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Therefore, a person becomes homosexual if the first sexual experience had been with a person of the same sex. However, if the sexual experience had been negative the person would tend to turn to the opposite sex. According to (BBC news. Com, 2014). In recent years homosexuality was illegal where as many countries would treat these same sex relationships differently, such as having an unequal age of consent or a ban on marriage.Regardless of what you think, feel, or believe about the place same-sex marriage has in the United States, you must now live in the reality that it legal. Despite the fact that humans have never limited their sexual pleasure to what now call heterosexual intercourse, the history of emotionality is relatively short (Ford, 2013).

The genital anatomy of one’s partners-or what Freud calls one’s “object choice”-did not become the definitive criterion for distinguishing homosexual and heterosexual selves until the last third of the nineteenth century(Ford, 2013).During the 1 ass’s and ass’s European public administrators began noticing that some people were organizing their lives not around family, household, and reproduction but around various forms of sexual pleasure (Ford, 2013). This was probably a recent phenomenon made possible by the forces of capitalism, which ended to draw people off the land into cities away from their parishes and families and to reduce the importance of arranged marriage (Ford, 2013). According to (Belle, 201 5) the causation of sexual orientation has significant implications for the social status of homosexuality.Because individuals have no control over the biological inheritance, instead they should not be held responsible for being gay or lesbian if it is biologically determined (Belle, 2015). He further postulate that The pure biological view of homosexual orientation is programmed in the genes, fashioned by hormones and splayed in brain structure. The pure psychosocial view is that the environment writes upon the developing child as one draws lines on a blank sheet of paper.

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As with the biological arguments, the nurture arguments will be considered under several headings, although they interrelate. According to (Belie, 201 5) the amount of sexual hormones has a bigger influence for brain sex differentiation then postnatal psychosocial impacts. He concludes that male sex hormones affecting the brain structures (lying in the part of brain called hypothalamus) at the end of intrauterine life have a fundamental influence on the type of sexual behavior. Hence, directly studies have shown on humans that demonstrate hormonal impact on sexual development (Ford, 2013).

Generally these biological studies point to the idea that what’s going on differently between gay and straight people is something in their brain when first descending itself before birth (Belle, 2015). In other words, there are processes when the hypothalamus and parts of the brain are being created when the nerve cells are being born and start to develop and form connections before birth. It goes forward differently in fetus that ultimately come gay adults and those that become straight adults.And the difference seems to be brought about, at least, impart, by sex hormones that are circulating in the blood of the fetus. These hormones come from the gonads, from the testes or ovaries of the fetus. They enter the brain and they influence how the brain develops in a sexual sense, whether it develops in a more masculine or more feminine direction. And there is more evidence now that this process really goes forward differently in, if you like, in gay and straight fetus. According to social theorist on homosexuality (Haltering , n.

D ) sexual orientation has environmental influences on the development of human sexual orientation. However it has been distinguish to be an environmental influence derived from hormonal influences, while on the other hand others includes biological influences such as prenatal hormones as part of environmental influences. Many think that nature and nurture both play complex roles as most people experience little or no sense of choice about their sexual orientation.

” (Calculus, 2009).The American Psychological Association and Royal College of Psychiatrists acknowledge scientific theories that sexual orientation is caused by a combination of biological and postnatal environmental factors, but the American Psychological Association adds that despite much research into the genetic, hormonal, developmental, social, and cultural influences On sexual orientation, “no findings have emerged that permit scientists to conclude that sexual orientation is determined by any particular factor or factors. Unlike sexual orientation identity, is not a choice, as there has been no strong evidence to validate it as a lifestyle choice (Shelton, 2012).

Although both social theorists have largely contrasting ideas on the environmental contributions to the formation of an individual’s homosexuality Haltering believed in Philosophical theory. According to (Freud, 2012) theory homosexuality is derived from a failure to resolve Oedipal issues.He postulates that a weak father and strong mother, with an unresolved Oedipus complex will lead to a weak, and then homosexual, son, because the mother has too strong of an image, compared to the weak state of the father. Psychologists argue that this same arrangement would also possibly lead to a trotter son, striving for compensation of his father’s weakness. Sexual abuse is another factor that helps with the contribution of same sex relationships, however, it occurs when one person uses another for his or her own sexual gratification against their will or without their consent.

It occurs when an older and more powerful child engages a younger or smaller child in sexual activity (Shelton, 2012). This usually occurs when an adult engages a minor in sexual activity or exposes them to sexually explicit material or language, with or without their consent. Since children do not really understand sexuality, they cannot give consent when an older person involves them in sexual behavior (Shelton, 2012). As a result they are being exposed to sexually explicit talk, sexually explicit material in magazines, television and video, and on the internet.With all these the child’s behavior towards his or her sexually stimulation began to evolves. This child will encounter with activities with older people, whether male or female, Being exposed to nudity or to sexual behavior between other people, seeing relatives naked or seeing parents or others engage in sex, touched intimately n the genitals or other parts of the body, Being asked or forced to touch another person’s genitals, Being asked or forced to have sexual intercourse with another person. Some boys who are sexually abused by other males wonder about their own sexuality (selectman, 2009).

They know that males are supposed to enjoy having sex with females and so it becomes very confusing for them when a male seems to enjoy having sex with them. This is especially confusing if they became sexually aroused during the abuse. For most boys who have experience sexually abused often times have tremendous feelings of shame and guilt.

For some, that shame attacks their sense of masculinity, causing them to feel wrong as a individual (calculus, 2009). Sexual abuse can also leads to compulsive relational and behavioral patterns.Some individuals who have experienced traumatic events or relationships during childhood will unconsciously create circumstances in their adult lives that lead to very similar traumatic events or circumstances. Psychotherapists refer to these patterns as “repetition compulsions.

” These patterns can form in response to sexual abuse, resulting in adult sexual behavior that mirrors the abuse. It may also be an effort to resolve conflicting emotions around circumstances that elicited contradictory feelings, such as fear or shame and sexual pleasure.

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