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Extracurricular activities are totally voluntary and found in all levels of our schools in many different forms such as clubs, sports, debate, school publications, drama, student council, and other social events. CITATION Joh132 l 1033 (Israel, Student Extracurricular Participation, Student Achievement, and School, 2013) These activities are known as participation that does not fall into the kingdom of normal curriculum of schools. Teenager’s future is believed to be highly influenced by activities they involve in after schooling hours or before their parents get home. Lunnenburg stated in his article that “Extracurricular activities serve the same goals and functions as the required and elective courses in the curriculum “.Yet, they offer experiences that are not contained within formal courses of study. They allow students to apply the knowledge that they have acquired in other classes and obtain concepts of democratic life.” In addition to that, many teenagers actively-involved in extracurricular activities after school have portrayed positive effects on academic achievements such as better grades, school completion , and becoming successful adults. CITATION Mas11 l 1033 (Massoni, 2011).

Several studies have been demonstrated the potential positive impacts of extracurricular activities can have on student achievement. It has the possibility to influence grade point averages, discipline incident rates, and attendance rates. Extracurricular activities also have a tendency to help students develop a positive connection and interest in their school by supporting their social development as well. A study by Silliker and Quirk done in 1997 not only indicated that students who participated in sports had better grade point averages or GPA in general. CITATION Joh132 l 1033 (Israel, Student Extracurricular Participation, Student Achievement, and School, 2013) CITATION Fav12 l 1033 (Favor, March 2012). In the other study by Favor, it was said that participation in extracurricular activities was the driving force behind some students’ interest in attending school. CITATION Fav12 l 1033 (Favor, March 2012)Problem statement
Educators nowadays face the ultimate challenge of determining every aspect of what a student should have in order to receive a well-rounded education. It is a challenging task for both teenagers and educators to balance those important needs against the currently available resources of time, money, and energy since school resources are also limited. Teenagers’ who have active participation in extracurricular activities drives forces into them to go beyond and be too much involved that unfortunately weakens them from the academic achievements.
The aim of this research is to determine if there is a connection between extracurricular activities and academic performance of teenagers in school or colleges and also to know if is it socially lifting the spirit, confident, behavior and strive to success in academics.

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Research question
Does the participation in extracurricular activities including sports enhances or detracts from the educational achievement of teenagers’ has resurfaced especially when students must meet specific levels of academic achievement to maintain eligibility?


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