Explain the child’s development cerebral palsy and

Explain how children’s development is influenced by a range of personal factors both pre and post-natal HealthPrenatal is before birth so development can be can be affected by what the mother eats, drinks and the medication that is being taken. For example, drugs, smoking, drinking, alcohol, taking medication or anything else the mother is exposed to.

Genetics can also play a huge part in the child’s development. Genes are made up of both parent’s genes which create a blueprint for when the cells are formed. The traits/conditions from the parents are usually passed to the foetus. Downs syndrome is an example of genetics.

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Children will not make friends easily and take time off school for illnesses or appointments, missing opportunities for example not being able to join in on certain activities. Children may also lack in confidence.DisabilityDisabilities can affect the child’s development cerebral palsy and spina bifida and conditions present before or during or after birth.

Visual or hearing impairment will also affect a child’s development. A hearing impairment can affect speech.Time off school so children not learning their development milestones. They may feel different to their friends so affecting emotional development. Also affecting their social development as do not socialise as well.Learning DisabilitiesChildren can be born with learning disabilities such as dyspraxia, dyslexia, adhd are not usually picked up until the child is usually at preschool age and older.

The setting Senco can help with this once picked up on.Prenatal care can help prevent some complication and give option to the parents to help with a healthy pregnancyPoor Background It has been proven that children whom come from a poor background generally do not do as well in education as those from a working background will more likely to achieve and May develop more. May not be able to afford reading resources and other learning equipment such as laptops pens/pencils etc. Also may struggle financially to do family days out. Forms of AbuseDifferent types of abuse can affect the child’s development.

The length of time the child has received abuse is will affect the development problems. Poor diet may also be a problem.


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