Exploration and body should be celebrated and capitalized

Exploration ProposalThe idea that I have chosen to focus upon for my studio process is that of the human body. This will include an exploration into beauty and how we view what is and isn’t attractive. This will include a study into anatomical mechanics of the human form.

I will also investigate aesthetics and how objects that are not usually visually appealing can be considered as art. Another idea I will explore is emotion played out through our physical action and movement. These ideas are so important to me because what and who we really are as people is usually hidden from the rest of society, and the varying qualities that make us individual in mind and body should be celebrated and capitalized upon by mainstream culture.

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The idea to focus upon these concepts was developed by my love of human history and philosophy and how it has changed and shaped the current times’ value of aesthetics and beauty. I want also to push myself to create more technical works based off this theme while still possessing abstract qualities because of the organic nature and intense levels of expression that the human form possesses. My sources of inspiration are quite varied but also display a lot of the same use of elements, for instance Howard Arkley and Roy Lichtenstein’s use of strong colour and also a comic book-like aesthetic in their works. Some of my other main inspirations are Jean-Michael Basquiat for his strong use of contrast and iconography, which maintains an ambiguous image. I will also be inspired by William Mulready’s shading style and attention to realism and form in his classical works. The way Howard Arkley uses colour and tone evokes a bright and cheerful quality in all his works whether a sketch or final acrylic painting is inspiring to me.

Also the way Roy Lichtenstein’s pop culture appropriation and variety of styles and works evokes emotion as well as strong social commentary. The Simpsons is another source of inspiration for always having the most interesting use of colour to me. The Simpsons also uses line, contrast and proportion in a beautiful way as it emphasises the characters and storyline.

Abstract movements like degenerate art and neo-plasticism will be another source of inspiration, as they are very emotionally intense to look at, provoking a strong emotional reaction by the viewer. Classical movements are also a source of inspiration with the focus of technical perfection and garish imagery such as the Italian renaissance painters and the baroque movement. 3816352799715Roy Lichtenstein Vicki I Thought I Heard Your Voice Porcelain enamel on steel 42 x 42 x 2 inches 106.7 x 106.7 x 5.1 cm00Roy Lichtenstein Vicki I Thought I Heard Your Voice Porcelain enamel on steel 42 x 42 x 2 inches 106.

7 x 106.7 x 5.1 cm-44469052882900(detail) Untitled (Venus/Great Circle), 1983.

Acrylic, oilstick, collage on canvas. SFMOMA Jean Michael Basquait00(detail) Untitled (Venus/Great Circle), 1983. Acrylic, oilstick, collage on canvas. SFMOMA Jean Michael Basquait-21323302876550Howard Arkley 1986 NotocactusSynthetic polymer paint on canvas, 159 x 121Coll.: unknown 00Howard Arkley 1986 NotocactusSynthetic polymer paint on canvas, 159 x 121Coll.

: unknown 38385751606550015805152095500-6953251841500 4019550-647065001533525-73342500-733425-74295000180975246380The Simpsons Roasting On an Open Fire00The Simpsons Roasting On an Open Fire153352510795Claude Monet – The Undergrowth in the Forest of Saint-Germain Oil on Canvas (1882)00Claude Monet – The Undergrowth in the Forest of Saint-Germain Oil on Canvas (1882)-80010010795Artwork page for ‘Academy Study’, William Mulready, 184200Artwork page for ‘Academy Study’, William Mulready, 1842People in general are my main inspiration, by having a vast array of emotion and movement beyond what anyone could imagine and for providing everyone with artistic material for thousands of years. I intend to explore my idea through hopefully either singe or mixed media works, with a focus on colour, detail or expression though the use of one or two focused art elements such as Line, Colour, Tone or Contrast. I would like to focus on pastel, drawing (with either graphite or coloured pencils) Charcoal and/or Watercolour.

A Mixed media idea that I would like to explore is watercolour with pastel or ink which sounds like a very interesting mix of techniques, but I would need to try many more mediums and techniques to settle on one main combination. To begin my exploration I want to create more trials with a combination of oil and water based mediums that have a great contrast when used together, but also focus on creating great linework within an abstract work. For my art forms I would strongly prefer to stay in the areas of painting, drawing and collage because it is what I am most passionate about and find the most visual and emotional appeal in. I intend to experiment with abstract realism and a sort of impressionism to convey my ideas in the most effective way possible. The materials I would like to explore are different papers, namely coloured pastel paper as it gives a natural background and the ability to produce different effects and moods, and oil/wax-based pigments and binded mediums but also textured collage papers such as laid paper or a toothy watercolour paper to create a three dimensional effect. I would love to use the technique of assemblage in a two dimensional sense by altering objects with paint or pastel to give life into a work, being a more three dimensioned form of collage.

Chiaroscuro is also a technique I would love to explore further to utilize a classical technique in a contemporary work because of a lack of modern works focusing on the light and shadow of a work. I will also work more in a fresco technique to keep the organic nature of the work to give it a rougher and hurried feel to the viewer. Gouache is also a technique I would like to explore because of the matte finish (which I personally find visually appealing) and the texture factor for a usually flat image.

Colour, Shape and Texture are the elements that are most important to my work and to expressing my ideas as close to the originally intended vision as possible and allow me to have the greatest amount of control over the outcome of the work, while still developing my skills throughout the studio process and allowing me to have the best possible aesthetic qualities that I would like my works to have; like illusionism, naturalism and abstraction to showcase my ideas.


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