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More extracurricular activities C.

Academic pressures from schools Ill. School systems not organized to encourage individual flourishing A. Standardized testing doesn’t adapt to children’s creative needs B.

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Music and creative academia not recognized C. Competitiveness among students; making a mistake is punished IV. Conclusion A. The education system today is more focused on making productive workers instead of creative thinkers. Kids are taught to be afraid of making mistakes, to stay uniformed, and to respect authority.There is a noticeable decrease in creativity across the nation. B. Personal experience Essay Standardized testing has gained more and more attention over the years for causing harm to the education system.

Teachers are noticing a decrease in creative thinking in their students and parents are noticing a decline in their children’s creative expression. The pressure to be correct and not make mistakes is taking over many school systems and is creating a future of unimaginative thinkers. The reality today is that kids in schools today are not encouraged to use their creativity.There are many reasons behind this such as the standardized testing that has been introduced into the school system, dents’ overbooked and busy schedules, and the simple fact that school systems today are not properly organized around individual flourishing.

The No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 marked a new point in the national education system. This act supported a standards-based education system based on the idea that high standards would help overall outcomes in education. Standardized achievement for children would now be the goal of education.Tests under these new guidelines would mean that they d only reward quick answers to questions. These tests would not measure the ability f the child to think deeply or creatively. While studying for these tests, children are more focused on getting the right answers and earning the right grade than the actual learning process.

Teachers are noticing a great decline in deep thinking. They’re unable to express ideas and only shout out facts that they memorize. Since today’s testing teaches right and wrong answers, students begin to lose creativity and imagination for rational thinking.Today’s youth are also overbooked and too busy to play. Without sufficient playtime, a child’s creativity lessens and they’re likely to become very informed thinkers. So what are today’s kids doing? Extracurricular activities, sports, and dealing with academic pressures make up most of their time.

A child’s own leisure time may also be to blame. Too much time on the internet or playing video games can take away from much needed playtime. A decline in recess at school has been noticed as well. At least 7 percent of schools have removed recess from their lesson plan. That is necessary time that many children need.

They need a break from learning to run around and be imaginative with other children their age. Extracurricular activities also make up a large chunk of a student’s schedule. There are thousands of middle and high school athletes across the nation and for a majority Of them, sports are their lives. More pressures to win games instead of learn is not uncommon for a student.

Academic pressures are also common. Students are very concerned with making good grades and acing tests instead of deep thin king and the process of learning. Another pattern some find is that school systems aren’t organized to encourage individual flourishing.All children are unique in heir own way, yet tests and lesson plans are geared towards having one way of solving problems. Children are taught that there is only one right answer. This definitely declines creative thinking.

Numerous children struggle with these rational answers and tend to ask irrational questions, such as “Is the moon really made of cheese? “. While these questions are silly, they deserve answers, however teachers write these questions off and ignore them. Music and the arts are also being ignored. Today, math and science dominating the academic field. Less and less attention is being put on creative expression rouses.Arts and music are not as prized as the logical subjects. Without these subjects, there is no freedom for a child to express themselves.

Music, arts, and the humanities are also some of the lowest paying job fields. Many parents scorn their children who choose to pursue careers in arts and music. A final problem found in numerous schools is competitiveness. Hierarchies are found in thousands of classrooms and those who have the most Ass are the best students. Those without Ass for math or science are usually left out of the limelight, even though some of them might be brilliant thinkers in other objects.

Making mistakes is also punished, which can set an awful stigma. From an early school age, children are taught not to get the question wrong. This is harmful when it comes to real life making mistakes is normal and a learning experience. The education system today is more focused on standardized achievement instead of creative thinking. Kids are taught to be afraid of making mistakes, to know right from wrong, and to set high standards.

There is a noticeable decrease in creativity across the nation as students are aiming for the right grade instead of experiencing the gift of earning.

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