Executive the network devices are outdated. The

Executive summary
INOVA Springfield hospital is interested in upgraded its staff network system. The network system only offers some basic Email, Internet access and access to the patient records database. However, users have complained about the speed of the internet especially at the peak time of a day. Therefore, INOVA would like to upgrade their network system and improve their security of the document sent over the internet. The main cause that affects the network is, most of the network devices are outdated. The proposed solution will improve the INOVA network system significantly by increasing productivity and efficiency. The new design also will include maintaining hardware devices and changing software. If this project deployed, these changes will provide to INOVA hospital a high-speed internet, reliable data security of staff’s and patients.
Scope and Objectives
INOVA hospital is located in Alexandria which has five members of staff supporting 100 patients. The project with the budget of 350,000 and the projected will be expected to be completed in six months. It will improve the current status of the network system speed and security. The INOVA Springfield network system will give an access for more than five employees. The network system uses a number of workstations and servers which is accessed by different departments. Most of the data that are kept in the servers are patient records which need confidentiality and not be able to access by an unauthorized person. To ensure security and enforce HIPPA confidentiality rule, this project will address the security and privacy of medical records by data encryption and email protection as a means of protecting confidential patient information. On the other hand, using new brand computers and servers will enhance the speed of the internet in the building. Therefore, this project upgrades only the speed and the security of the INOVA Springfield hospital network system.

• Improve network speed • Improve availability
• Improve network security • Improve network reliability
• Improve network performance • Secure staff records
• Improve network confidentiality • Secure services
• Versatile information accessibility • Improve future expansion capacity

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Cost of Material and Labor

To enhance the internet speed includes buying new computers and servers is mandatory, this will include high-speed fiber optic cables, computers, routers, servers and firewalls with an estimated cost of $70,000.In order to set all the computers and servers computer network administrator, programmer and computer engineer are needed this also will cost an estimated $90,000.Maintenance and other miscellaneous expenses $70,000.Network analysis design and implementation will cost an estimated $60,000.
Projected Benefits
After the project is completed it will improve INOVA Springfield hospital high-speed connection, reliability, fault tolerance, and security. Critical points of failure will be identified, and redundancy will be implemented to provide fault tolerance. For example, a single failure of an access to the network system will cost INOVA minimum thousands of dollar in deficit. In addition, if a data breach happens it will cost more money and potentially cost millions in lawsuits. The other benefit of the project is improved scalability, which means it will reduce the future cost of material and upgrade for the next two years. Therefore, the estimate for implementation of the network upgrades per recommendation will incur a cost of less than three hundred fifty thousand which saves INOVA’s budget for future upgrade or maintenance. In addition, the implementation of the network system upgrade will provide the critical and much- needed benefit of improving INOVA high-speed internet connection and security. After the projected is implemented there will not be a downtime during working hours. Plus, there will be a change that gives an authorized access only for the staff members this protects patients records from unauthorized access. In summaries, Our belief is with the help of our team INOVA will be able to achieve its mission and we will provide an advanced high-speed connection with security for the staff and patients.


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