EXECUTIVE and vision. HR department deals with the

Meghna Group of Industries HR department supports other departments by coordinating with the departments to achieve the company mission and vision. HR department deals with the responsibility of managing human resource of the company. HR department handles the recruitment and selection process and analyzes employee efficiency. They select candidate through many stepped process and recruit them accordingly. They promote friendly working environment and ensures employee rights and conducts appraisal and rewards as well. Meghna Group provides employees medical benefits, vacation leaves, sick leaves, maternity leaves and provident fund. The company has also taken their social responsibilities very seriously by establishing the 1st baby care center in the Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport’s departure lounge and providing their “Super Fresh Drinking Water” at 50% rate in Hajj camps and Ijtema camps.

Meghna Group of industries is one of the biggest companies of Bangladesh. Meghna Group of industries produces consumer goods under the fresh brand. Fresh means freshness, purity, quality, and trust. They are committed to customer provide quality compliance services and charge affordable price on their product. Meghna Group of industries supplies various fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) such as Cement, Tissue, paper, Chemical, fish and poultry feed, power plant, and industrial products under the fresh brand. Moreover their product has ship building dockyard, shipping, securities, general insurance, media and many others businesses. Their product uses every household in Bangladesh. They have been continuously expanding their businesses and large investors in Bangladesh for consecutive three years. The group has more than 40 years of national and global experience. The Meghna Group is the first Bangladeshi company to set up a private economic zone and it has opened 8 new industrial units in its 2 economic zones with investment of more than BDT 3000 cores.
Their product and services:
• Edible oil
• Milk
• Salt
• Beverage
• Tea
• Spices
• Paper
• Tissue
• Cement and
• Chemical
National achieved:
1. They achieved “national award trophy” for 2010-2011 fiscal year for outstanding export trade
2. “Best brand award Bangladesh” for 2013
3. In the category of bottle drinking water 2nd position secured super fresh drinking water
4. Fresh soybean oil achieved 3rd position among all local brands
5. In the category of Atta ,Maida, Suji 2nd position secured fresh brand
6. Best pavilion award for 2006 ; 2007
Meghna Group of industries business partner:

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“Human Resource Management is the process of acquiring, training, appraising, and compensating employee, and of attending to their labor relation relations, health and safety, and fairness concern”
So many scholars like George Elton Mayo and others have been considering that human resource is absolutely employee management which gives importance those employees as unique assets of any organization. In this unique circumstance, employees are in some cases treated as human capital. Humans are core element of any business or organization and one of the most valuable key resource by which company can gain core competence. And this core competency makes difference between organizations to organization. The main aim to any business is to utilize the best performance of their employee. Furthermore, diminishing the standard error make the most return on investment.

As this following report is subjected to research about Meghna Group of industries, so our method of collecting data mainly focused on secondary data which are already available on the internet through
? Google search
? Journal
? Meghnagroup.biz
? Website article
? Online archive
? News paper
Primary data:
? We contact to Meghna Group for collect additional data
? We would take an appointment with their HR manager for one to one discussion about our research on Meghna Group of industries.

Meghna Group of Industries (MGI) is one of the biggest ; leading conglomerates of Bangladesh. With a turnover of USD 2.5 billion ; asset of USD 1 billion, MGI is currently operating in about 45 companies with more than 25000 employees, 3000 distributors ; 1000 suppliers under its umbrella.

The history of Meghna Group of Industries dates back to 1976 when its predecessor Kamal Trading Company was born. The group’s humble debut occurred with the inception of Meghna Vegetable Oil Industries Ltd in 1989 on a small chunk of land at Meghnaghat in Narayanganj. Meghna Group of Industries has been marketing various .The Group has more than 40 years of national & global experience. MGI has started to spread its footprints outside Bangladesh, especially in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Europe, North and South America through exporting its various products.
. Moreover, 10 different industries are under construction, erection and negotiation phase with foreign principal including TIC – Australia where another 12000 – 15000 employment opportunities will be created.
Meghna Group’s ambitious business expansion is designed and driven by a visionary yet very humble person Mr. Mostafa Kamal..
Meghna Group has contributed almost 250 million US Dollars as Tax to the state exchequers in Fiscal year 2017-2018.

This is undoubtedly a glaring example of passionate initiative and a pioneering leadership role by a private sector investor in country’s economic and industrial development.

Each organization requires human resource to work or run the organization’s movement. Regardless of whether an organization is working adequately or productively, it thoroughly relies upon the organization’s human resource since they are the ones who are really executing the orders. As MGI doesn’t bargain with the nature of their work, so they will clearly have an effective human resource framework where they can find nation’s best representatives, help them and oversee them.

This covers the ideas and practices that guide and adjust Human Resource Management logic, strategic arranging and practice with the key and long terms objectives of Meghna Group of industry, with a specific focus on human capital.

It deals with the Marco- concern of the relationship concerning aptitudes, quality, culture, values, obligation, and abilities and organizing advantages for future needs and other longer term individual issues.

Meghna Group of industry has made plans to give the quality thing to customer. Among other legitimate goals, Meghna Group of industry is dependably refreshing their advances related with generation and conveyance structures and furthermore the thing itself to serve the market with the latest contributions the best inventive work causes close by up to the minute particular getting ready to keep the pace with forward stream and change of the relationship when all is said and done.

In these ways, human resource organization gives direction on the most ideal approach to produce the foundation for key great position by influencing a convincing progressive structure and setup, work culture, capacities, abilities, systems considering and reflecting each one of those into Meghna Groups of industry general execution in accomplishing definitive destinations.

MGI’s recruitment system is country’s one of the best where they are looking forward to choose their upcoming employee by adjudicating if these applicants have the capability of working there or not. Additionally, they are very fair and honest while selecting employee and MGI does it’s best to recruit the candidates from various sectors. Meghna Group and industry do recruit their employee from inside reference and from outside candidate through online.
Company Website:
In the company website of Meghna Group of industry, they generally provide the job circular for new comer to apply. Additionally they spend huge amount of money for giving ad on the renowned publisher.
Online job sites:
Nowadays an abundance of company would love to pick their suitable candidate by using online job sites. They post different attractive features of the job in the various website.

Internal vs. External Recruitment:
Generally, any organization small or large is intensely depended on sources. Sources are considering two types internal sources or external sources. Meghna Group of industry chooses any of sources given that situation. MGI follows external sources when they are collecting fresh employee for their industry. On the other hand, they similarly use internal source when the question comes for promotion and responsibility. It’s same as job rotation and job enrichment.
After gathering the CVs, the HR personnel conduct quick list concerning the CVs because qualified candidates according to call them because of the interview or written exams. The screenings about the CVs are made of necessity the assignment necessities over the company.
Experience is important and their education level, and subsequently their institution of study. Since Meghna Group of industry is well reputed company, so they take selection process is very determinedly and carefully. Primarily selection is most important because of performance of business, cost of the business, legal obligation of business.
There are 6 steps of starting as a candidate to becoming a permanent employee. These are given below:
1. Online Application;
2. CV screening;
3. Primary Interview;
4. Assessment Test;
5. Final Interview;
6. Probationary Period
Online Application:
Generally, applicants must fill up an online application which is offered in the website of MGI. Candidates are given instruction and requirement to fill up the form in the website. Meghna Group receives online application for a particular time (15 days). Meghna Group of industry publishes job circular advertisement before these 15 days get started. MGI provides job circular at least one month earlier to the start of online application period.

CV screening:
After the online application the next stage is CV screening. Before writing on CV screening, it is mentionable that MGI experiences all the online applications and select just the individuals who match with their normal criteria.
The applicants who have coordinated with their criteria get acknowledged for the CV screening step and rest of the others gets rejected. And those of primary selected are getting informed through phone or email. MGI mostly prefer email in terms of informing candidate.

The nominated applicants in the step of CV screening are being invited for the primary interview. In this stage, Meghna Group of industries meets with candidate for the first time. Hence, this stage is very must important for HR dept. and at the same time for the candidates. Putting any comment by going through only CV is not possible. As a result, HR takes time in this stage to obtain the best employee. Additionally, in this stage they get know candidates personality, psychology, culture mind-set etc. Within more or less of an hour long interview is not enough to know everything about an employee. So, MGI follows some of other criteria to select employee.

Assessment Test:
Assessment test takes a little bit of time for every candidate and it is a lengthy process. To attain this test an applicant must stay long in assessment center of MGI. Usually, assessment test begins 8am o’ clock and end to 6 o’ clock .This stage given test are being formulating.

-Focused Group Discussion

-Individual Role Play


Final Interview:
This step does not take too much time like assessment test. This step goes consecutively one after another. In this stage, employers try to seek the candidate’s future goal. If his/ her goal match with organization goal then they gets selected and get eligible for the next step.

Probationary Period:
After getting selected through every stage, employees are considered as Probationary member. And every employee has to pass this period. Probationary periods stay more or less six month. Given this time employee are being analyzed also their contribution is being measured to justify his or her becoming the permanent employee of MGI,

Training is executed appropriately for new employee of the organization.. Generally unique workshop and courses are sorted out for the change of employee capacity.
On the job training:
Orientation: MGI gives orientation program to the new employees, where they are given the essential foundation data they will need to work, the working condition, the tenets and directions of the work place.

Off-the Job Training
Programmed Instruction: The employees are given inquiries through internet and they have to answer and again the mentor offers criticism to their answers. It influences the preparation to process adaptability.

Organizational training
Organizational training consists of communication training and cultural training. Employees also learn- How to be a better leader and how to manage.

Communication Training:
This preparation incorporates how to speak with your employee and seniors. For example, when an employee needs to discuss something to his/her senior officer s/he needs to check his/her every day schedule whether s/he working or not.

Cultural Training:
As MGI’s way of life is one of the enhanced cultures, it needs to give cultural training to their workers with the goal that they can comprehend and receive the way of life. Employees learn how to adapt to the work environment of MGI through this training.

In Meghna Group of Industries, every employee has their responsibility area and they are regularly supervised by their immediate supervisors. Employees are appraised by their behavior, knowledge and performance of their work, stress handling abilities etc. Sometimes they are given a specific target limit and they are appraised by their ability to fulfil that designated target. Their cooperation and group working abilities are also observed and taken in assessment during performance appraisal. Employees are appraised by their supervisors and department heads. Employees have to be flexible, helpful and cooperative and they must adjust working in groups. If any employee fails to fill up his/her designated target, sometimes department shifts them to other department, and there is no immediate dismissal in that case.
• Salary: The employees get specific amount of money for their employment on a monthly basis, which is fixed during their joining time. The salary varies depending on different job positions.
• Gratuity: Meghna Group provides bonuses based on the employee performances who are working for the company for more than a year at least. They also give Eid bonuses for Eid-ul-fitr and Eid-ul-adha (7%) to all their employees.
• Increment: They give increment in the fundamental salary of their employees consistently. Generally the top level administration figures out who will get increase in light of the report by the supervisor.
• Provident fund: They also provide provident fund facility. They abide by the Provident fund act, 1925 and both employee and employer contribute 10% according to the act.
• Leaves: Meghna Group provides 10 days casual leave per year to all their employees. They also grant additional 10 days of sick leave as well. These leaves are full paid and will not be carried forward. There is also special leave system available if the management thinks that someone requires it. The company also provides maternity leave of 6 months to their female employees. In the company’s specialty, Meghna Group also provides 15 days of Dad leave as well, for the new dad to connect with their babies.
• Medical Facilities: Meghna Group provides medical facilities to all their employees. Employees can get 30% discount on diagnostics in Ibn Sina Hospital and 10% discount if they need to get admit in bed in Ibn Sina Hospital.
• Transportation: Meghna Group provides free transportation system to their female employees. They are also in the process of extending that service to their male employees as well.
• Employee Rights: Any employee is given 3 prior notices before their termination. If anyone gets 3 notices in a year, he/she will not receive any increment in the following year. Any case of theft and harassment will result in immediate termination. Leaking company information and big theft will result in suing and legal actions. Meghna Group maintains strict ethical environment and policies to ensure maximum employee rights and clean records.
• Social responsibilities: Meghna Group launched a free baby care center in the departure lounge of Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport in Dhaka. Such a zone is the first of its kind in an airport of our country, will ease stress of passengers, especially mothers, travelling with toddlers and young children. It will have changing and feeding facilities. Meghna Group also provides their “Super fresh drinking water” at 50% lower rate in Hajj camps and during Bishwa Ijtema in ijtema maidan.


Due to privacy reasons, we were unable to know the actual amount of salary of our HR manager. We are assuming the following amounts.

? Total Salary tk 75,000
Basic tk 45,000
House rent tk 20,000
Telephone tk 2000
Medical tk 5000
Miscellaneous tk 3000

? Provident fund @10% of Basic
Employee’s contribution 10% of 45,000(basic)=TK 4500
Employer’s Contribution = TK 4500
Total contribution to PF/month = TK 9,000
Total contribution to PF/year (tk 9,000*12) =TK 108,000

? Assuming that the employee gets an increment of 7% every year over his/her basic salary.
Year Basic Salary Employee’s Contribution (10%) Employer’s Contribution (10%) Provident Fund/month Provident Fund/year
1st TK 45,000 TK 4500 TK 4500 4500+4500=
TK 9000 9000* 12=TK 108,000
2nd (7% increase) TK 48,150 TK 4815 TK 4815 4815+4815=
TK 9630 9630* 12=TK 115,560
3rd(7% increase) TK 51,520.5 TK 5152.05 TK 5152.05 5152.05+ 5152.05=
TK 10304.1 10304.1* 12= TK 123,649.2
4th (7% increase) TK 55,126.9 TK 5512.69 TK 5512.69 5512.69+ 5512.69=
TK 11025.38 11025.38* 12= TK 132,304.56

Year Basic Salary
1st TK 45,000
2nd (7% increase) TK 48,150
3rd(7% increase) TK 51,520.5
4th (7% increase) TK 55,126.9
5th (7% increase) TK 58,985.8
6th (7% increase) TK 63,114.8
7th (7% increase) TK 67,532.8

If he quits after 7 years, Gratuity amount: {5*5th year’s basic salary} + {2* 7th year’s basic salary} = (5* 58,985.8) + (2* 67,532.8) = TK 429,994.

Meghna Group of Industries (MGI) is one of the biggest ; leading conglomerates of Bangladesh. It shares 40 years of national and global experience. The company is constantly expending throughout every sector and already has set footsteps in the global market. Meghna Group has successfully been playing a vital role in the national economy and also has set a private economy zone of their own. With their steady but speedy growth, they can soon become a globally important brand. The way they are taking up their social responsibilities, it is becoming a valuable example for other companies as well. Their HR department is working in steady pace to improve more and more day by day and to ensure maximum efficiency and employee rights and satisfaction. They believe working together of every department of the organization will ensure the success of their mission.

? Their recruitment and selection process is very lengthy and time consuming with so many steps, though it’s effective, it might be more efficient if they come up with less steps of recruiting candidates. .

? During probationary period, it is common for new recruits to be nervous and not perform very well. If they only focus on employee’s recent performance, it could be subjected to misjudgment of their abilities and cause halo effect.

? If they use 360 degree appraisal method during performance evaluation, it might be more accurate.


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