expressed compassion and his refusal to behave in

expressed the want for cigarette in mortuary where he states then i wanted a cigarette.

but i wasnt sure if i should smoke.i thought it over; really it didnt seem to matter. 15 characters like meursault develop the characteristic of a free man who do not care what society will think of him for the choices and decisions he makes at the moment. the lack of compassion and his refusal to behave in a particular way the society wants him or any individual to act is what makes him apart from others and an outsider. the decision could be wrong according to the mass or misinterpreted but he takes the responsibility of his actions.

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there are times when meursault is found being more alert about the unnecessary things like during the procession of his mothers funeral he seems to be caring much about the heat of the sun rays than the task at hand and the situation he is in. the unnatural behaviour and acting against the expectations of the society in particular situation makes him an outsider or stranger. the undoing and virtue of meursault lies in his unique way to choose and exist indeed without accepting the societal pressure or emotions or any of their standard set of rules. his stoic character in impulse will always be in the conflict between his logic and rationalised existence and that of others which could be seen in the heated argument with the magistrate and the chaplain who emerged out as illogical and living in the bubble of the set rules of society in conformity. the other way to deal with anguish is to fall in bad faith.

sartre explains the concept of bad faith in his philosophy. according to sartres philosophy bad faith is where an individual lies to himself in order to come out of his sufferings even if it is temporary. it is self-deceptive. it is exactly what an individual should totally avoid because then the individual is denying his individuality his uniqueness for his freedom. sartre gives the example of an individual falling in bad faith through roquentin the protagonist of his novel nausea. roquentin takes the support of his beloved anny and the historical figure rollebon to come out of his suffering by falling in bad faith. he always wanted to go around the world to have adventure but because he could not do so therefore he takes the support of the thesis on rollebon an adventurer and starts living the life of a historical figure rollebon.

this helps him to temporarily come out of his sufferings or unachievable desires. whereas on the other hand his beloved anny also fell in bad faith as she took the help of the perfect moments to come out of her sufferings. sartres concept of freedom is very essential to the concept of bad faith as it is inevitably tied or connected to consciousness. according to sartre human beings are the only beings who have the capability to divorce themselves from the chains of the events of the universe and stay in isolation alone. sartre believes that an individual does this by bringing nothingness to the casual series of events then divorce himself from the events and make his own decisions. sartre believes that the individual should divorce or separate himself from the past in order to recreate his future as an individual will never be able to reach towards the meaning of his life.

sartre writes the real nature of the present revealed itself: it was what exists all that was not present did not exist. sartre 2000: 139 the unfolding of the chained up events which lead an individual to this stage is past and the present will be otherwise determined as past if the individual does not have the ability to create nothingness. one should not let himself be a part of history rather he should be a part and contribute to make his own history.

the individual should be able to make past but not become a part of past. in nausea the theme of meaninglessness and inauthenticity begins with the undated sheets. while roquentin was working on the thesis on rollebon he doubted whether his research project on rollebon will also become meaningless at the end in the same manner his life became meaningless and strange.

he wonders if it will leave him in the condition exhausted disappointed in the midst of fresh ruins 15 with the idea that the individuals are free to make theirown choices and take their own decisions and are not predetermined to be anything their decisions and choices will determine what they are in present and what they will be in future as life has no a- priori meaning. sartre writes life has no meaning a priori. it is up to you to give it a meaning and value is nothing but the meaning that you choose sartre 1943: 87 the meaning needs to be developed by an individual as no individual takes birth in this world with a meaning already set for his life and purpose too rather the moment anindividual gains his consciousness or becomes conscious he begins to shape his own world of meaning through his choices and decisions made in his life. taking decisions and making choices does not only helps an individual to shape his world of meaning but it is the only thing that guides an individual gives


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