Ever consume energy drinks full of caffeine

Ever since energy drinks were introduced to the public, there has been speculations on whether they are actually healthy to drink. On multiple occasions, teenagers have been taken in to the emergency room due to caffeine overdose.

This has sparked awareness and questions have risen up from these events. I believe, and so does a vast majority of the people who have consumed energy drinks regularly, that energy drinks should be correctly labeled and should have the amount of caffeine added into the drink. I believe this because energy drinks are a big part of society today. Athletes, students, and even businessmen consume energy drinks full of caffeine from the biggest names in the industry, such as Red Bull, Monster Energy, 5-Hour Energy, and Rockstar. I also believe this because not only is caffeine such a big part in these energy drinks, they also have a lot of sugar in them.

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And we all know that if caffeine alone is dangerous to our health, imagine it being mixed with a high amount of sugar. This is an important issue because by not correctly labeling what we will be consuming, it leaves us not knowing what dangers we will be putting ourselves, the consumers, in.


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