Evaluate from children’s home and parent’s discipline. It’s

Evaluate the benefit of promoting positive values, attitudes and behaviour in children and young people. 4.2.1All children are given explicit guidelines on their expected behaviour within the schools premises and all expectations are given in clear and precise manner paying attention of the relevant age range. Good behaviour results from parent and adults rewarding the child with encouragement and positive words.

If a child feels good about something that they have did and achieved they are more likely to repeat the good behaviour.In an educational seating, anti-social behaviour would have a negative impact in the learning process of the children, and disturb the teaching and may have a long –term psychological affect in some learners and staff members too.Creating a positive environment, would encourage independence and development of self-of esteem and enable children to care for themselves and be responsible for their own safety and take ownership of their own actions also take pride of their achievements. It stops all forms of bullying, racial and sexual harassment.Also, developing a good standards of behaviour should be promoted across the school and from children’s home and parent’s discipline. It’s important to make it clear to the child so he/she will not have the same behaviour. When teachers recognising that children are behaving well and listen, then the teacher gives them praise for their good behaviour.Once children realise they are obtaining teacher’s attention, then they will repeat having the same behaviour.

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If children want the teachers’ attention, then will know how to achieve it. Doing this will promote positive behaviour as B.F. Skinner discovered that it’s important to concentrate on the positives and certain behaviours can be changed and improved.

The alternative such as nagging children to stop, being quiet, and sit down as that I am paying attention to children who are misbehaving.Significant challenging behaviour is tough there is no combined description of what is a challenging behavour is. However different behaviours are acceptable in different situations such as screaming and shouting in football match but not during assembly or classroom, but it became challenging when it’s not appropriate in a given situation


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