European France, Luxembourg and Belgium are the

European Union
The European union is a political and economic union which comprises of twenty-eight (28) member states, which is primary located in Europe. Germany, Netherlands, Italy, France, Luxembourg and Belgium are the founders of the European union, Ireland then became a member in 1973. The goals of the European Union are to promote peace, its values and the well being of its citizens, promote progress scientifically and technological and to respect culture and diversity. The EU was set up with the aim of ending frequent blood shed and bloody wars between neighbouring states and countries, on the 25th March 1957 the Treaty of Rome created the European Economic Community (EEC). The focus is to bring people the Europe closer together, the EU makes it easy for Europeans to buy and sell things to each other, also makes it easy for people from the EU to move around freely in the Union.

Influence of EU Law on Irish Legal System
The European union has helped improve and upgrade most of every aspect in a Europeans life from how they put in labour to how they travel and shop to the quality of the environment. Ireland began negotiations to join the European union and for this to happen a referendum had to take place

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