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Facebook Friend or Foe
Have you ever wondered if Facebook is your friend or your enemy? Facebook is a social network that was created in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg, who was a Harvard student. At first, the purpose of Facebook was to help students to communicate and share ideas, but with the pass of the time this app started becoming more and more popular, so in 2006 a version in French and in more languages was launched letting people communicate with friends or relatives. However, Facebook usage has become more a daily routine than a hobby, and it has brought many bad consequences; for instance, it can cause cyber bullying, it can ruin relationship, and it can cause distraction
The first consequence of a bad Facebook usage is cyber bullying. Nowadays, many teenagers have taken the custom of taking photos of themselves naked, and they upload them on the internet (especially on Facebook) because they want to get many likes. Moreover, there are many people who use Facebook, and have different beliefs or thoughts; also there are some people who cannot with the idea that everyone is different from them, so they start rejecting that person who has different beliefs. In brief, cyber bullying is the first consequence of a bad Facebook usage, and people should take care of the things they post on their facebook account, and of the things they say to other users.
The second consequence of a bad Facebook usage is ruined relationships. Jealousy and mistrust are the main reasons why couples break up, and the reason why women are jealous is because men usually give thumbs up to another women’s profile, or start talking with them; and when women realize that is when problems in the relationship start. Moreover, on Facebook people can accept anyone, and that is a situation that people disagree with, but apparently couples do it on purpose because they want to see their partner jealous and mad. In short, ruined relationships is another consequence of bad Facebook usage, so if people want to take care of their relationship and make it as durable as possible, they should think twice if they want to have a Facebook profile, or they should think in the way they are going to use it.

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Last updated: December 12, 2019


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