Facts about baby 1. The first six months

Facts about baby1. The first six months after birth, a child can swallow and breathe simultaneously. Adults cannot do this.2. In a newborn baby, the weight of his head is a quarter of his total weight.3.

The size of eyes from birth to the end of life remains the same size.4. According to statistics, most children are born on Tuesday.5. In medieval England, if the prince was guilty or did something wrong, they beat other children instead of him, so to say special “Whipping boys”.6.

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Babies have 300 bones whereas adults have 206. Bines fuses as babies grow.7. Children don’t have kneecaps before 2-3 years.

8. Nigeria has the highest number of twins.9. The 1st of June is an International Day for Protection of Children.

10. Seychelles celebrate children’s day for a month.11.

A Russian peasant woman, who lived in the 18th century, is considered a true record-holder for the birth of children; she had a total of 69 children.12. In Sweden, it is forbidden to use children under 12 years for advertising13. In Denmark, 80% of women give birth at home.14. Scientists say that children constantly dealing with computers are much quicker in mathematics and 5 times faster in reading and writing.15.

Small children at the age of 3-4 years daily pronounce 12,000 words and ask about 900 questions.16. In January and March, the highest number of children are born17. Famous premature babies are Albert Einstein, Napoleon Bonaparte, Charles Darwin, Isaac Newton, Mark Twain, Stevie Wonder, Pablo Picasso, Johann Goethe, and Sir Winston Churchill.18. Children can engage in five activities at the same time.19. Five-year-old Linda became the youngest mother.

20. A newborn baby cannot see the blue color. 21. There is no parent meeting in Japan.22. Not allowing the child to play football is the most popular punishment method in Brazil.23. The oldest woman gave birth to a son was 63 years old.

24. Germany has the lowest birth rate in the world.25.

Seven million children officially disappeared in America in 1987.26. More than one child is not allowed in China.27. Three-year-old children can participate in camel racing in the Arab countries.28. The newborn urinates approximately every 20 minutes and then approximately every hour for 6 months.

29. Every three seconds in the world, a child is born.30.

80% of children are born with a birthmark.31. Children who breastfeed and don’t drink artificial milk products are better able to perceive a variety of foods in the future.

32. Babies are the most smiling people in the world; they do this on average 400 times a day.33. In Korea, the age of children begins to count not from the day of birth, but from the moment of pregnancy, therefore according to the documents they are 9 months older than children from other countries.

34. German children are the most technologically advanced children in the world.35. There is a theory-a mother who breastfeeds their children have lowered chance of Alzheimer.36. James Harrison donated plasma every week for last 60 years. His blood plasma is used in the treatment of rhesus diseases in newborns. 37.

Babies love to listen to the songs. 38. Around the world, 251 babies are born per minute.39. China has a new rule for one child, parents want a boy child for their family and that’s why they chose abortion if the child is a girl.

40. The heaviest baby was born in Italy in 1955.41. The hands of a newborn child are much stronger than those of a month-old baby.42.

One of the most intelligent children of the world was recognized as an eleven-year-old resident of Egypt.43. 15% of men who go for paternity test are not those for their children.44. According to Japanese scientists, the more future parents smoke, the higher the chance to give birth to a girl.45. The highest number of “test tube children” is born in Australia.

46. Babies born with cesarean are more likely to develop breathing problems.47. Studies show that girl babies spend a day longer than boy babies in the mother’s womb.48.

Twenty-three-year-old Romanian is the youngest grandmother in the world.49. Babies are born with the ability to swim but as they grow they forget.50. A newborn baby is born with around one cup of blood.

51. India still has the social problems of female infanticides. 52. Babies know the smell and sound of their mother.53. Children really cannot cry, because their body does not produce tears. During the first few weeks they mostly just scream.54.

During the first five months of life, infants double their weight.55. Children sometimes sleep with their eyes open.56.

Children prefer the rhythm and intonation of the mother tongue. 57. Newborns see dreams from the moment of birth and possibly even earlier.

58. In European countries, the average age of parents is 29 years.59. Some children remember their past life.

60. In one of the schools, the teacher was fired because she told the children that Santa Claus did not exist.


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