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Margaret Cantor HOOD Technology TOOLS AND EQUIPMENT A variety of textile equipment is used for different stages of construction. Can you match the right equipment with its end use? Textile equipment End use Sewing machine Seed to hold bobbin in machine. Gives tension to lower thread Bobbin Used to hold layers of fabric together Tape measure Used for cutting fabric Bobbin case Main tool for the construction of garments Iron Sharp, curved edge, used for unpicking faulty stitching Glass-headed pins Used to create 900 angles, which are important when creating patterns Hand sewing needles Flexible measuring toolMeter ruler Used to draw long straight lines and for measuring Overlooked Available in several colors, making it suitable for pattern markings on dark and light colored fabric Quick unpick Used for cutting out paper patterns etc Square rule Used to hold thread and goes into the bobbin case Tailor’s chalk Used for hand sewing hems etc Paper scissors Tool used for the construction of textiles, which stitches a seam and neatens it at the same time Fabric scissors Used to remove creases from fabric and press open seams Sewing Machine Driving Test Thread up your machine with a bright colored thread.Set your sewing machine to an average straight stitch. Draw your initial onto a piece of fabric and sew along it. Sew a square 1. CM in from the edge of your piece of fabric.

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Attach your piece of fabric to this page. TECHNOLOGY AND ME 1 . What types of Technology have you done before? 2. List what you have designed and made before 3. Have you used a sewing machine before? 4. If yes, what did you make? 5. Would rank my sewing ability as: Yes / No No skills Average Good skills BAGS OF FUN Context: Personalized bags Issue: Design a personalized bag to suit you or someone you love Brief:Design and make a lined bag and personalize it somehow Attar bites: Your bag must include at least one form of closure, egg magnets, buttons your bag must have some applied design, egg embroidery, applique your bag must include a lining Task 1: Planning and Research complete the snake time line to help you plan what you need to do study a Sups bag and complete the tasks on the following pages complete the stakeholders page brainstorm different items that go in bags, different types of bags, how they are closed and how applied design has been use write down the resources o think you will need to use this term collect pictures showing different types of bags, applied design and bag closure ideas.Comment on these pictures research suitable fabrics for a bag Task 2: Concepts using the information gathered, draw some concept sketches Of bags suitable for the use you have identified.

Include ideas for closures and applied design evaluate each concept, and tick or highlight the one you wish to develop further get stakeholder feedback about your concepts (a comment from your parents, a close friend, brother or sister) Task 3: Identify Needs, Opportunities and Attributes rainstorm questions you need to ask yourself before deciding on what you are going to make and who you are going to make it for from your research, identify the needs and opportunities for your bag write a list of attributes.The first have been done for you Task 4: Development choose the concept you like best and develop it further. Use color evaluate your designs do working drawings of your final design.

Draw front, back and side views showing measurements and details. Do not use any color draw a final view for your bag with a suitable background. Evaluate it, and get stakeholder dieback as well make a pattern for your bag Task 5: Making using safe working practices, construct your bag, making sure it has the attributes you identified earlier hand in your bag with your completed portfolio Task 6: Processes fill in the ‘processes in making my design’ sheets on pages 25, 26 and 27 showing the stages in making your design.

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