Evidence-based also brought on board other institutions

Evidence-based nursing practice in the practice of healthcare based on proven research which constitute high standards of quality and safety care while focusing on the needs of the patients; this research on evidence-based nursing practice is an on-going process. Nurses should be able to adapt quickly to the new findings on evidence-based practice so that administration of medication to the patient is done in the safest possible way; the findings provide better communication between the nurses and the patients which boosts the healthcare provided to the patients. This paper will discuss two evidence-based practices; Central Line-Associated Blood Stream Infections (CLABSIs) prevention and Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia (VAP) prevention.
In 2016 close to 30,000 patients died as a result of CLABSIs and approximately 31,000 patients died from VAP; the high rise of number of deaths from infections in the health facilities had raised an eye-brow in the medical field; this made the Institute for Healthcare Improvement to find ways to reduce the number of deaths by infection through advancing in Evidence-Based Practice. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has also brought on board other institutions and health organization to aid facilities reduce the number of CLABSIs and VAT prevention through training on the assessment procedures on the effectiveness of the prevention efforts through National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN). The struggle with the prevention of VAP and CLABSIs in the healthcare had really improved patientcare in general since the study of device-associated infections have been advanced and better evidence-based practice guidelines put forward for nurses to follow; this has improved patient care in general since CLABSIs was responsible for close to 35, 000 deaths in 2014 compared to 2016’s 30, 000; the proven practices are effective.
The health facility should be a prevention and cure zone for the patients and anyone who is within its jurisdiction; the use of evidence-based practice improves the healthcare in the health facilities in general since all the significant and non-significant detail that can cause a medical emergency such as infection are identified and proven method of dealing with the issue presented to use. This has changed my nursing experience and instituted an adaptability nature inside; as the evidence-based practices keep being upgraded, so should my nursing practice. This is increase patient’s satisfaction and healthcare.


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