Exercise Q essay

A quotation representing the value of a foreign currency in dollars is referred to as a(n) quotation; a quotation representing the number of units of a foreign currency per dollar is referred to as a(n) quotation. A. Direct; indirect b. Indirect; direct Direct; direct d. Indirect; indirect cannot be answered without more information 2. Obligation to purchase a specific amount of currency at a future point in time is called a: a. Call option spot contract put option forward contract both B and D 3.

LABOR is: the interest rate commonly charged for loans between banks. The average inflation rate in European countries. The maximum loan rate ceiling on loans in the international money market. D. The maximum deposit rate ceiling on deposits in the international money market. E. The maximum interest rate offered on bonds that are issued in London. 4. A syndicated loan: represents a loan by a single bank to a syndicate of corporations. B. Represents a loan by a single bank to a syndicate of country governments. Represents a direct loan by a syndicate of oil-producing exporters to a less developed country.

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