Facing have been throughout the years. In

Facing challenges are part of our everyday life. There are many challenges are in different forms like challenges in school gaining a high grade to have a greater chance of success in life. I have many difficult challenges have been throughout the years. In my seventh grade, I’ve encountered different conducive learning environment and different types of people. I experienced failing grade like my end of the world, every semester when the teacher says that next day is the releasing of the cards.

I didn’t tell my parents about it because I’m getting scared to know it. When I’m in eighth grade, I transferred a school where I think I can cope up easily in lessons. I’ve regained my honor award and become an active class officer in my class. Thru that experience I realized that striving really hard will have a good outcome.In my ninth grade and tenth grade, I learned how to socialize to other persons and I’ve become a top student in our class. In challenges, facing up is the key.

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It will also make you understand the value of what I have now. Facing up to challenges and living through them give us the experiences that make up our life. Always remember if you have many challenges in life, face it up and don’t leave it behind.


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