Executive Summary: Contents and Characteristics essay

For the readers quick comprehension, use topic headings at the beginning of ACH paragraph (see the Sample Plan at the end of this chapter); if you’d like a Summary that seems less like a list, omit the headings. Feel free to combine related topics, such as “Target Market” and “Marketing Strategy,” to create a more fluid document.

Company Description: List the company name, type of business, location, and legal status, e. G. , corporation, sole proprietorship, partnership.Statement of Mission: Write the concise statement of company purpose you developed in Chapter 5 Stage of Development: State whether our company is a start-up or continuing business, when it was founded, how far along the product or service is in its creation, and if you’re already made sales or started shipping. Products and Services: List the products or services your company sells or plans to sell, this can be generic for a company with many products- e.

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G. Women’s sportswear- or specific for a company with just a few. Target Market(s): List the markets you intend to reach and why you choose them, indicate the results of any market analysis or market research.

Marketing and Sales Strategy: Briefly describe how you intend to reach your target market(s), and the advertising, direct mail, trade shows, and other methods you will use to secure sales Competitors and Market Distribution: Indicate the nature of your competition and how the market is currently divided.Competitive Advantages and Distinctions: Show why your company will be able to compete successfully; list any important distinctions, such as patents, major contracts, or letters-of-intent Management: Briefly describe he histories and capabilities of your management team, particularly those of company founders Operations: Outline your key operational features, such as locations, crucial distributors or suppliers, cost-saving production techniques, etc.Financial: Indicate your company’s expected revenues and profits for years one through three Long-Term Goals: Describe the expected status e. G. , sales, number of employees, number of locations, market share of your company- five years from now Funds Sought and Exit Strategy: Indicate how such money you are seeking, how many investors you plan to have, how the funds raised will be used, and how investors or lenders will get their money out. This form provides you an opportunity to outline the Executive Summary portion of your business plan if you choose to write a narrative type of Summary.

The Company: Describe how your company is organized, its stage of development, stage of product creation, legal status, location, and company mission The Concept: Explain the background of your company, how the product came about, how the market opportunity was recognized, ND the products and services Market Opportunity: Describe your target market, market trends that exist, why there was a need for the company, the results of market research, the competition, and market openings.Competitive Advantages and Distinctions: Indicate why your company can compete successfully; list important distinctions such as patents, major contracts, and letters-of-intent; specify barriers-to-entry for new competitors. Management Team: Describe the background and capabilities of your key managers, and relate past successful business experiences Milestones: List he milestones by which you will measure success and at what date you expect to reach them; these might include specific revenue or profit levels, the percentage of market share reached, shipments of first product, and the number of employees or locations.

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