Expectations for Discussion Forums essay

When you “engage,” you’ll respond o comments made by other students, which will create lively discussions. So, in Other words, students in discussion forums earn top grades if they participate (I. E. Post more than one thoughtful and interesting post) as this active participation is critical for your learning experience in an online format. One thing about the online format is that you cannot “hide. ” You will get no credit if you don’t “say’ something (so, in that way, an online class might be more difficult).

As your instructor, I will facilitate our discussions and might comment on this or that post and share ideas but I will not address each and every post. Ill check and read your discussions on a regular bases. Please read below some of the guidelines for successful participation and its subsequent Discussion Participation Rubric (from www. Ana. Du/d-learn/support/tutorials/ discourses/discs . PH which I found very useful. I have copied this below and made some changes): Submit initial post(s) early in the session, and subsequent responses to the posts of other learners at timely intervals throughout the duration of the session.

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The goal is to have a dynamic discussion around the topic that lasts throughout the entire session (2 x a week). Posts and responses should be horrors and thoughtful. Just posting an “l agree” or “Good ideas” will not be considered adequate. Support statements with examples, experiences, or references (particularly address our readings). Be brief keep each post and response to one or two short paragraphs. Keep in mind that fellow learners will be reading and responding to you, too. Posts should be within a range of 75-150 words.

If a post does not meet the minimum word count of 75, I will not count it toward your grade. Make certain that all posts and responses address the question, problem, or situation as presented for discussion. This goes not mean you should not extend the topic, but do not stray from the topic. Discussions occur when there is dialogue; therefore, you need to build upon the posts and responses of other learners to create discussion threads. Make sure to revisit the discussion forum and respond (if necessary) to what other learners have posted to your initial responses.

When relevant, add to the discussion by including prior knowledge, work experiences, references, web sites, resources, etc. (giving credit when appropriate). Contributions to the discussions (posts and responses) should be complete and free of grammatical or structural errors. Discussion Participation Rubric Criteria Unsatisfactory Satisfactory Exemplary Quantity and Timeliness Does not submit at least one initial response early in the session and/or does not submit at least two peer responses closer to the end of the session.

O point Submits at least one initial response early in the session, and at least two peer responses closer to the end of the session. 1 point Submits one initial response early in the session, and two or more thoughtful peer responses early in the session, and more than two peer responses closer to the end of the session. 2 points Spelling and mechanics Does not submit posts that are in complete sentences. Or two or more of the complete sentences are grammatically incorrect and have greater than 2 spelling errors.

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