EUSEBIO, aspects of cultural anthropology is the

EUSEBIO, Ferdinand SebastianSir Camilon11CMarch 15, 2018Ethnography Essay: Understanding The World We Live InOne of the most complex and interesting aspects of cultural anthropology is the ethnography. The idea of being able to read stories about groups of individuals is something that is intriguing to many people. With the ethnography, the authors many times feel that they have control and understanding of the individuals that they are writing about. Furthermore, many of these authors assume that the individuals among whom they are living and studying exemplify the entire society as a whole.

Ethnographers have used many different means of establishing their ethnographic authority. One such method is the use of reflexivity in the ethnography. Ethnographers such as Renato Rosaldo in his work Culture and Truth: The Remaking of Social Analysis and Bronislaw Malinowski in his work Argonauts of the Western Pacific assume their authority through the use of reflexivity. On the other hand, there are authors such as George E.

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Marcus in his work Ethnography Through Thick and Thin, who explain that reflexivity should be used as a means of demonstrating that one cannot assert such authority, and Dorinne Kondo, in her work Dissolution and Reconstruction of Self: Implications for Anthropological Epistemology, who use reflexivity to make a distinction between the ethnographer’s role in the field, and the ethnographer’s role when writing the ethnography. Ethnography is something we shouldn’t disregard because we learn how to understand different cultures through this. We must be aware of the different cultures because there are certain acts that are considered to be normal in our country, however it might be considered “weird” or offensive to others. According to Bronislaw Malinowski, participation observation is crucial and important when it comes to ethnography.

Many ethnographies written today are drawn from participant observation, where anthropologists live within a group while performing interviews and creating detailed accounts of the lives of members of the group and their society as a whole (Palen, 2017). In order to deeply understand your subject, you must be immersed with the subject to gain effective and useful information.We often take for granted studying other people’s culture, how they live, and the community itself. Through learning these, we will be able to understand the importance of similarities among human civilizations and societies. Ethnography is mainly used to gather in a scientific manner the evidence to show that how and why groups of people chose to live as they do.

Ethnography is more importantly used in purposes to perform a logical and laid out script to guide all ethnographic work (Palen, 2017). In conclusion, Ethnography helps us understand the world we live in.Sources: UKEssays. (2015, March 23). The Benefits of Ethnographic Research. Retrieved March 14, 2018, from


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