The secretary of the graduation examination commission of the Institute of Information Technology .




. (surname, signature) ABSTRACT BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY, SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT, BITCOIN, TRANSACTION, CONTRACTS Blockchain is an emergent technological application that qualifies mainly for the decentralized and immutable storage of validated data. Its most likely discussed merely as an underlying technological method of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. The areas of the blockchain implementation have not been researched completely and not restricted to the financial sector. The main aim of this thesis is to define the concept of Blockchain, analyze use cases and implications of the technology within firms. An exploratory desk study has been carried out in an effort to describe the Blockchains historical past and related standards. On the basis of the desk study, an analysis of the trade value and the technological standards was made.

The blockchain includes a precise and verifiable report of each single transaction ever made. The thesis discusses about blockchain applied sciences and its software in logistics. The end of the thesis will says about concerning the use case about blockchain in the field of supply chain which results with various benefits had been advantaged by using the industry with the usage of blockchain. The major thesis contains 81 pages, 18 images, and 77 references sources TABLE OF CONTENT INTRODUCTION 8 1. SCM PROBLEMS 11 1.

1 Literature Review 11 2. INTRODUCTION TO BITCOIN AND BLOCKCHAIN 23 2.1 Introduction of Bitcoin 23 2.1.1 History of Bitcoin 24 2.1.2 Characteristics of Bitcoin 25 2.

2 Introduction of Blockchain 27 2.2.1 History of Blockchain 28 2.2.2 Characteristics of Blockchain 29 2.3 Main Technologies Constituting Blockchain 34 2.

3.1 Problems of the Blockchain 34 2.3.2 Cryptography 37 2.3.2 Consensus Algorithm 37 2.

3.3 Second-generation blockchain 39 2.4 Limitations and strengths of Blockchain 41 3 BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGIES FOR SCM 43 3.1 Blockchain for Supply Chain Management 43 3.2 Working of Supply Chain Using Blockchain Technology 44 3.3 Applications for Supply Chain and Logistics 46 3.3.

1 Walmart 47 3.3.2 Everledger 48 3.3.3. Smart contracts 48 3.

3.4. Provenance 50 3.3.5. Maersk 51 3.3.

6. Automotive supplier payments 53 3.3.7. Meat traceability 53 3.

3.8. Electric power microgrids 53 3.

3.9. RFID-driven contract bids and execution 54 3.

3.10. Cold chain monitoring 54 3.3.

11. Blockchain and Internet of Things 54 3.8 SWOT analysis of blockchain 55 4 BLOCKCHAIN IN PHARMACEUTICAL SUPPLY CHAINS 57 4.

1 Supply Chain Issues in Pharmaceutical Industry 58 4.2 Implementation of Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Blockchain 59 4.2.1 Pharmaceutical Supply Chain 59 4.2.2 Participating entities and information flow 61 4.

2.3 Implementation Of RFID In The Proposed Supply Chain Blockchain 62 Impact of RFID in Enhancing Transparency, Product Security 64 4.

2.3.2 Implementation of Iot In Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Blockchain 65 4.2.4 Blockchain Infrastructure And Governance 67 4.

2.4.1 Data Analysis 67 4.2.5 Application of Blockchain in Supply Chain 71 4.

2.5.1 Recommendation 73 5 CONCLUSION 75 BIBLIOGRAPHY 76 LIST OF FIGURES 2.1.

Bitcoins, legal currency and electronic money 25 2.2. Anatomy of Smart contract 40 2.

3. Smart contract 41 3.1. Representation of supply chain in Blockchain technology 45 3.2. Working flow of smart contract in blockchain 49 3.3.

IBM Blockchain for Trade logistics 52 4.1 Global pharmaceutical supply chain 60 4.2 Product tracking and payment with RFID tags on blockchain 63 4.3 Tracking the supply chain of a drug 64 4.4 Smart contracts enabled with IoT integrity, traceability transparency 66 4.

5 Graph represents five benefits earned by adopting blockchain 67 4.6 Graph represents the percentage of automates the processes minimizes cost 68 4.7 Graph represents the percentage of organization using blockchain technology 68 4.

8 Graph represents the percentage of Obstacles for implementing blockchain 69 4.9 Graph represents the percentage of expertise in blockchain 69 4.10 Graph represents the percentage of external roadblocks of blockchain 70 4.11 Graph represents the percentage Level of difficulty in working stakeholders 71 4.

12. Model1 Pharmaceutical Supply Chain 72 LIST OF TABLES .2.1. High-level comparison between PoW and BFT consensus families 39 INTRODUCTION Research Motivation A blockchain is a disbursed database of informative or public ledger of all transactions or digital routine that have been completed and shared amongst collaborating all incidents.

Every transaction within the public ledger is validated via consensus of a majority of the contributors in the process and once entered, the information will be constant. The blockchain include a particular and verifiable record of every single transaction ever made. Blockchain is a distributed ledger technology that acts as a shared database, keeping all of its copies synced and verified.

The innovation of blockchain is still in its nascent level, however among its traits is the capability to eliminate the need for third parties to act as a level of trust in exchange of data known as transactions. This is one of the origin for the numerous indicators that the technology could impact business models throughout industries substantially. This research focuses on inspecting how and why blockchain is getting used to solve problems with the aid of companies, and the underlying processes of selecting blockchain as the quality geared up to clear up a distinctive situation. This thesis works on an approach to improve various factors such as transparency, traceability, confidentiality and interoperability of industrial supply chain by applying blockchain technology. Blockchain is a shared, immutable, trusted ledger for storing the history of transactions and sharing the data with authorized participants. By decentralized network and smart contract, trusted and tamper-proof information of product is securely and immutably recorded from the beginning to the end of the supply chain. Meanwhile, the cost of human involvement required to create, execute and enforce a contract can be reduced dramatically by smart contract, which perform a predetermined action (transaction etc.

) once certain conditions are met and all those action are traceable in the future The Goal And Tasks of The Thesis The goal of this study was to examine the practical implementation of the use of the blockchain in supply chain management.Generally, it was considered as the blockchain can be implemented in the future in supply chain management. The major task of this thesis are as follows The main objectives were to define how blockchain can change the supply chain and logistics industry. The objective of the thesis is to understand the current research topics, challenges and future directions regarding Blockchain technology from the technical perspective.

The time-stamping, tracking, and automating transactions can be audited in real timeusing blockchain Minimizing the involvement of intermediaries such as bankers, insurers, and brokers Implementing the proof of quality, provenance, payment, and performance to minimize counterfeiting and fraudduring transaction. Making it easier, faster, and cheaper to onboard new vendors and partners by assigning digital IDs Subject of The Thesis With blockchain, we are able to imagine a world wherein contracts are embedded in digital code and stored in shared databases, the place they are protected from deletion, tampering, and revision.The subject of this study is to define the concept of Blockchain, analyse use cases and implications of the technology. Intially, it decribes about the distributed systems and alternative consensus mechanisms, as well as cryptoeconomic and proof-of-stake. The exploratory approach was found relevant for this study as it enables to conduct a research of technology implementation which mainly results by creating the trust between the parties by eliminating the need for the traditional concept of trust.

Current Trends Of Thesis Generally,blockchains consist of various benefits in the supply chain sector. For example, physical actions in warehouses can be recorded in a blockchain in the form of digital information, and multiple operations, such as payments and orders, etc., can be automatically orchestrated. The number of exciting new solutions is likely to be implemented in recent years and we are sure it will be a landmark year for the sector that is undergoing its Decade of Change in the country. Increased Impact of Government Spending and Regulations on the Sector Collaborative Logistics To Take Centre Stage Increasing Adoption Of Robotics Automation To Drive Efficiencies The Rise of Blockchain for Secure Digital Transactions in Logistics Enterprise Mobility Penetration into the Supply Chain Problem statement of the thesis Supply chain visibility is thus a major challenge for companies.

Blockchain technology provides a distributed ledger that is updated and validated in real time with each network user. Thus, the blockchain allows for the same visibility of activities and can show where an asset value is at a given time, who owns it and in which state it is. This results in new possibilities for the traceability and control of goods. Having a large number of intermediaries in supply chains has several disadvantages high transaction costs and a slowdown within the supply chain, as well as the possibility of human errors and malicious manipulation. some other critical problems are as follows Origin information is not immutable because of centralized data system The provenance of product is not visible and traceable through supply chain because of the cost and complexity The suspicion among agencies, including fear that information might be passed on to a competitor has stopped organizations from sharing data or information.

Structure of thesis The rest of this thesis work is divided into four chapters as follows. In chapter 1, explores related works and problems with regards to blockchain in supply chain management. In chapter 2, a brief history of the blockchain technology, principles of its work and technoloies relate to it. In chapter 3, Blockchain as a foundational technology in supply chain management and their applications.

Chapter 4 is dedicated to case study related to application of blockchain in supply chain management. In Chapter 5 draws conclusions of the study. 1 SCM PROBLEMS 1.1 Literature Review The emerging blockchain world is the combination of traditional ways of doing things and those that are enabled by blockchain.

Third parties might still ensure trustworthiness, but they dont have to do so, nor do those who seek assurance have to depend on third parties. A transaction might be conducted as agreed upon solely because blockchain enables those interested to monitor the status of the transaction, know whats going on, and remind others of their obligations. Or a party could turn to another system (such as the criminal justice system) for enforcement.

Blockchain could support many codified agreements handled by traditional means, including stock trades, monitoring contract, managing land records, security of foodstuffs, preserving provenance, and maintaining the chain of custody 54. In principle, a DAO can run autonomously as a decentralized, transparent, and secure system for operation and governance among independent participants. Blockchains neednt be controlled by any of the participants as it is serving as a trusted third party to provide the role of proxy and enforcement of rules.

To use Coases insight, a DAO might reduce transaction costs while providing setup, maintenance, regulation, and supervision like traditional third parties. The results wouldnt be trust-free, but would shift from trust in a counterparty or a third party to the blockchain system itself and the rules coded therein. One might say the DAO is a shift from a socio-technical system to a techno-social system. Socio-technical systems handle control of transactions through social systems. Techno-social systems handle control of transactions through technical systems that can be autonomous.13How this would work exactly is as yet unclear in many ways, but through blockchain technology we have the chance to experiment with secure, decentralized systems, which could enable new social models that go well beyond the economy. Realizing these blockchain-enabled models will require workers possessing process and management knowledge, as well as information technology skills including programming, design, and an ability to see the big picture.

Blockchain world promises much, though many of the details are still being determined 54. In distributed peer-to-peer (P2P) applications, peers self-organize and cooperate to effectively complete certain tasks such as forwarding files, delivering messages, or uploading data. Nevertheless, users are selfish in nature and they may refuse to cooperate due to their concerns on energy and bandwidth consumption.

Thus each user should receive a satisfying reward to compensate its resource consumption for cooperation. From observation, Blockchain is a decentralized secure digital ledger of economic transactions that can be programmed to record not just financial transactions and Blockchain-based cryptocurrencies get more and more market capitalization. For that reason, Blockchain headquartered fair incentive mechanism for disbursed P2P purposes that applies a cryptocurrency equivalent to Bitcoin to incentivize customers for cooperation. In this mechanism, users who help with a successful delivery get rewarded. As users and miners in the Blockchain P2P system may exhibit selfish actions or collude with each other, the author proposes a secure validation method and a pricing strategy, and integrates them into our incentive mechanism. Through a game theoretical analysis and evaluation study, demonstrate the effectiveness and security strength of our proposed incentive mechanism 68.

Currently, Bitcoin and Ethereum are the two most popular cryptocurrency systems, especially Ethereum. It permits complex financial transactions or rules through scripts, which is called smart contracts. The author proposed a security assurance method for smart contract source code to find potential security risks.

It contains two main functions, the first is syntax topological analysis of smart contract invocation relationship, to help developers to understand their code structure clearly the second is logic risk (which may lead to vulnerabilities) detection and location, and label results on topology diagram. For developers convenience, we have built a static analysis tool called SASC to generate topology diagram of invocation relationship and to find potential logic risks. We have made an evaluation on 2,952 smart contracts experiment results proved that our method is intuitive and effective 19. Blockchain is a technology that has been available for several years and has already had several generations.

The implementations exist within the application. The Hyperledger fabric is used at present to demonstrate the vast usage of the technological for a couple of markets past finance and cryptocurrency. The use case describes the relevance of security due to the type of data and the distributed foundation of blockchain and of system performance to enable the use cases in production. Security and performance is the base for the architecture of blockchain on the IBM Linux ONE systems. The Secure Service Container prevents tampering, and the crypto card usage hardens the solutionand the performance optimization in the compiler, crypto instructions, and large caches provides the performance. These optimizations have been further extended with the IBM generations.

The author describes how a cluster topology is used to implement a high-availability service that scales dynamically from small networks to large ones using the hot plug capabilities of the IBM Linux ONE systems 58. Supply Chain Management systems provide facts sharing and analysis to groups and support their planning activities. They are not primarily based on the real statistics because there may be asymmetric information among groups, then leading to disturbance of the planning algorithms. On the alternative hand, sharing data between manufacturers, providers and customers becomes very critical to make certain reactivity toward markets variability. Especially, double marginalization is a substantial and critical trouble in supply chain control. Decentralized systems below wholesale fee contracts are investigated, with double marginalization consequences proven to cause deliver insufficiencies, within the instances of each deterministic and random needs. This paper proposes a blockchain based totally approach to cope with the issues of deliver chain including Double Marginalization and Information Asymmetry etc 43.

Recent quality scandals display the importance of quality management from a deliver chain angle. Although there were many related studies specializing in supply chain best control, the technologies used still have problems in resolving issues bobbing up from the dearth of accept as true with in supply chains. The root purpose lies in three challenges brought to the conventional centralized agree with mechanism self-pursuits of deliver chain individuals, facts asymmetry in manufacturing procedures, charges and limitations of high-quality inspections.

Blockchain is a promising technology to deal with those troubles. In this paper, we discuss the way to improve the supply chain excellent control by adopting the blockchain era, and propose a framework for blockchain-primarily based supply chain nice management 59. Traceability permits monitoring products via all degrees of a supply chain, which is crucial for product high-quality manipulate. To provide responsibility and forensic information, traceability records ought to be secured. This is challenging due to the fact traceability structures often must adapt to changes in guidelines and to customized traceability inspection tactics. Origin Chain is an actual-world traceability device using a blockchain.

Blockchains are an emerging data garage generation that allows new kinds of decentralized architectures. 52. Blockchain is an emergent technology concept that enables the decentralized and immutable storage of validated records. Over the last few years, it has an increasing number of attracted the attention of different industries. Blockchain is hyped as the silver bullet that would overthrow todays cost managing. The supply chain control network realizes how profoundly the blockchain should affect their industry.

To shed light on this emerging area, we carried out a web survey and requested logistics professionals for their opinion on use case exemplars, obstacles, facilitators, and the general possibilities of Blockchain in logistics and supply chain control. We found maximum of our contributors are pretty superb approximately this new generation and the advantages it gives. We motive that the advantages over current IT solutions have to be carved out more carefully and use instances need to be similarly explored to get a as an alternative conservative industry, like logistics, greater enthusiastic about Blockchain 47. Digital supply chain integration is turning into increasingly dynamic.

Access to client demand wishes to be shared efficaciously, and product and provider deliveries must be tracked to provide visibility inside the deliver chain. Business process integration is based totally on requirements and reference architectures, which should provide stop-to-give up integration of product information. This has typically triggered excessive integration prices, and diffusion is slow. This paper investigates the necessities and functionalities of deliver chain integration. Cloud integration may be expected to offer a price-powerful business model for interoperable digital supply chains 33. The spectrums of blockchain function from cryptocurrency economic services, and risk management, Internet of Things to public and social offerings.

Although a number of research awareness on the usage of the blockchain technology in numerous application elements, there is no complete survey on the blockchain generation in each technological and application view. To fill this gap, we conduct a comprehensive survey at the blockchain generation. Moreover, additionally it points out the future directions in the blockchain technology 69. Motivated by way of the recent explosion of interest around blockchains, we observe whether they make a terrific in shape for the Internet of Things (IoT) zone. Blockchains permit us to have a dispensed peer-to-peer community where non-trusting participants can have interaction with every one-of-a-kind and not using a depended on intermediary, in a verifiable way. We evaluate how this mechanism works and also look at smart contractsscripts that are living at the blockchain that permit for the automation of multi-step tactics. We then flow into the IoT domain, and describe how a blockchain-IoT aggregate 1) enables the sharing of offerings and assets main to the introduction of a market of services among devices and 2) permits us to automate in a cryptographically verifiable way numerous current, time-ingesting workflows.

We also factor out certain troubles that must be taken into consideration before the deployment of a blockchain community in an IoT setting from transactional privacy to the expected value of the digitized assets traded at the community. Wherever applicable, we become aware of answers and workarounds 12. While procedural languages are generally used to software smart contracts in blockchain structures, good judgment-based totally languages may be thrilling options. The author look at what are the possible felony and technical risks of common sense-based totally clever contracts in light of commonplace sports providing everyday contracts, and then we provide insights on a way to use such logic-primarily based clever contracts in mixture with blockchain systems.

These insights lead us to emphasize a fundamental project – algorithms for common sense strategies need to be efficient, but they also need to be actually cheap as measured in the surroundings wherein theyre deployed and in step with its economic policies 28. For the past few years, food safety has become an outstanding problem in China. The average agri-food logistics sample cannot fit the desires of the market anymore constructing an agri-food provides chain traceability procedure is fitting more and more primary.

The study describes about the utilization and development situation of RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) and blockchain technology in building the agri-food supply chain traceability approach.. It comprehend the traceability with trusted expertise within the entire agri-meals give chain, which would simply guarantee the food safeguard, by means of gathering, transferring and sharing the official information of agri-food in production, processing, warehousing, distribution and promoting links 21. The study says that the blockchain technology act as a foundation for distributed ledgers and gives a progressive platform for a brand new decentralized and transparent transaction mechanism in industries and organizations. The inherited characteristics of this generation beautify agree with through transparency and traceability within any transaction of records, items, and economic resources. Despite preliminary doubts approximately this technology, these days governments and huge companies have investigated to undertake and improve this era in numerous domain names of packages, from finance, social and prison industries to design, manufacturing and deliver chain networks.

In this article, the authors evaluation the current fame of this generation and a number of its applications. The capacity benefit of such era in production deliver chain is then discussed in this newsletter and an imaginative and prescient for the future blockchain geared up production deliver chain is proposed. Manufacturing of cardboard boxes are used as an example to demonstrate how such generation may be utilized in a worldwide supply chain network 55. The blockchain is a disbursed database comprising files of transactions or digital movements that have been entire and shared among collaborating movements. Every of those transactions is confirmed by way of the consensus of a majority of the members within the process. The abilities fiscal functions incorporate exclusive securities, coverage, web finance, etc.

, whilst its nonfinancial applications comprise the web of matters, decentralized information storage, notary files, anti-counterfeit solutions, and so on. The measuring of maturity of a blockchain system poses problems in the adoption of the technology because If you cant measure it, you cant manage it. A standard business strategy for designing and adopting a blockchain utility includes a comparison of the present state of the product via an group earlier than its included in a strategic plan. The blockchain maturity model and its adoption method had been mentioned and provided. This will be trained and serves as a advisor to associations to make blockchain adoption selections extra systematically 25. The blockchain-based digital material distribution process was invented.

The decentralized and pear-to-pear authentication mechanism can be viewed because the excellent rights administration mechanism. The blockchain has the abilities to recognize this ideal content material distribution approach. This is the victorious model of the super distribution thought which was announced close to 30 years ago. The proposed process was tested and received a number of feedbacks for the long run realistic system 30. Bit coin has emerged as the most a success cryptographic forex in history.

Within two years of its quiet release in 2009, Bit coin grew to comprise billions of dollars of monetary value in spite of only cursory evaluation of the systems design. Since then a developing literature has diagnosed hidden-however-important properties of the gadget, located attacks, proposed promising alternatives, and singled out difficult future challenges. Meanwhile a large and colorful open-supply community has proposed and deployed several changes and extensions. It provides the systematic exposition and the numerous related crypto currencies or bitcoins. Drawing from a scattered body of expertise, it perceives 3 key components of Bitcoins layout that can be decoupled.

This enables a greater insightful analysis of Bit coins homes and future balance. The concept helps to map the design area for several proposed adjustments, supplying comparative analyses for opportunity consensus mechanisms, for ex allocation mechanisms, computational puzzles, and key control tools. The survey anonymity troubles in Bit coin and offer an evaluation framework for analyzing a variety of privateers improving proposals.

Finally it offer new insights on what we term disinter mediation protocols, which absolve the want for depended on intermediaries in an interesting set of packages. The author identify three well known disinter mediation techniques and provide an in depth contrast 8. Its mainly used within the economic space that relied on, auditable computing is possible the usage of a decentralized group accompanied with the support of a public ledger. In this paper, we describe a decentralized non-public information management system that ensures customers personal and manage their records. We enforce a protocol that turns a blockchain into an automated access-manage manager that doesnt require accept as true with in a 3rd birthday celebration. Unlike Bitcoin, the transactions in our machine are not strictly financial they are used to carry instructions, together with storing, querying and sharing data.

The author discuss about the possible future extensions to blockchains that would harness them into a properly-rounded answer for relied on computing issues in society 71. This ebook by Melanie Swan, founder of the Institute for Blockchain Studies which focuses on identifying and examining the practical implications of decentralized ledger technology and its potential applications. Swan notes that the impetus for the ebook turned into the belief that the application of blockchain era extends nicely beyond digital currencies along with Bitcoin, clever contracts and decentralized autonomous agencies DAOs are organizations operated by using guidelines-based totally pc packages referred to as clever contracts. Swan relates her vision of a totally new form of net facilitation of decentralized price transfers that substantially will increase economic efficiency in all forms of transactions, automates many greater movements and techniques and makes them effortlessly traceable, and also allows global tasks on a heretofore unseen scale. Swan does a higher activity than maximum of supplying straightforward explanations approximately the generation that the common character can observe. The e-book additionally contains an in-depth examination of cryptocurrency 42. The scope of logistics spans the corporation, from the management of raw materials thru to the shipping of the very last product.

Logistics control, from this general systems viewpoint, is the manner wherein the desires of customers are satisfied thru the co-ordination of the substances and data flows that extend from the market, through the firm and its operations and beyond that to suppliers. To gain this agency-extensive integration definitely calls for a quite exceptional orientation than that commonly encountered in the conventional business enterprise. Logistics is consequently basically an integrative idea that seeks to expand a device-huge view of the company. It is basically a making plans idea that seeks to create a framework via which the wishes of the marketplace can be translated right into a production approach and plan, which in flip links into an approach and plan for procurement 41.

This paper explores the mixing of social issues in the management of provide chains from an operations management point of view. Further, this research develops a set of scales to measure multiple dimensions of provider socially accountable practices. Finally, the paper examines the importance of three dimensions of supply chain structure, namely transparency, dependency and distance, for the adoption of these socially responsible practices.

Methodology / approach drawing on literature from several theoretical streams, current best-practice in leading firms and emerging international standards, four dimensions of supplier socially responsible practices were identified. Also, a multi-dimensional conceptualization of supply chain structure, including transparency, dependency and distance, was synthesized from earlier research. Using this conceptual development, a large-scale survey of plant managers in three industries in Canada provided an empirical basis for validating these constructs, and then assessing the relationships between structure and practices. Findings Multi-item scales for each of the four dimensions of supplier socially responsible practices were validated empirically supplier human rights supplier labour practices supplier codes of conduct and supplier social audits. Increased transparency, as reflected in greater product visibility by the end-consumer was related to increased use of supplier human rights, which in turn can help to protect firms brands. The organizational distance, as measured by the total length of the supply chain (number of tiers in the supply chain), was related to increased use of multiple supplier socially responsible practices. Finally, as the plant was positioned further upstream in the supply chain, managers reported increased use of supplier codes of conduct.

This research focused on larger plants in three manufacturing industries in a single developed country. As social pressures can vary by the location of the end-consumer, it is possible that relationships might vary from developing to developed economies, as well as within different political settings. The four categories of supplier socially responsible practices identified help managers characterize their firms approach to managing social issues. Furthermore, managers must more actively manage the development of supplier socially responsible practices in their firms when the supply chain has more firms and when brands have stronger recognition in the marketplace 1. Take the Internet of Things (IoT) marketplace for starters.

In a studies document blanketed through Barrons, the analyst stated that as extra gadgets are advanced to talk to each other online, blockchain technology may want to play a large function in verifying the facts being shared. (IBM) as two generation corporations that are already developing a decentralized network of IoT devices thru blockchain. The analyst additionally thinks blockchain can replace the middleman with regards to booking offerings online or gaining access to tune and movies.

He stated blockchain should permit taxi drivers and clients to connect immediately, casting off the need for offerings like Uber, while the same can be stated of fans and musicians putting off the want for sportily-kind services. Even social media will be more advantageous by blockchain, making it much less complex for content creators to spread the phrase approximately their offerings and for that reason receives a commission extra. While Amazon.

Com Inc. has lengthy been a disruptor, entering new markets and absolutely changing the way commercial enterprise is done, blockchain may also do the equal to it, predicts Sebastian, if customers and dealers can connect at once. He said so-called smart contracts in the blockchain could create ratings for customers and dealers to examine the fine of the product and the reliability of the parties involved inside the transaction. Online advertising could also be overhauled with businesses building platforms that dont need the help of third parties. It can also doubtlessly lower the quantity of click on fraud, the analyst said. Retailers may also embody blockchain to enhance their loyalty applications in hopes of boosting sales. Movies and track arent the only areas of leisure that would be impacted via blockchain.

Sebastian additionally pointed to video games, eSports and on-line playing as regions that could alternate because of the era. The virtual currencies which might be located in virtual video games should become tokens which can be transferable and used to buy things. The analyst referred to that Gameflip and DMarket, the 2 startups, are already eyeing the capability to make the virtual cash into tokens. Blockchain may want to improve multiplayer video game competitions within the world of eSports while on line gambling, thats a popular target for hackers, could get extra comfortable thanks to blockchain. Other industries that may be impacted include cloud storage, cash transferring and digital wallets. The banks were main the charge in blockchain, Sebastian thinks its generation businesses so one can force it in addition. While the significant majority of Blockchain related jobs look like at start-ups, consultants, and huge economic services (IBM, Microsoft, Fidelity, Invesco, Capgemini, Bank of America, JP Morgan are among the pinnacle recruiters of blockchain specialists), we count on that generation and Internet organizations will quick come to be greater engaged with the opportunities, he wrote in his word 72.

Blockchain Technology has attracted interest as the premise of cryptocurrencies together with Bitcoin, but its competencies enlarge a ways past that, enabling existing generation programs to be vastly advanced and new applications in no way formerly sensible to be deployed. Also called distributed ledger generation, blockchain is anticipated to revolutionize industry and commerce and power monetary change on a worldwide scale due to the fact its miles immutable, obvious, and redefines consider, enabling comfortable, fast, honest, and transparent solutions that can be public or private. It may want to empower human beings in growing international locations with recognized identity, asset ownership, and monetary inclusion and it is able to preclude a repeat of the 2008 economic crisis, assist powerful healthcare applications, enhance supply chains and, possibly, clean up unethical conduct in high-price businesses which includes diamond trading 65. A New Supply Chain Operating System Because of decentralized architecture, the blockchain has the capability to create a brand new paradigm for how provide chain functions are created, applied and utilized.

It has the ability to become a new operating gadget for supply chain networks. In addition to the verification of product starting place, outlets are beginning to utilize blockchains disbursed ledger generation to address other retail and supply chain challenges. These consist of Counterfeit prevention Since blockchain is a transparent, public, allotted ledger, its miles an ideal approach to counterfeiting. All merchandise and transactions are tracked from their starting place through all transactions so, if a reproduction product or unauthorized transaction must seem, it will straight away be flagged as counterfeit.

Stolen merchandise recuperation When a customer completes a transaction, the authenticity of the product purchased can be routinely tested and activated inside the system. So if items have been to be stolen, it can be traced thru any subsequent transaction, which is robotically recorded in the blockchain. Fraudulent transactions Since blockchain requires that every one events must affirm transactions, it acts like an escrow account, protective consumers and sellers with the aid of preserving budget till all parties can confirm, which can be completed thru clever contracts, eliminating the need for third parties 37.

Increasing Consumer Demand for Transparency and Security Blockchain has the capacity to trade the global exchange model to force protection of personal statistics, transactions and the journey via the deliver chain. The virtual transformation of the deliver chain is being driven with the aid of the subsequent factors the increased want for stepped forward, decentralized and immutable systems as get entry to on line facts grows client expectancies of transparency from manufacturers in the new digital paradigm a extra need for inherent protection, transparency and authenticity in the deliver chain and purchase method a proliferation of software companies designed to help brands justify the price of ethically sourced items The creation of blockchain within the economic and coverage sectors. 2 INTRODUCTIONS TO BITCOIN AND BLOCKCHAIN Introduction Marking the sunrise of a new technology, Blockchain technology is a new innovation in decentralized facts generation.

First invented as part of Bitcoins underlying infrastructure in 2008 63, its potential utility reaches a long way past digital currencies and monetary belongings. The generation is still in its early tiers and is yet to attain mainstream and organization adoption. As the generation won wider reputation in latest years, there has been a ferment of improvements, new use cases, and applications 62. The variety of capability packages of Blockchain technology is endless, from digital currencies to Blockchain enabled smart contracts 9 with the maximum promising of applications yet to be evolved. 2.1 Introduction of Bitcoin Enable direct transactions without the need for trusted third parties Enable non-reversible transactions Reduce credit cost in small casual transactions Reduce transaction fees and Prevent double spending 2.1.

1 History of Bitcoin Bitcoin was invented in 2008 by using 64 with the book of a paper titled Bitcoin A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System. 63 It blended numerous previous innovations which include b-money and Hash cash to create a very de-centralized digital cash device that does not depend on a government for foreign money issuance or agreement and validation of transactions. The key innovation changed into to apply a distributed computation system (referred to as a Proof-Of-Work algorithm) to behavior a international election each 10mins, allowing the de-centralized community to reach at consensus approximately the state of transactions.

This elegantly solves the difficulty of double-spend where a single foreign money unit can be spent two times. Previously, the double spend trouble was a weak point of digital forex and turned into addressed by using clearing all transactions through the imperative clearinghouse. The bitcoin network started out in 2009, based totally on a reference implementation posted with the aid of author 63 and for the reason that revised by way of many other programmers. Bitcoins total market value is estimated at between five and 10 billion US dollars, de pending at the dollar/bitcoin alternate rate. The biggest transaction processed so far by way of the community changed into 150 million US dollars, transmitted immediately and processed without any charges. The author 63 withdrew from the general public in April of 2011, leaving the obligation of developing the code and community to a group of volunteers. However, neither 63 nor all people else exerts manipulate over the bitcoin gadget, which operates based totally on fully transparent mathematical principles.

The invention itself is groundbreaking and has already generated new technology within the fields of disbursed computing, economics and econometrics. 2.1.2 Characteristics ofBitcoin Bitcoins are often called virtual currency or cryptocurrency and are allotted while discovering price within the knowledge itself managed by means of the application.. Fig. 3.

1 shows the comparison between bitcoins, legal currency (coins and bills), and electronic money (prepaid payment instruments for third-party business under the Payment Services Act). Within the case of bitcoins, for which there is no clear issuer, in contrast to legal currency and digital cash, the trust within the Bitcoin procedure itself helps the valued at of bitcoins. Additionally, the fact that transaction records are disclosed and they are traceable which an additional unique function of bitcoins is. As a consequence the characteristics of Bitcoin are described are as follows Fig. 2.1.

Bitcoins, legal currency and electronic money (http//www.meti.go.jp/english/press/2016/pdf/0531_01f.pdf) Decentralized One of 63 important targets while creating Bitcoin become the networks independence from any governing government. It is designed in order that anybody, business, as well as each system concerned in mining and transaction verification, will become part of a full-size network.

Moreover, even though some part of the community goes down, the money will preserve transferring. Anonymous These days banks realize actually the whole lot about their clients credit score records, addresses, mobile numbers, spending behavior and so on. It is all very different with Bitcoin, because the wallet doesnt must be linked to any in my view figuring out facts. And whilst some humans simply sincerely dont need their price range to be governed and tracked with the aid of any type of an authority, others might argue that drug trade, terrorism and different illegal and perilous activities will thrive in this relative anonymity.

Transparent The anonymity of Bitcoin is most effective relative, as each unmarried BTC transaction that ever happened is saved within the Blockchain. In idea, If your wallet cope with changed into publicly used, everyone can tell how a great deal money is in it by means of carefully studying the blockchain ledger. However, tracing a specific Bitcoin deal with to a person continues to be almost not possible. Those who wish to stay anonymous with their transactions can take measures to live underneath the radar. There are sure forms of wallets that priorities opaqueness and safety, but the best degree could be to apply a couple of addresses and now not transfer large amounts of money to a single wallet. Fast The Bitcoin network approaches bills nearly instantaneously it commonly takes only some minutes for a person on the opposite aspect of the arena to acquire the money, even as regular bank transfers can take several days.

Non-reputable Once you send your Bitcoins to a person, there is no way of having them back, unless the recipient could need to send them returned to you. This ensures the reception of a cost, meaning that whoever youre buying and selling with cant rip-off you with the help of claiming that they under no circumstances acquired the money. 2.2 Introduction of Blockchain The blockchain is an incorruptible digital ledger of economic transactions that can be programmed to record not just financial transactions but virtually everything of value.Each node (a computer related to the community) receives a copy of the blockchain, which is downloaded robotically. The blockchain is frequently described as a distributed ledger.

Each block aggregates a time stamped batch of transactions to be covered within the ledger or alternatively inside the blockchain. Each block is recognized with the aid of a cryptographic signature. As such, the blockchain includes an un-editable file of all of the transactions made chronological chain of blocks wherein every block carries a record of legitimate community interest for the reason that final block became introduced to the chain 62.Each block can be described as an encrypted piece of data.

Theoretically, all blocks can upload statistics to the chain of blocks by using transacting in the community, every person can assessment these records at any time, but nobody can exchange it without good enough authorization. As an end result, a blockchain is a whole and immutable history of community activities, which can be shared between all nodes of a distributed community. Instead of, the requirement for validation of transactions is performed through a technique known as mining that guarantees the security and validity of the statistics delivered to the chain. Blockchain generation may be explained as the technology that powers the Internet of Transactions 18.

Another effective characteristic of a blockchain is its capacity to get a dispensed community to attain consensus regarding the state of records and agreeing at the regulations of the community without a critical governing entity. Consequently, improvement to a system can be proposed by using any consumer, but are applied handiest if popular with the aid of all parties concerned inside the community, therefore, enhanced transparency and security. In blockchain interplay, trust among a distributed network is viable because of the validation or mining manner wherein every new transaction is verified through the entire network earlier than being added to a blockchain. Mining is the procedure of adding new blocks of facts onto the continuing chain through validation by way of each node at the network referred to as miners. A miner provides every new block at the chain after fixing a cryptographic set of rules, which must be normal with the aid of majority or all (based at the definition of the block) of the nodes in the network as a legitimate records.

The community rewards the miner for including a legitimate block to the chain via some shape of virtual credit. This credit is the primary incentive for miners to constantly validate and preserve the consistency of information for the duration of the community. Miners are unbiased entities in a network and no single miner is able to changing, or adding invalid records without being detected by way of the relaxation of the network as a bad actor.

When the network rejects a block, the miner does no longer receive the community permitting the network to apprehend the miner as a likely chance. This approach substantially improves the traceability in a device. 2.2.1 History of Blockchain The concepts of Blockchain consist of both theoretical and realistic tactics in which both are similarly equivalent. The technology was widely developed in the year 2008 with the invention of the Bitcoin.

However, the user ideas have their roots in the 1980s and 1990s in the 20th century. Accordingly 50, the concept of digital currency was developed and conceptualized relying on central server architecture, the function of which was to avoid double-spending. However, these suggestions have limitations for cohesion of double-spending avoidance, anonymity and centralization. Later in 1996, there was a publication by Anderson, and in 1997 by Doyle. At the same time in late 1990s, the author 45 was developing a mechanism for a decentralized digital currency which was named as bit gold. The Bitcoin cryptocurrency was once offered. The centralized system used to be changed through a mechanism of consensus, which depends on proof of labor 2.

The initial Bitcoin technology of Blockchain based on a decentralized system had evolved author concept with a new vision. At present, the inspiration of Blockchain is generally extended while there are negative opinions in regards to the technological standards and even its history. In 63, the nouns block and chain have been used separately and, at the start, the technological method was named as block chain. However in the year 2016 the concept had merged into one phrase Blockchain. According to 22, there were five foremost Blockchain-centered inventions within the final ten years. The innovations are stated as follows 22. The primary usage of Blockchain innovation was Bitcoin, which is a digital forex.

Its market capitalization nows accounted between 10 20 billion dollars. Additionally, Bitcoin is used by millions of individuals for on-line and comfy repayments, also including the banking sector. The second invention was once the Blockchain itself, which despite of being the hidden technology has allowed Bitcoin to be separated from the forex and used for all types of cooperation. Most fundamental monetary associations are doing Blockchain associated study at the moment.

It forecasts that 15 of world banks are going to use Blockchain in 2017. The third innovation was named as a smart contract. In the second generation it is called Ethereum.

This permits various financial tools such as loans or bonds to be presented, rather than currency tokens of the bitcoin. The Ethereum market capitalization owed in 2017 and a lot of projects are relocating to the market. The fourth fundamental innovation, the most innovative of the Blockchain wondering, is proof of stake.

The real technology of Blockchains is secured by using evidence of labor in which decisions are made through a set with the biggest amount of computing electricity. These organizations are called miners and that they manipulate big facts facilities to make sure security, via having cryptocurrency payments. The proofs of stake systems remove those facts centers, and replace them with complicated economic tools, with comparable or higher protection degree.

The fifth major innovation is a Blockchain scaling. In the Blockchain, each member in the network processes every transaction that is really slow. The use of the scaled Blockchain is mainly for the possibility to speed up the process without any threats to security. The concept is to discover how many computers are required to validate each and every transaction and optimize the work approach with use of these records. All these improvements had been invented for the previous 10 years, but the full advantage of technological standard continues to be hidden and would not be estimated yet. This means that in the next few years, the development of the technological method will probably be endured and one of the vital Blockchain-based options might already emerge as an primary part of humans lives and grew to become a critical a part of a billion users in 13 years. 2.

2.2 Characteristics of Blockchain Blockchain is still in its developing stage. There are various factors in which the Blockchain will bring changes. It is feasible that Blockchain can disrupt multiple industries and make the processes more democratic, comfy, transparent, and effective. It is an unassailable sensible creation it is the product of a person or group of people known by the monitor 63.Some of the key features of blockchain are as follows Decentralized systems Decentralized generation enables us to store property in a network that can be accessed over the Internet.

The assets can be anything ranging from a token, a contract, chain-of-evidence documents, or property registry documents. By means of decentralized technological method, the proprietor has direct control by using their exclusive key, which is directly linked to the asset. The owner can transfer the asset whenever desired and to anybody. The Blockchain technology is being regarded as an effective technology to decentralize the internet. This technology has proven itself and has the capacity to convey large adjustments within the present industries like in the subject of banking and finance.

As this technology lays ground in those fields the people can have the direct manage of their assets, then they wouldnt need the prevailing third party involvement so thats reduce massive price in terms of the transaction expenses. The character can at once indulge in transaction giving minimal price. This has led banks to be equipped for this upcoming crisis and they have begun working to increase services.

The middle effective idea here is setting your accept as true with no longer in a single entity like a central authority, a bank, or a multinational business enterprise as a substitute within the community. The contracts, proof records, identification understanding, monetary belongings, and so on are simplest considered as the property that can be stored. The various explanations for decentralization are as follows Empowered users Decentralized systems allow the users to keep control of all their information and transactions. Fault tolerance Decentralized programs are less prone to fail by chance since they depend on many separate components that arent probably. Durability and attack resistance Because blockchain does now not have a primary point of manage and is higher able to continue to exist malicious assaults, the decentralized structures are destroy or manipulate. Free from scams It is much harder for users in decentralized systems to indulge in an ways that will benefit them by causing harm to other users. Removing third-party risks This technology enables users to make an exchange without the intermediation of a third party, thus eliminating risk.

Higher transaction rate It generally reduces the transaction occasions and can be processed whenever as compared to the prevailing approaches of transaction through banks which need much longer interval to be processed. Transparency It mainly changes to public blockchains are publicly viewable by means of all parties developing transparency, and all transactions are immutable, that implies they cannot be altered or deleted. Authenticity Because of the decentralized device the blockchain data is complete, steady, well timed, correct, and extensively available. The Internet transformed our lives by means of decentralizing the get right of entry to and glide of records.

The next phase has now started. Causing the paradigm shift, blockchain technology can really affect industries and make the tactics more democratic, cozy, transparent, and green. The capability implications of the blockchain technology to our society and commercial enterprise are a long way attaining.

A distributed ledger A blockchain is a public ledger that provides data of all the individuals and all virtual transactions which have ever been finished. A block is the prevailing a part of a blockchain which is meant to maintain the record of the current transactions, and as soon as theyre completed, it goes into the blockchain. Blocks are delivered in sequential manner with the next block containing hash of the preceding block. A new block is generated as quickly because the previous block gets entered within the blockchain database. This technology enables in recording of each transaction and shares it throughout the network. Every individual within the network can validate transactions and has an same reproduction of the ledger, to which the encrypted transactions may be delivered. Any changes to the ledger are meditated in all copies or in a few cases, seconds.

Through the usage of keys and signatures the security and accuracy of assets is maintained cryptographically and are managed through the player. The cease end result is a highly green and comfortable method of appearing transactions and it serves as an online ledger keeping file of transactions which cant be changed. Blockchains, due to its property of allotted ledger may be used for an extensive form of packages, inclusive of tracking possession or the provenance of documents, digital assets for financial offerings, physical property vote casting rights Decisive methods of distributed ledger are A. Fraud protection This technological method responds very well to the unauthorized alterations or malicious tampering. The strategies by means of which data is secured and updated, and as of not anything may be changed and the ledger is gift across more than one nodes..

B. Easing the control With all transactions being added to a single public ledger, it reduces the usage of more than one ledger. C. Assures possession Distributed ledgers can provide new ways of assuring possession and provenance for goods and intellectual property D.

Removes mediator and accelerates the method The blockchain gets rid of the want of such a mediator and replaces the mediator with a network. Thus is this way Blockchain can lower the settlement instances of many payments transactions. The key message is that, via completely information the generation, several spheres can pick this generation and overcome the problems by way of fixing a specific cause, balancing protection and significant manage with the benefit and possibility of sharing information between agencies and individuals. Leading to be safer and secure ecosystem by providing tamper free environment The blockchain is an incorruptible digital ledger of economic transactions that may be programmed to report not just monetary transactions but really everything of value. From the above functions it could be without difficulty visible how blockchain is offering a tamper unfastened environment for the individuals inside the community. The blockchain network performs assessments and helps in presenting a self-reviewing system.

It helps in offering a completely robust machine. Many important properties end result from this All records are embedded within the community which makes it public. Hence, it facilitates in presenting transparency.

If every person tries to modify the block information at the blockchain, it might needing a massive amount of computing power to get beforehand of the whole network. Hence, it proves that the gadget cant be corrupted without difficulty. A network of purported computing nodes together paperwork the blockchain. All the nodes together create a very powerful community. Every node is an administrator of the blockchain. Each node inside the community has an incentive for collaborating inside the group. The nodes compete to be able to have the threat of winning the virtual currencies with the support of fixing computational puzzles.

This manner, these particular nodes are stated to mining for the current blocks which include all of the details of new transaction. Hash Providing authenticity There are many cases in which authenticity of facts and files could be very essential. Many corporations have very touchy files, property, or contracts that want to be blanketed. When statistics, a document, or a document is saved, a hash is created for every document.

A hash is just like the fingerprint that thru an set of rules, turns records into an output of fixed period thats unique for each single transaction. Every block can be divided into two components, namely the header and the transaction element. The header includes the preceding blocks hash and it references the preceding hash its far constructing upon. It also stores the hash of the modern-day transaction which is supposed to be join the subsequent block whilst introduced. The blockchain is distributed and updated with the brand new block introduced. Thus in this way other places can maintain to preserve it if any of the reproduction of blockchain is compromised. This makes the blockchain immutable.

Minting There are many approaches through which one could mint coin. The most updating technique is mining, however different strategies have been proposed. For instance, in case of Bitcoin, the community uses mining. Proof of labor is a protocol via which any individual can correctly show that theyve engaged in a significant quantity of computational work. With appreciate to mining it calls for fixing a computational puzzle.

The function of the miner is to create the block containing a range of recent transaction, it has to encrypt statistics through all of the computational technique and consequently offer the evidence of labor. The miner gets rewarded financially via doing it. The miners compete with each other for you to be the primary one to feature the current block on the top of the blockchain. The brought block is then established through other nodes whilst different blocks are delivered on pinnacle of it. Let us attempt to recognize proof of stake, which is the brand new consensus system that the builders need to start the use of. It does not involve any computational work in any respect.

The motivation to this is that the mining appears to have an useless step, the miners earn financial rewards inside the form of Bitcoin using which they ought to spend cash so as to shop for electricity and equipments which will perform their mining rigs so one can once more be used to solve puzzles and in flip the get earn praise. By the usage of roof of stake, the technique of accomplishing the same aim is quite extraordinary. With the evidence of stake, relying on the wealth is selected to be the author of new block. Hence, this facilitates in disposing of the outside step of having to apply the actual strength and real hardware. It could help in lowering the overall fee of the mining procedure. This additionally creates an argument that folks who are stakeholders inside the foreign money have an incentive to be appropriate steward of the gadget.

2.3 Main Technologies Constituting Blockchain 2.3.1 Problems of the Blockchain There are some of the issues with blockchain which makes anyone to think of using it before understanding it. Initially, with perhaps of the biggest technologies are as follows Blockchain has an environmental cost At least, the way it is getting used today, it does. Blockchain is predicated on encryption to offer its protection as well as set up consensus over a dispensed community. This essentially method that, so that you can prove that a consumer has permission to put in writing to the chain, complicated algorithms ought to be run, which in flip require big quantities of computing power.

Of direction, this comes at a value. Taking the maximum widely recognized and used blockchain for example Bitcoin closing yr it become claimed that the computing strength required to preserve the network going for walks consumes as a good deal energy as become used by the arenas international locations. Bitcoins blockchain is a hugely valuable network with a current market capacity at the time of writing of over 170 billion so sophisticated and computationally intense security is essential. Smaller scale blockchains which includes those who an enterprise may also installation internally to safely reveal and document business hobby could eat a fragment of that.

Nevertheless, its an important attention and the environmental implications in addition to the strength prices cant be neglected. Lack of regulation creates a risky environment Again, this is basically a trouble with Bitcoin or different cost-primarily based blockchain networks. But the reality is, as many investing in Bitcoin or different cryptocurrencies for the first time within the previous couple of months have determined to their value, its a totally volatile environment. Due to the lack of regulatory oversight, scams and market manipulation are not unusual.

Among the high profile cases is Bitcoin lately found out as a scheme which is assumed to have robbed hundreds of thousands from traders who believed they were entering into early on what could grow to be the subsequent Bitcoin. As with many areas of tech in current years, legislators have in large part didnt preserve pace with innovators, main to wealthy pickings for those in search of to exploit FOMO the worry of missing out. Its complexity means end users find it hard to appreciate the benefits Although its potentially progressive applications are obvious once one has made the attempt to understand the ideas of encryption and distributed ledgering at the back of blockchain, it takes some time, and an excellent bit of analyzing, earlier than the man on the street can see what makes blockchains potentially so beneficial. Tech pundits talk approximately changing the middle-man centers historically provided via the monetary services enterprise which include clearing bills and fraud prevention. But as a long way as many are worried, banks offer this service properly well, at an apparently low price to the quit user.

Its no coincidence that the first blockchain Bitcoin entered public consciousness right now following the monetary disaster of 2008, while media and public opinion meditated a big dissatisfaction and developing mistrust with mounted economic institutions and contraptions. Blockchains can be slow and complicated Once again because of their complexity and their encrypted, dispensed nature, blockchain transactions can take a while to system, absolutely in comparison to traditional charge systems together with cash or debit playing cards. Bitcoin transactions can take several hours to finalize, which means there are inherent troubles in the concept that you may be able to use them to pay for a cup of coffee in your lunch hour, until the vendor is willing to tackle an element of danger.

And wasnt that something which the trustless nature of blockchains turned into predicted to eliminate from the equation In concept the precept extends to blockchain networks which might be used for something aside from as a store of fee, as an instance logging transactions or interactions in and IoT environment. These chains in reality just pc documents, in the end have the ability to grow to be slow and unwieldy as they grow in length, and the quantity of computer systems getting access to and writing to the network grows. Hopefully this is a problem in order to be solved with advances in engineering and processing speeds, however at this factor in time it remains a problem, although. The Establishment has a vested interest in blockchain failing Lets be honest in adopting blockchain technology from the set up financial industry, the subtext in the back of an awful lot of what is stated approximately its miles it might in all likelihood be better if it simply quietly disappeared. Banks make massive quantities of take advantage of playing the middle-guy position, and due to the fact the value is sent among their hundreds of thousands of clients, give up users commonly pay very little personally. In the year 2015 one former boss at Barclays defined the pastime and apparent enthusiasm of his subject as cynical bringing up that it stems from a wish to exert manipulate and even block the usefulness of the rising new release. Banks carry significant lobbying force with governments and legislators.

Its possible that ought to they decide its far of their pursuits, the mounted monetary services enterprise could, if not kill blockchain, dramatically reduce its usefulness and restriction its availability. 2.3.2 Cryptography To ensure the security and integrity of the information stored in the blockchain, a large number of modern cryptographic techniques including cryptographic hash function and elliptic curve public-key cryptography are used in the definition and construction of blockchain.

The blockchain usescryptography tosecuretransactions.Inorder tointeract with the blockchain, participants create a cryptographic key pair with wallet software Aprivate key, in which the user must not revealed and it is mainly used to sign transactionsandtounlockcryptocurrencyfunds. A public key, which corresponds to the address of the associated account.

It is used from participant to identify the receiver of a transaction Meanwhile, these cryptographic techniques are also used to design consensus algorithms based on proof of work as well as identification of users 77. The following cryptographic techniques are widely used in most blockchain implementation (especially bitcoin) Hash Algorithm Bitcoin mainly use SHA256 and RIPEMD160 to hash everything Merkle Tree The tree in the blockchain is a binary tree that stores the transaction information and performs its integrity verification process Public Key Cryptography Use key pair to control access to blockchain, which contains a private key and a unique public key, which the former is derived from the latter. Private key is used to issue digital signature and allow spending, while public key verifies signature and represents the address of wallet 77. However, in 77, some compromise of underlying cryptographic algorithm(SHA256, RIPEMD160, ECDSA) still have possible threats and impact on security of blockchain. 2.

3.3 Consensus Algorithm The consensus mechanism is mainly used for authenticate and validate transactions on blockchain without a central authority 38. It plays a crucial role in blockchain technology to keep distributed ledger synchronized securely through a collaborative process. There are two most used consensus protocols are PoW (Proof of Work) and BFT (Byzantine Fault Tolerance).

PoW is the consensus algorithm used in bitcoin. The main idea is to hashing power competition to solve the difficult mathematical problem (similar to HashCash). The first one that resolves the math problem can create the next block and get a certain amount of rewards. This mechanism PoW is energy-consuming because of the workload taken as the safeguard. If adversary tries to generate an alternate chain faster than the blockchain, it will take more than 50 of the worlds hashing power to tempering it, from which the gains from forging can be much greater than the cost.

Thus, PoW can ensure safety of the blockchain effectively but not efficiently 38. BFT (Byzantine Fault Tolerance), known as the Byzantine Generals Problem, designed for fault tolerant to achieve consensus even a small portion of malicious nodes are existing. PBFT (Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance) is one of the implemented algorithms introduced by 77. This algorithm is initially devised for solving practical problems with low-latency and efficiency. There are three phases in the whole process in this algorithm pre-prepared, prepare and commit. A node has to receive votes from over two third of all nodes to enter next phase to reach the final consensus. PBFT could work when malicious nodes are less than one third of the total nodes in the network.

A high-level comparison between PoW consensus and BFT consensus in explained in Table 2.1. There are a handful of important blockchain properties node identity management, consensus finality (the possibility of changing past transactions due to temporary forks in the blockchain), Scalability with regard to quantity of consensus nodes and consumers, performance in phrases of latency, throughput and vigor consumption, tolerated energy of adversary, network synchrony assumption, correctness proofs of protocols 77. Table.2.1. High-level comparison between PoW and BFT consensus families by 77 In abstract, the PoW and BFT are two opposite blockchain consensus applied sciences of in these days in terms of node identity and scalability.

PoW consensus algorithm provides excellent node scalability with limited performance, while BFT consensus algorithm has good performance but limited scalability. Thus, the selection of BFT consensus should depend on the requirement and context of business world. 2.

3.4 Second-generationblockchain Generally, in many situations the blockchains support not only cryptocurrency transfer, but also smart contracts.A smartcontract is an illustration of a real world contract for the period of a computer software. The rules of the contract are embedded into code deployed on the blockchain. This permits the introduction of new custom belongings modeling and management and likewise creates competencies purposes for external area 22.

The smart contracts are supported by Bitcoin,but theylimited their functionalities.Secondgeneration blockchains frameworks allow smart contracts implementation with more advanced capabilities Smart Contract The smart contract defines a set of promises specified in digital form which includes the protocols within which the parties perform on these promises, which were first proposed by 45 in 1996. In other words, smart contract is a digital form of contractual clauses embedded as code in software to mediate actions (e.g.

release of payments) by rules based operations 45. Once the smart contract is initiated and the condition is met, the progress of action is automated and irrevocable as predefined in the logic 45. Smart contracts are typically deployed on a blockchain (although it is possible for different systems to host them too). Within a blockchain view of this, clever agreement application common sense sits within a block. A block is a software-generated container that bundles collectively the messages relating to a selected smart agreement. Those messages might also act as inputs or outputs of the clever agreement programming common sense and may they point to other computer code. Fig.

2.2. Anatomy of Smart contract 46 Where a smart settlement has legally binding contractual impact, the generation inside which it is deployed might also sometimes supply upward thrust to issues in terms of criminal enforceability (that is particularly so within the case of a so-called permissionless distributed ledger).

This can be because, as an instance, there may be no crucial administering authority to determine a dispute, there may be no apparent defendant, or enforcement of a court judgment or arbitration award in respect of a transaction the use of precise allotted ledger technology may be complex. Inserting a dispute decision mechanism into a clever agreement may also help to cope with the issues round enforceability and jurisdictional versions. Figure 2.3 shows a simple progress of how smart contract works to provide services. Participant 1 and participant 2 agree the cost of shipment depending on the time the goods arrive. The rules agreed by both parties and recorded into blockchain, then the appropriate payment will issue to participant 2, automatically when participant 1 receive the goods 38. Fig.

2.3. Smart contract 38 2.4 Limitations and strengths of Blockchain Blockchain technology in itself does now not deal with the reliability of its statistics. Reliability (in recording) isnt always a core part of blockchain technology. Often a person appearing as a trusted third party records the data at the blockchain.

A GPS tracker set to launch a price upon arrival may be hacked to deliver a defective area to a clever settlement and trigger the fee of the goods without certainly delivering it. The author therefore considers assuring report criminal obligation the number one hassle of blockchain systems 27. The authors trust that retaining the authenticity and integrity of statistics is the center capability of blockchain technology. This is taken into consideration the predominant opportunity blockchain generation guarantees to supply. The technologys capability of keeping authenticity of records depends on how at ease the device is 27.

Blockchain isnt always hundred percent at ease from all assaults even though it is one most comfy protocols ever designed 63. Conclusion Blockchain is the technology backbone of Bitcoin. The functionality of distributed ledger denotes the reliability of blockchain which makes it more attractive and remedy for the current financial and economic issues. The blockchain science is an innovative upcoming innovation with ability to convert many present average methods into more dispensed, transparent, collaborative systems whilst empowering its users. This chapter mainly focuses the main characteristics of blockchain technology on the application of supply chain. 3 BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGIES FOR SCM Introduction Blockchain technologies is one of the latest technology which was being followed in the numerous fields such as financial services industries, and presently supply chain operations to be the next fertile ground for this fast developing technology. The supply chains across industries and countries will be remained, improved and disrupted by blockchain technologies.

We now have safer and more efficient ways to connect with business partners as well as to track and exchange any type of asset. The potential to install blockchain utilized sciences to create the following new unlock of digital provide chain networks and constructions might be a key aspect in industry success. The key element of blockchain for supply chain management is that of setting up shared, secure information of data flows a shared version of events throughout networks for supply chain transactions, techniques and partners. 3.1 Blockchain for Supply Chain Management Blockchain technology is generating a big stir in logistics and supply chain management. Now, as supply chain managers begin to recognize the possibilities of this new technology, there is high potential for elevating transparency 63. The arrival of this science is well timed due to the fact shoppers are worrying supply chain transparency. Supply chain management is a common application for blockchain. Transparency, traceability, integrity and accountability, all of that are core challenges for give chains, are part of the design of blockchain itselftrust and integrity are developed into blockchain. Blockchain allows for visibility into transactions based on the consumer level of permission. Within the case of a supply chain, blockchain can furnish each and every member of the give chain with the capability to peer each transaction that includes the valuable cargo. Every an each person within the blockchain can view the shipments route in the supply chain based on the permanent and immutable information records which can be created in the course of its transit. This degree of transparency afforded with the aid of blockchain will also be leveraged via deliver chains to target fraud, error, and tampering, and strengthen efficiency more broadly. The blockchains distributed ledger tracks information in real time which allows participants in the blockchain to obtain information on demand. Blockchain provides proof of quality, proof of identity, time-stamping and proof of location along every touch point in the supply chain. In complicated supply chains, shipment may be transferred 30-40 times before it reaches its final destination. The blockchain will be implemented by supply chain administration to help with the following duties 75 Entering into transactions/agreements to transport cargo between manufacturers, vendors, suppliers and intermediaries Documenting purchase orders, change orders, invoices, receipts and other accounting, financial and tax documentation Demonstrating and verifying that approvals and certifications relating to the quality of cargo are in place at any given time Record-keeping to satisfy legal compliance obligations and to minimize business risk as cargo travels through the supply chain and The recording on any touchpoint in the production and shipping process which includes assembly, maintenance and delivery phases. 3.2 Working of Supply Chain Using Blockchain Technology The manufacturing supply chain incorporates a series of system entities which include human beings, physical assets, knowledge, methods, and financial contracts and transactions that facilitate transferring a product from supplier to customer. In a massive supply chain gadget, its miles very hard to have an ordinary picture of all transactions inside the chains 23. These expertise is most of the time stored in couple of areas and its effortless obtainable to unique system entities. In such methods, the consumers (being the ultimate purchaser or the better corporation within the chain) customarily have partial entry to the entire understanding 44. The blockchain technology can probably increase the transparency and traceability problems in the manufacturing supply chain by way of the usage of immutable document of information, distributed storage, and managed consumer accesses. A decentralized distributed system that makes use of blockchain applied sciences to acquire, retailer and manipulate key product understanding of each and every individual product for the period of its life cycle. As a product moves through its life cycle, it miles possessed by a variety of actors, for example, producers, suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, retailers and finally the end consumer. Each of these actors plays an essential part in this system, logging in key information about the product and its current status on to the blockchain network. Each product might have a complete unique virtual profile containing all related facts, populated during various life cycle stages. Each product might be connected with an information tag, which could be within the shape of a barcode, RFID or QR code. This tag represents a unique digital cryptographic identifier that hyperlinks a physical product to its digital identification on the network. This digital identity is offered on the device software as a part of the product digital profile. Actors may also have their very own digital profile at the network, which is created upon registration. This profile shows statistics consisting of their description, place, certifications and association with merchandise. A product that has been signed by using an actor might have a link from the product profile to the actors profile. The system allows actors to exchange the privacy of their profile to special varieties of actors. Actors can pick out to stay absolutely anonymous, but have to be certified with the aid of a registered auditor or certifier to maintain the trust in the system. Fig 3.1.Representation of supply chain in Blockchain technology 23 (Credits Article by Abeyratne Saveen A, Monfared R.P.) This system consists of several types of users who play a unique role in the entire transactions. They are as follows Registrars provides unique identities to actors on the network. Standards Organizations it defines the standards schemes (such as Fair-trade) Certifiers provides certifications to actors, which allow them to participate in the network. Consumers users who purchases products, and in some cases they are allowed to enter product data to the blockchain. The Producers, manufactures, distributors, retailers and waste management organizations for the blockchain All data within the network are stored in the blockchain and is available to someone who executes the system program with changes depending on their kind and position in the supply chain. The set of rules that govern the system is written in code and stored in the blockchain. These rules define how the actors in the network are to interact with the system, and how the data will be shared among the network 9. 3.3 Applications for Supply Chain and Logistics Supply chain is described as the line of diverse points involved in producing and delivering goods, from the procurement stage to the end customer. Nowadays, the supply chain includes various stages and locations. Consequently, it has become more difficult to trace transaction activities in the entire chain. Moreover, due to the lack of transparency in the supply chain, supplier and customers cannot be sure in the true value of the products or services. Also, there are several elements related to the supply chain that cannot be tracked, such as environmental incidents 16. It is hard to analyze the accountability of any illegal events associated with the supply chain. Because of these challenges and demanding situations, today the world faces following problems of counterfeiting, forced labor and bad conditions in factories. Blockchain, as an insurer of transparency and security, may be a good solution for solving supply chains. Even the best utility of the blockchain technology could bring the supply chain great benefits. Registering the transfer of products on the digital ledger as transactions allows identifying the main data relevant to manage the supply chain. The main features of blockchain can be very beneficial for application in the supply chain 16 Public availability gives the opportunity to track products from the place of origin to the end customer. Decentralized structure gives the ability for participation for all parties in the supply chain Cryptography-based and immutable nature gives the assurance of security. In todays situation, there have been made several efforts to use blockchain for improving Supply Chain Management. IBM is a pioneer in this sphere they have endeavored to streamline the leverage of blockchain in the supply chain 16. 3.3.1 Walmart Walmart is an U.S. retail giant that offered a pilot mission of leverage distributed ledger technology to track the origin of pork in China and its production within the U.S. This mission was planned to start in the first quarter of 2017 and it will take around four months. 53 It may be one of the first considerable projects of blockchain technology outside the financial monetary region. This technology can supply the ability to deal with the mistakes and neglected cut-off dates therefore make the supply chain more efficient. In reality, particularly that sector is the primary target for blockchain-based applications. According to the past information, 42 of business in retail and manufacturing spheres are planning to spend 5 million on such kind of technology 53. Walmart the company is ready to use the technical platform that was based on IBMs technology developed for Linux Foundation, Hyperledger fabric 10. IBM Open Blockchain and Hyperledger IBM OBC become created on the idea that blockchain era would be nicely regarded with many networks that serve and offer distinctive desires. IBM is a part of the Hyperledger Project, a Linux basis. The foremost goal of this venture is to promote blockchain technology by using identifying and addressing crucial characteristics for a move-enterprise open widespread for allotted ledgers 10.The system that is utilized in IBM OBC is self-maintained and does not required any other network requirements. As Ethereum, OBC uses Turning complete 10. The Hyperledger Fabric allow many different uses of Blockchain, consequently it allows the creation of distinct levels of permission. Due to the potential to encrypt the transaction, users can conceal their identity, transaction patterns and terms of confidential contracts from third parties. The Hyperledger Fabric is predicated on Byzantine Fault Tolerant algorithm to at ease consensus in the community, differing from Bitcoin that make use of proof of-work mining 31. 3.3.2 Everledger Everledger is an association which mainly aims for reduction of risks and frauds for banks, open marketplaces and guarantees. It uses blockchain technology, machine vision, smart contracts and different emerging technology. This firm wants to make the diamond supply chain more transparent and assist to eliminate the forced exertions use across Africa. 73. The platform runs on global, digital ledger that gives the capability to track items for the duration of the complete supply chain. Records in blockchain consist of defining traits, records and ownership, and all events inside the deliver chain can use them whenever. 16. Everledger has constructed a hybrid technical version using non-public and public blockchains. This permits them to higher serve the industry they work in. This firm takes rightful vicinity within the Hyperledger community, devoted to streamlining progressive technologies in the supply chain. 3.3.3. Smart Contracts Initially, the blockchain have evolved to enhance cryptocurrencies, however entrepreneurs are now growing a brand new manner of using blockchain smart contract. It is a contract among events this is coded and uploaded to the blockchain. The intelligent contract does not rely on the third party authorities. All approaches in dealing with such contracts are automatically controlled. The clauses of a contract are completed in spite of comprehensive of entire duties. This operate gets rid of all ambiguity regarding the execution of contract affliction involving the existence of outside dependencies 60. Smart contracts may just make the negotiation approach and performance of a contract less complicated and more effective. Traditionally, the interface of a clever contract is apparent and it imitates the common sense of contractual clause. The main aim is to secure the contractual processes and reduce the cost related to contracting. 31. One of the main features of blockchain in smart contract is enabling trustless transactions. This model of transaction defines as validated, monitored and bilaterally enforced transactions over a digital network. The smart contracts can comprise a couple of digital signatures for critical approval of participants. If the conditions of a smart contract depend upon real world data, programs referred to as oracles may also be carried out to watch and confirm this data 60.The abilities use the smart contracts as its fiscal transactions. There are more than a few points of intelligent contracts that make them appropriate for this sphere. For instance, margin could be routinely transferred upon margin calls, and if theres counterparty default, the contract might terminate itself. When you consider that of the custodial facets of blockchain, recordkeeping, auditing and custodial facets it can be feasible to lessen transactional expenses for the events 31.The use of smart contract increases by the automation of the contractual processes and reduce transactional costs which are related to them. The Smart contract is a replicated form of a real contract in the digital network. 60. Smart contracts are known as digital which can be embedded with an if-this-then-that (IFTTT) code, which provides them self-execution. In actual lifestyles, a middleman ensures that each one parties follow thru on terms. The blockchain not handiest waives the need for third events, however additionally ensures that every one ledger members understand the settlement information and people contractual terms implement robotically once situations are met. The below figure 3.2 describe the working procedure of sample smart contract application in the blockchain. Fig.3.2.Working flow of smart contract in blockchain ( HYPERLINK http//www.blockgeeks.com www.blockgeeks.com) 3.3.4. Provenance Provenance is an international-based organization that aims to make the supply chain more transparent with the aid of deploying blockchains which make companies more truthful in their operations, includes the environmental effect on the vicinity of products origin and by means of whom they have been made. 3. There are large numbers of issues in the global logistics industry, such as a lack of transparency or a misunderstanding between agents on different layers of the supply chain. Due to this, many demanding situations concerning transportation protocol and product origin arise 67. This is at odds with the customers interests. Transparency is considered as a key to a successful business. Sharing information between all users within the supply chain can enhance the relationships among them and cause them more efficient 34. It changed into actually difficult to discover device to establish transparency earlier than the arrival of blockchain. Blockchain can generate transparency and make certain the success of transport contracts. These are numerous elements of blockchain capabilities that may be beneficial for enhancing logistics industry. Opens access to information regarding the activities within the supply chain 6. Provides customers with the ability to evaluate the product, service, supplier, carrier etc. before making a decision. 6. Provides clients with the facts they need concerning product origins and freight direction. Reduces risk in regard to fraud or counterfeit goods Enables monitoring, tracking and tracing transports 6 Simplifies exchange of goods and payment systems 63. Unfortunately, the lack of transparency is not the most effective challenge for logistics. There are also several essential troubles that have an effect on to this industry 36 Organizations do not share all relevant information with other participants, so they choose to protect it from them. The huge amount of data associated with products or documentation can easily be lost across the entire supply chain. None of the parties shares the information concerning the place of origin of an asset to determine quality. Fortunately, blockchain can solve these problems. According to the recent Expert Insights report of IBM Institute, Blockchain become diagnosed as a generation this is going to be carried out in numerous deliver chains to recall the advantages in visibility, optimization and forecasting 36. In a large amount of current shipping processes paper is required, which usually causes diverse priced errors. In blockchain machine, all information concerning transport procedures will be digital, which enables all members to get the applicable records at any moment. Accordingly, it reduces risks and increases the delivery quality. Additionally, itll allow corporations to lower the quantity of waste, spoilage and defects. Blockchain is invaluable for logistics by way of permitting synchronized audit trails amongst companions and optimizing them in a precise time. It will increase trust across the supply chain, therefore simplifying the decision making process on each stage 36. Finally, the permissioned and immediately access to data in the digital ledger can allow collaborative forecasting for all parties. Companies need to use blockchain era to build efficient relationships with their companions, make their business greater transparent for customers and keep away from numerous errors across the supply chain. 3.3.5. Maersk Today, 90 of products in global trade are transported by means of the shipping industry, however the supply chain is slowed by the way of complexity and sheer volume of point-to-point communication throughout a loosely coupled web of land transportation companies, freight forwarders, customs brokers, governments, ports and ocean carriers 36. Processing documents and information for a field shipment is estimated to value more than twice the costs from the real physical transportation. IBM and Maersk are addressing this problem with allotted permission platform on hand with the aid of Maersk and IBM are utilizing blockchain technology to create a global tamper-proof gadget, to digitize change workflow and to monitor shipments end-to-finish eliminating friction which accommodates expensive factor-to-point communications. The collaboration will launch with the capability potential to track millions of container journeys consistent per year and integrate with customs authorities on selected trade lanes. In a latest look at by way of Maersk, shipping a single field container of flowers from Kenya to the port of Rotterdam ended in a stack of nearly two hundred communications. Making use of this model, it examine how blockchain has been applied implemented to create believe and safe trust and security in the digitized record workflow and enhance the performance of global supply chains. In the figure below, it is visible that every distinct entity is concerned within the transaction the growers, export government, ports, customs and importers (Fig. 3.3). Shipping from the port of Mombasa calls requires for signatures from three unique agencies approving the export, and six files that describe the starting place, chemical treatments high-quality of the product and customs duties. 36. Fig.3.3. IBM Blockchain for Trade logistics 36 Firstly, using a PC or a mobile device the canyon farm submits the packing list that will becomes visible to all members. This action initiates a smart contract and export approval workflow between three corporations. As each organization signs, data is up to date for all to view it. Simultaneously, statistics about the inspection of the flowers, the sailing of the refrigerated box done with the aid of the trucker and the approval from customs is communicated to the port of Mombasa permitting them to prepare for the container. All actions referring to the files and the physical goods are captured and shared. Especially the information which files had been submitted, when and by means of whom, where the items are and whos in possession of them and the subsequent steps of their journey. Flowers are perishable so its far essential that there are no delays on steps 36. Blockchain affords secure data exchange and a temper-evidence repository these documents and shipping events. This system may want to substantially reduce delays and fraud saving billions of amount annually and according to the WTO, the reduction of barriers within the International supply chain could increase worldwide GDP by almost 5 and the total volume by 15 36. 3.3.6. Automotive supplier payments Blockchain permits the transfer of funds anywhere within the world. Traditional banking methods are not wished. Transfer is direct between payer and payee. It is also secure and rapid in minutes, compared to days for automated clearing house payments, for example. Bitcoin transfers especially additionally offer shrink expenses. Australian car company Tomcar makes use of bitcoin to pay suppliers. Presently, three partners in Israel and Taiwan will be received. Tomcars supplier agreements use normal phrases. The advantage is in the cost savings. On the other hand, the company is careful to keep away from placing onto an excessive amount of bitcoin. . Even as bitcoin is worldwide with the aid of nature, some countrywide governments see it as a technique for firms to make an investment. Organizations with bitcoin holdings may accordingly be taxed for this reason 3.3.7. Meat traceability The Product status at every stage of creation will also be recorded making use of blockchain. The records are everlasting and inalterable. Additionally they allow the tracing of each product to its supply. The famous global retailer Walmart mainly implements blockchain to track sales of pork meat in China. Its system lets the company see where each piece of meat comes from, its processing and storage, and sell-by date. In the event of product recall, the company can also see which batches are concerned and who bought them. 3.3.8. Electric power microgrids This shows how entities of any size can use blockchain. The smart contracts are being used for redistributing excess power from solar panels. The Transitive Grid is an approach executed on blockchain to monitor and redistribute power in a local microgrid. The program automates the shopping and selling of energy which helps to avoid unwanted expenses and air pollution. The technology used for executing the program is the Ethereum platform, designed for building smart contracts of any kind. 3.3.9. RFID-driven contract bids and execution The RFID tags are normally utilized in supply chain to store information about products. The tags can be read easily and automatically, and then processed by IT systems. The practical setup could be as follows. The RFID tags for cartons or pallets store information on delivery location and date. The logistics companions run programs to search for those tags and bid for transport contract. The smart contracts then track the status and perform final delivery performance. 3.3.10. Cold chain monitoring Food and pharmaceutical products often need unique storage. Also, organisations additionally see the value in sharing warehouses and distribution centers, rather of each one paying for its own. The sensors can record temperature, humidity, vibration, and other items of interest. They can be saved on blockchain. They are permanent. If the storage circumstance deviates from what has been agreed, every member of the blockchain can view it. A smart contract can cause an action to correct the situation. Depending on the dimensions of the deviation, this action can be to certainly regulate the storage. However, it can additionally expand to changing use-with the aid of dates, affirming products undeserving, or making use of consequences. 3.3.11. Blockchain and Internet of Things Other ambitious thoughts come from using blockchain and IoT. One suggestion is for smart contracts to manage rent/ leases of driverless vehicles. The smart contract might check for payments. If cost has no longer been made or quite simply on the end of the contract, the smart contract might lock the car and tell it to force itself back to the renter 74. 3.4 SWOT Analysis of Blockchain This nascent technology has immense opportunities to revolutionize supply chain as well as threats to examine and confront before actual implementation. Blockchain create visibility to exhibit the method as good as traceability to track where things were held. Every event, attribute, data could be recorded in blockchain system in order to track the provenance of goods in the future. It will reduce or eliminate fraud, errors, waste, cost, and delay and increase efficiency and interoperability in the supply chain. However, it is not a mature technology so that there are some potential barriers from technology, governance, organization and even society 39. Lack of awareness and understanding of impact on supply chain will make blockchain not easy to adopt. Besides, the high investment for implementation and human resource would be intimidating. Last but not least, it is challenging to establish and maintain properly system for security and privacy of data in a complex business world. Here a simple SWOT analysis to get a better image of blockchain in global trade finances. Strengths Operational Efficiency and well secured Transparency, Lower risk and cost Facilitates easier sharing of information about certain products or trades. No more documents that have to pass along. We can now register everything on the blockchain. Constant data storage Eliminates all valuable authority that has full access to the data. Weaknesses Business rules change frequently, but blockchain maintain constantly. It probably in conflict with present ways to regulatory compliance corresponding to GDPR rules. The blockchain suggestion isnt handy to grasp for a newcomer. Wed like excellent schooling to make mass adoption viable. Opportunities Fastest payment transfer Mainly eliminates the trust necessity Gives back control to the user e.g. instead of Google and Facebook using your data, you can control who gets access to your data. All these permissions will be stored on the blockchain. The world is becoming more digitalized, so more people will accept the concept of blockchain in their daily lives. Threats Scalability disorders Many transactions (overload), despite with the presence of several solutions. Unwanted centralization mining pools and large mining farms Quantum computers (in the future) who have the ability to decrypt data. Hype and fast changing environment Disappearance of existing banking jobs There is always the possibility of mining attacks, and hacks. Conclusion Blockchain is anticipated to have a considerable influence on the logistics industry and should be considered as a treat. It mainly evolves the supply chain and become a foundational technology, which transformed manufacturing, marketing and goods selling processed. With the aid of having transparency, traceability and protection of Blockchain into the supply chain, it may be a long approach of remodeling an economic system and making it trustful by means of providing openness as a brand new key factor and stopping doubtable practices implementation. 4 BLOCKCHAIN IN PHARMACEUTICAL SUPPLY CHAINS Introduction Implementing technology in business has always been a good practice for centuries. Starting from steam engine, electricity, and computers has shown tremendous growth in business 24. The latest technology boon that we can recollect is information technology that is still being explored for its full potential. Internet is the most effective technology in IT that has changed the trend in several industries. The next biggest technology that had the most disruptive innovation is Bitcoin in the year 2009. Bitcoin was introduced by a group called Satoshi Nakamoto which is a digital currency and has no central bank system in it. The admirable thing about Bitcoin is that it is decentralized and the transactions within the system are automatically being verified by the users in the system that is completely encrypted 63. Bitcoin is simply the live model of the technology called Blockchain. Though Bitcoin was not supported across the globe but the technology in which it was formed was being looked upon by several countries. Blockchain can increase productivity, improve business process and change the economy of a company. Blockchain is still in its first and second phase of usage. Since several industrial sectors are still in the beginning stage of finding blockchain and its advantage. Whereas other fields like automobiles, manufacturing industries, etc. are at the advanced implementation of blockchain. There is very little research work done on blockchain in academic aspect and most of it are focused on security and stability of the system. New researches must be proposed to identify other features of blockchain like scalability, stability of the application in other industries. With this motive the goal of the paper is to identify blockchain and its application in pharmaceutical supply chains. The reason for choosing this sector is to focus on the dependent attributes of the industry such as contracts, trust, supervising, negotiations, payments and human interaction. There are several issues on going in the supply chain of pharmaceutical like theft, product counterfeiting, production and distribution problems and fraudulent of drugs, etc. that causes billion-dollar losses across the world and causing a threat to human lives 48. Blockchain technology can actually improve the performance and structure of the supply chain while considering the above drawbacks in the current market. 4.1 Supply Chain Issues in Pharmaceutical Industry Even with complex serialization, track and trace policies it is time for pharmaceutical science to think beyond serialization and modify its journey of supply chain with recent innovations. Verifying the source of medicine from its ingredients, manufacturing process, packaging, handling medicine in the supply chain till it is handed over to the end customer is becoming a more important channel in present scenario. This scenario can be efficiently handled using blockchain technology. Blockchain is also known as Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) is a cryptographic based network system that maintains a shared ledger of information across the nodes involved in the network. Blockchain can be referred to as time-sequenced chain that runs based upon an agreement. This chain mechanism can be trust worthy until it is obliged to the government rules, majority of the network can validate the entries that are posted to the ledger then the information that is stored in blockchain is reliable. Entrepreneurs, industrialists and investors have identified the potential of blockchain and the investment on blockchain based systems are reaching more than 1 billion and continues to increase. Within the life science sector it can provide an opportunity of 3 billion by the year 2025. This research work will identify the potential of blockchain in the supply chain of life science. In other words it concentrates on the application of blockchain in the supply chain issues of pharmaceutical sector. In order to proceed with the research it is important to identify the potential threat in the present pharmaceutical supply chain. Falsified drugs During the course of supply chain it is possible that falsified drugs can enter the chain and tamper the authenticity, quality and standards of the product. Falsified drugs are the ones with little or no active ingredients, wrong ingredients, fake packaging, tampered drugs, stolen drugs, etc. Product quality and authenticity This means during the life cycle of the product in the supply chain it is possible that the medicine is not stored correctly, procedures followed by the manufacturer, wholesaler and supplier is not up to the standard and appropriate procedures and care are not taken. The transparency of the process is not available for the end user. There are several factors that can affect the final product in the supply chain Manufacturers must take care that the medicines are of correct strength and formulation and stored appropriately for the end user to consume it. Wholesalers, suppliers and logistics must make sure that temperature are taken care to transport the medicines thereby preventing damage to the products and also prevent theft and criminals from intercepting the drugs. The problem with the current supply chain process is that none of the above mentioned factors are transparent to the end user and therefore the trust on the medicine is nil. In a nutshell the problems are Intermediaries add complexity- Too many stakeholders handling the medication can lead to heavy risk. Interactions are time sensitive Quick service of drugs is important and the system must adhere to the given time frame in delivering the drugs to the pharmacists and other deliveries. Manufacturers, logistics, wholesalers and pharmacies do not have the capability to ensure authenticity and quality of the drug delivered. 4.2 Implementation of Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Blockchain 4.2.1 Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Pharmaceutical supply chain varies a lot from the traditional supply chains where it starts from extracting raw materials, production, manufacturing and then shipping the products to stores for end user consumption. 58 Explains how the supply chain of drugs differs Usually it takes ten years of hard work for a new drug to be invented and then it gets patented. Another six to eight years are taken to consider the efficiency and safety of the drug by performing tests and experiments. Any minor failure in pharmaceutical supply chain can result in death of the end user. Pharmaceutical supply chain has undergone several revolutions in past few decades. Some of the highlighted modifications are strict regulations and policies, strong compliance rules, complex distribution routes, faster expiration of patents, fight against product counterfeiting, etc. The base of this research is based on the global pharmaceutical supply chain proposed by 11. Fig.4.1 Global pharmaceutical supply chain 11 4.2.2 Participating entities and information flow In this section we will decide on the type of blockchain, entities and participants that will be part of the structure of a pharmaceutical supply chain. Blockchain was initially proposed to act as a public and distributed network. However private blockchains came into existence to limit access and to be controlled by more than one entity. 20 State that blockchains are applicable for for stakeholders who operate in a controlled, regulated environment or who wish a greater throughput than a public network might present. A transaction in a private blockchain system is efficient since limited nodes are present in the network. Considering the above statement the pharmaceutical supply chain in this research will be implemented in a private blockchain environment. It is advisable that these private blockchains in case of pharmaceutical sector must be created, implemented and created by government organizations who are responsible for supervision of medicines. These government organizations or agencies must be kept responsible for authorizing the stakeholders who want to be part of the network, monitor the actions performed in the network and provide information to trusted participants and allow them to perform business in the blockchain. As mentioned above, Figure 1 with the basic pharmaceutical supply chain structure it is not necessary for all stakeholders in the network to have access to shared ledger. Shared ledger is to serve information, safe medicine, cash flow and material in a secured way. So lets discuss on the stakeholders who can be part of the network. RD labs The new patents will be made as intangible assets and the drug manufactures or producers can take the rights to produce the medicine from smart contracts. The suppliers for RD department is not required to be part of the blockchain as they do not have any direct impact on the end medicine that is transported in the supply chain. Drug Production Facilities Here suppliers of raw materials can be included and the rest software providers, equipment providers can be eliminated and raw material suppliers can be included in the network. By certifying raw material suppliers and closely observing the material flow from supplier to production facility can remove the risk of drug counterfeit. Delivery and dispensing This includes wholesalers, delivery facilities, hospitals, pharmacies, clinic, government buyer and end consumers like patients. Delivery and dispensing is added as a stake holder in the blockchain since they are involved in the supply chain and the end product drugs are distributed by them. Patients are included in this chain because in some situations they are the decision makers of which medicine is to be consumed. In case of hospitals, the working staffs decide on the drug to be prescribed and they make the last purchase of the supply chain. Service Intermediaries This includes cash, materials and information that flows in the blockchain and therefore it is considered as a stakeholder in the pharmaceutical blockchain. There are cases where third-party transporters provide information on the location of product or drug disposal service providers. Information intermediary is an important stakeholder in the blockchain. As mentioned above government can take responsible for information gathering or other organizations like NGOs can take the responsibility of gathering information in the blockchain. Since blockchain verifies all the transactions and entities in the network it uses the concept of encryption to secure all the information within the network with the help of private and public keys. Now considering this new pharmaceutical supply chain all the stakeholders, regulators and supervisors can have secured transactions with one another with privacy enabled. Now as we have only relevant stakeholders in picture it gets easy for a company to identify new business partners, service providers, raw material suppliers and insurance providers in the network with the confidence that quality is assured within the network. 4.2.3 Implementation of RFID in the Proposed Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Blockchain 11 in his research identifies RFID tags called as radio-frequency identification tags and its application in pharmaceutical supply chains. The reason for proposing this technology was to ensure safety, security and cost efficiency of the product is retained. The output of the research was in favor of the proposed goals and this can be implemented in the blockchain technology of pharmaceutical supply chain as well. Lets first understand the concept of RFID and then speak on the implementation of it in block chain technology. RFID tags help to automatically identify and track tags that are attached to an object. These tags contain electronically stored information. These tags are attached to the tracked object and need not be necessarily been within the line of sight. When an RFID tag is attached or embedded to an object it helps us to track the objects progress through any line of network that can be production line or supply chain line. In case of pharmaceuticals it can track through warehouses and the supply chain medium too. Its a very common practice in pharmaceutical supply chain that products are shipped in bulk or also termed as pallet-level tagging since it is time saving and cost efficient too. Hence these RFID tags can be attached to these packages in order to track product location. The figure below shows how RFID enables to track location of product in the supply chain and automatically shares the information in the blockchain. If a smart contract in the blockchain has to deliver the package to a destination then the information is verified through RFID tags as it broadcasts the message on the blockchain. Fig.4.2 Product tracking and payment with RFID tags on blockchain 12 Fig.4.3 tracking the supply chain of a drug 56 Impact of RFID in Enhancing Logistics, Transparency, Product Security As stated by 16, RFID tags can improve communication of data and information, reduce counterfeiting, and enable monitoring of drug quality in supply chain. Based on this statement it is clear that RFID tags are suitable for pharmaceutical supply chain because these tags are inexpensive, easy to read without line of sight, tamper proof, it can withstand chemical and mechanical tamper and it helps in data collection. RFID tags along with temperature and motion sensors work well in case of pharmaceutical supply chain. These RFID tags can provide package metadata like time of package and production, place of origin, a map from its place to destination using GPS system, client information, etc. Thus it reduces human errors and makes deliveries fast and efficient. Especially when the package reaches doctors and patients they have complete information about the drug and its quality. In case of fault in the package or in the logistics these RFID tags can send an intimation to the blockchain and thereby all the stakeholders in the network are aware of the fault and damage caused to the product. Combining RFID tags and IoT devices can serve added advantages to product security. Electronic locks can prevent unauthenticated access to goods and blockchain. When a package is accessed by an unauthorized user then RFID tag can trigger a notification to the whole network regarding the damaged package along with its location. Implementation of Iot In The Proposed Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Blockchain Blockchain allows smart contracts in the network by providing secured payment modes. IoT provides machines that can be implemented in blockchain to perform various tasks in favor of smart contracts. The Independent machines to monitor the stocks purchase and production and asking smart contracts for the required supplies as and when required. Smart contracts and Internet-of-Things can actually make things easier and lighter in the pharmaceutical supply chain. Several business functions can be made automated in the supply chain. 14 States that smart contracts can be programmed to function automatically to certain extent and thereby reducing the complexity of the supply chain system. Before we merge IoT devices in favor of smart contracts it is important to understand the objects that control it. In case of proposing software that automatically buys and sells stocks in the blockchain. In this case an RFID sensor can be installed in the production unit to keep track of available raw materials and trigger a task for IoT to order raw materials when the stock level reaches a determined low threshold. In this scenario IoT can measure for the available stock and decide on what has to be done but often it is also to decide on external information. In order to consider the information of an external factor Oraclize provides data carrier that connects to web APIs and gathers the required information through the blockchain to the smart contracts. Since the proposed pharmaceutical blockchain will be run by governmental agencies it is advisable to get government-run oracle service to be part of the blockchain. Fig.4.4 Smart contracts enabled with IoT provides integrity, traceability and transparency 56 Currency The Bitcoin blockchain was proposed to eliminate centralized currency and get rid of fiat currency. The term fiat currency means is that the usage of the currency is determined by the law of the country. Even in a virtual platform currencies are controlled by these laws and hence are called as fiat currency. In contrast to this the blockchain in pharmaceutical needs to support fiat currency. It is achievable to make blockchain to support fiat money on external platforms. Therefore companies in pharmaceutical blockchain will want their assets to be exchanged to fiat money and this is at major risk when it comes to fluctuating values. In order to prevent this fluctuation, this paper suggests that government takes in control of exchange of asset to fiat money in blockchain. This process is very similar to how cash is handled in casinos. Therefore the hosts (government agency) will regulations that has fixed exchange rate to other currencies. Since banks and other central agencies are not involved in the transactions, international trade within the proposed supply chain becomes fast and cost efficient. So transactions take place in real time without any delay and variation in regulations. 4.2.4 Blockchain Infrastructure and Governance Getting the blockchain platform for pharmaceutical supply chain is to done by government bodies. It must be a private blockchain as it will be controlled by government organizations and authorities and access to the network is controlled. The platform must support smart contract implementation and the rules for the blockchain must be proposed and programmed in the development stage. A user-friendly interface with all the above mentioned functions must be developed. The interface must allow users to perform direct transactions among parties and making it easy to understand and use. Blockchain must be connected through internet and the pharmaceutical supply chain must have its own software that can run on handheld devices, computers, tablets, etc. Data Analysis A survey was conducted with a pharmaceutical organization in order to understand their familiarity with the term blockchain and their strategy towards implementing blockchain system in their organization. The purpose of the survey was to understand the organization in person and analyze the pros and cons in implementing the proposed system in their current business system. The organization was asked to name the five benefits that it would earn from adopting blockchain. Fig.4.5 graph represents five benefits earned by adopting blockchain 14 The key benefits quoted by the respondents were that it automates the processes and minimizes cost involved in the business. Organization was asked to name the use cases of blockchain in the near future. Fig.4.6 graph represents the percentage of automates the processes and minimizes cost 14 Fields that are already been explored by the organization for blockchain technology Fig.4.7 graph represents the percentage of organization using blockchain technology 14 The organization has explored a field of both public and private platforms as mentioned above in the graph. The most rated one among all is the Bitcoin wth 46 of response. Obstacles for implementing blockchain technology in the organization Fig.4.8 graph represents the percentage of Obstacles for implementing blockchain technology in the organization 14 How well is your organization expertise in blockchain technology Fig.4.9 graph represents the percentage of expertise in blockchain technology in an organization 14 The majority of the respondents say that the organization must need to attract blockchain expertise in the company. They also say that additional skills must be required in areas like legal, cyber security and business strategy. Thereby it concludes saying that the organization will need additional technical skills in blockchain-specific areas like software engineering, architecture, network infrastructure and integration. External roadblocks to blockchain technology Fig.4.10 graph represents the percentage of external roadblocks 0f blockchain technology in an organization 14 The top rated external roadblock according to the survey is scalability and latency. Healthy modifications of blockchain technology are happening round the clock and it promises to handle approximately 1000 transactions per second and to rise further. Level of difficulty in working with external partners and stakeholders in case of blockchain technology Fig.4.11 graph represents the percentage Level of difficulty in working with external partners and stakeholders in case of blockchain technology 14 As seen above the difficulty working with external partners through blockchain is the significant culture change that has to be adopted. Based on the feedback received from the organization, a scheme for the organization using blockchain was proposed. 4.2.5 Application of Blockchain in Supply Chain Here products are tracked throughout its journey in the supply chain. All stakeholders in the system has visibility to the product life cycle and they can (1) access provenance (2) can authenticate the items and (3) demonstrate compliance. Fig 4.12. Model1 Pharmaceutical Supply Chain 14 When asked by healthcare organizations on their blockchain applications. The respondents cited that It prevents drug counterfeit and detection (51). It creates clinical/administrative data interoperability (51). It enables value-based care and payment initiatives (50). It enables claims processing using smart contracts (49). It streamlines the efficiency of provider data management (46). Recommendation This research can be further extended for practical application. The work initially starts by identifying the potential stakeholders who can frame the pillars of the blockchain network in pharmaceutical supply chain. In other words it means studying in detail about stakeholders their capability to contribute to computational power, ability of the host to provide and maintain oracle platform, giving smart contract based insurance, software functionalities, etc. Another extend of this research work is to apply the proposed system in different industrial sectors and between different supply chains. In general this means studying and understanding the potential impact of blockchain technology in different sectors and this requires enormous effort and time to initiate the future research. Conclusion Organizations in the blockchain can utilize all the measures that are implemented in the proposed prototype. International trade is made easy and fast by making direct payments and usage of RFID tags can make product tracking easy. IoT machines for automated tasks combined with smart contracts are an added advantage of this proposed blockchain. Centralized transactions can make international trading achievable and easy to maintain. Oracle services can be incorporated in the pharmaceutical supply chain blockchain can develop more flexible smart contracts. Patients are profited by able to verify the products using the above solution that is easy to use. The proposed method can benefit by Enabling multiple parties to update and share data in the system. Verification of information. Allows interaction with national and international systems to have visibility in drug authentication. Minimizes complexity and costs -The complete supply chain is traceable and medicines are easy to be tracked. -Stocks are controlled better with the information system that provides details on expiry date. Minimizes errors -Drugs are verified and authenticity of the product is ensured. -Drug checks are improved thereby minimizing the harms caused to humans. Improved security -Reduction in counterfeit drugs -Reduction in harms caused to patients -Safe data storage Resilience -The entire system and data is protected Trusted transactions -Drug information is accessible by all parties in case of ensuring the quality of a drug. -Parties can trust the drug that is ready to be dispensed. Creates an audit trail -Products are easy to be tracked and thereby making recalls easier. -Stakeholders can check if the process is comprised at any stage. Improved transparency between authorized parties -All stakeholders have the permission to see the stages of drug journey. -Auditors and regulators can take care of reducing counterfeit drugs that enter in the supply chain. 6 CONCLUSION Blockchain is a technological innovation under Bitcoins core that possess the key points which enables to solve the present problems in economic and nonfinancial spheres. This technological application faces different ups and downs within the current world. Persons are divided in two elements those are really occupied with blockchain application utility and people are skeptical concerning about the form of innovation. Due to these reason, the adoption of blockchain faces many challenges. The most important is that the capability of blockchain to displace to people from work, but everybody should have an understanding of that blockchain is an innovative technology that improves the efficiency in distinct sectors and enhances globalization. As a result of this, a number of monetary and non-financial corporations invest cash in the creation of blockchain applications and start to enforce them in their business in order to enhance a number of metrics and performance most of the time. In this thesis work, a desk research of Blockchain was once implemented which includes analyses of technological standards, use instances and precipitated by means of it implications. The suggestion and historical past of the technology defines, in order to furnish a foundation for further discussions. Moreover, historical study and idea definition allowed us to understand the topic of the research and the technology from original types of implementation as a cryptocurrencies foundation. In addition, the concept of smart contract concerning about the Blockchain and improvements of the basic technology, comparable to Ethereum platform were analyzed. Based on the findings, Blockchain can be used for further economic services and furnish options to various problems. The studys use cases shows the implementations of Blockchain into the supply chain management and pharmaceutical supply chains have been analyzed. The present states of industries and limitations they are dealing with have been provided. It has been learned that Blockchain implementation could solve the problems faced by this industries. It has been proved that the proposed method provides benefits such as enabling multiple parties to update and share knowledge within the method, reduce the complexities and easy to trace the supply chain. Moreover, this case study has been carried out at an early stage of blockchain developments within firms. As such, we can simplest shed light on an extraordinarily foremost progress at a very early stage of how incumbent firms handle blockchain as radical innovation. REFERENCES Awaysheh, A. Klassen, R.D. 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