Every so many reasons behind their incredible nature,

Every time I go to the zoo I get so excited about viewing all the primate animals on display.

They are some of the most fascinating animals to watch and observe because humans also belong to the order primate. There are so many reasons behind their incredible nature, yet It continues to blow my mind that they share similarities with us. How could one not be excited to learn about these animals whether it’s at a zoo or a Netflix documentary? After observing four non-human primitive species, I gained insight not only on their everyday behaviors but a connection and slight understanding of our human development. I observed the first two at the San Diego Zoo on September 6th of this year. It was a sunny Thursday afternoon around 2:15 P.M. when I came across the orangutan habitat.

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The orangutan, also known as pongo abellii, were hanging out in an enclosure specifically made for their species. Among the three orangutans in this wide-open space were rock platforms of different sizes, patches of grass and shrubs, trees full of leaves and a huge jungle gym made up of thick rope, swings, and logs. I noticed the mother first not only because the child, Aisha, was clinging to her but because her cheek pads were nowhere near as large as that of a male. Many moments the mother and Aisha would be on the top of the jungle gym. Aisha would be playing frantically as her mother watched eating a large leaf from the tree. Many moments felt as though I was watching any other human mom watching her kid play on a playground in the park. I started to watch the mother closer as she was


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