FACTORS there is a old saying “Happiness

FACTORS THAT INFLUENCE THE QUALITY OF LIFE (QOL) AND POSITIVE LIFE EXPERIENCES FOR OLDER ADULTS IN NEWZEALANDSubmitted to Submitted byKaren Harvey Harveen Grewal Student ID: 27041379 The quality of life of an older adult depends upon number of factors which includes cultural connections, religious belief, environment and nutritious food. Even people who are disable in old age can spend good quality of life. An older adult must set up small goals to add passion in their life. These small achievements will help them to live with positive frame of mind. They can have positive experience of life by owing a pet, continue to work, spend time with grandchildren.

These factors will help them to overcome from loneliness. They will be busy by doing voluntary or part time work.It is very important to have cultural and social interactions in old age Cultural connections give happiness and wellbeing.

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As there is a old saying “Happiness creates health and keeps you healthy”. Being connected with family and friends in old age prevents from psychological distress and enhance wellbeing. It is seen that people in old age who develop relationship easily and get friendly have positive frame of mind. Those who don’t interact socially they become negative with false perceptions in the mind. Depression and loneliness are two major factors which make quality of life impaired. By participating in the activities, you have someone to talk, to support you. Moreover, you can discuss and share your ideas. Being connected with people there is a purpose in life with a sense of security which mental well being.

As the age progress the most important thing is to eat good diet. It is seen that the nutritious food is very important for good health and weight management. If not taken care it leads to obesity which is one of the reason and invitation to a disease and adequate nutrition is one of the factor to reduce the chances of disease in old age. It was calculated that forty percent of death in New Zealand is due to lack of proper nutrition. There was a survey in 1997 and it was seen that 11,000 deaths were due to nutrition risk factors in New Zealand. Most common diseases were Diabetes Mellitus, Ischemic Heart disease and stroke. A diet for example with high salt and cholesterol raises the blood pressure and on the other hand the diet which is high in fiber reduces blood cholesterol and ultimately help to decrease blood pressure.

Lack of nutrition has made higher hospitalization and mortality rate. Macro and Micro nutrients like proper protein intake will help in keeping muscle mass strength. Deficiency of vitamin D and vitamin B12 is commonly seen in old people which leads to macrocytic anemia, cardiovascular disease and degeneration of spinal cord. Fluid and electrolyte balance will help in physical disability. Due to pathological changes in old age mental illness like depression and social isolation is there which can be supported healthy eating. Good nutrition supports physical as well as mental disorder.In old age an adult become more spiritual towards life, because they experience many ups and down with success and failures. There are multiple thing which comes in mind in the form of fear and anxiety.

Automatically they get connected to law of nature called as God, which is known by different names. We cultivate our relationship and start to belief. Spirituality teaches how to accept difficulties and absorb power to accommodate the level of satisfaction. There is a power of healing in every individual called vital force. This force helps to cope up with social, mental and physical challenges.

Accessible environment is very important factor for old people to feel active. As we all know that walking is most common form of exercise. The construction of pavement should be good. The environment should be supportive and enjoyable. If the environment is not pollution free it will cause respiratory problems. Some adults suffer from Alzheimer disease, for them they should have accessible technique’s in the kitchen which are easy to find. They can cook their meals easily. For persons who get disable the architects should build good quality of path.

It is always beneficial for an adult to work in his/her old age because it helps them to stay physically fit and mentally active. They should opt a part-time job which has flexible working hours. Work offers them a routine and a reason to get up in the morning. In workstation, they will meet so many people such as colleagues, bosses, subordinates which help them to build up many relations. Moreover, one can learn latest technology techniques which will keep updated. As the law of nature says learning is the best exercise for the brain to be active and sharp.

A person in old age if continuing to work can live a life with a sense of purpose. They feel younger and socially active. According to Aday & Kohoe,(2008),” staying in a work improves the quality of life of an individual, boost the health hazards and increases their satisfaction level. Being on a social network it also delays the onset of a certain mental disease like dementia which is very common in old people”. In the same way, Rogozin,(2014) states that “old people provide solid support for an organization they work. They can feel the pleasure of wellbeing and determination.

Staying in a work will help them to stay away from boredom”. Moreover, it gives them an identity and some company helps in the form of health insurance. As a grandparent, once again it a beginning of new journey in which they a get a chance for nurturing and loving their grandchildren. They don’t feel isolated spend good quality of life with their children and grandchildren.

when they see that their own children are growing into an amazing world, this gives them happiness. Being a grandparent, one can enjoy life in abundance by giving emotional and financial support to them. According to Kamhaber ; Woodward, (1981), there is a unique bond between grandparents and grandchildren. This kind of emotional attachment in natural form which they cannot get from any other person is a key to happiness” It is like a getting a chance of becoming parent second time in the life which is rewarding and fulfilling too. Many grandparents these days raise their grandchildren from the very beginning, for example, changing a diaper and taking them for extracurricular activities. It can be exercise, sports, and coaching classes. By teaching them moral values and passing the norms of the social order they feel pleasure and healthier.

In the same way, Findler,(2014),” they give support to their families by preparing meals, babysitting, and bathing. They become positive towards life with a sense of joy and pride. It is the unique and enriching experience of parenthood between past and future”. They enjoy the moments with grandchildren by observing their silly activities. There are lot more activities like dancing, watching movies, playing video games, which make them feel a sense of being a friend to themIt plays an important role in older people’s lives in many ways.

The company of pet supports old people in terms of happiness, once again they get an opportunity for nurturing someone and this is one of the best ways to set their daily routine. In the morning they can take a pet for a long walk, play with them and walk is a good form of exercise for the old people. They can keep themselves fit and healthy. Playing is a fun which helps to reduce memory problems and increase mental sharpness. In the same way While,(2017) published “several activities like playing, feeding, grooming will help old people more confident. The company of pet will engage them in lot more activities such veterinary care and shopping food for them”. In bad time, for example, when they lose their spouse, they spend each day alone. Then go into depression and isolation and lose interest in daily activities.

The presence of pet reduces the loneliness and divert old people attention to his needs. Engaging themselves in the company of pet will help them to keep going in daily routine and this can multiply the moments of happiness. In the same manner, Prosser, Townsend, Staiger (2008) states that “company of pet improves the tors      It is concluded that ,old people have higher probability of suffering from multiple and chronic diseases.Apart from that lonliness and metabolic disorders cause emotional disturbances.To overcome these problems they can add certain factors in their life which will increase their level of happiness. They can live longer ,healthier,and more active.                                                                  https://www.ncbi.

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