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Eunice AmoahProfessor Stacie VesolichEnglish Composition IIDat “The chimney Sweeper” from Songs of Innocence and Songs of Experience William Blake’s The Chimney Sweeper, tells the story of what happened to many young boys during his era. Often, boys as young as four and five were sold for the soul purpose of cleaning chimneys because of their small size. These children were exploited and lived a meager existence that was socially acceptable at the time.

Blake voices the evils of this acceptance through point of view, symbolism, and his startling irony. William Blake wrote two parts of his poem. The poem describe the lives of children as chimney sweeps. The poem focuses on three points and these are imagery, tone and diction to bring a sense of sympathy to his audience. The points in both poems are shown through different perspectives Eunice Amoah English 102 Stacie

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