Ethics such as drugs make you popular. Healthy


           Ethics what you act on based on your
morals. Your morals are your lessons. I believe that people are not born good
or bad, a good person is compassionate and non-judgmental. I believe to gain
power you cannot be ethical; religion and government should never mix.


my opinion what makes a person good is kindness, honest, when a person’s judgment is not biased, and most of all they
are compassionate. Their motive is also what determines if they
are good or bad. A bad person is deceptive, someone who is unable to feel guilt
for their actions, they are harmful. Society takes harmful objects and makes them
bad. Things such as drugs make you popular. Healthy things are usually more
expensive than chemical-based objects.
Society makes people believe that money is better, that certain groups of
people are less intelligent than others. I believe that people aren’t born good or bad.
The environment they are raised in.
Choice people make and how they act determines if they are good or bad.
How they act in when they are pushed to the edge. Supernatural is a show that
shows that good and bad are two sides of the same coin. The death of Dean and
Sam Winchester’s mother in a mysterious way led
their father into a rage. Dean was under
constant pressure but he turned out to be the protagonist. On the other hand, Crowley who was abandoned by his mother
and father. He became the king of hell. Two situations almost alike and yet one
turned evil and the other good. Although they are the protagonist’s dean becomes a demon. He also gave his soul to save
his brother. Crowley the antagonist assists the Winchesters
when they need help. Ezra and Jellal are both
abused as kids and are forced p into labor in an
effort to escape they are caught. They were both pure children and even though
they lived similar lives Erza is a protagonist and jellal is the antagonist.

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believe that people are naturally greedy which leads to me believing that everybody wants to rule the world. To survive in this
world, you need money and power and if you’re on top of the world then you don’t
have to worry about survival. In my opinion power is greed and everybody wants
something they do not have. Strength and knowledge are what determine how
powerful you are. I believe that you cannot get into politics keeping your hands clean. It is hard to gain power as
an ethical person. There is always something in your way how would you remove
this block. would you ask politely? Obviously,
they won’t step down just because you
asked politely. Power and ethics do not apply when you are in a race for
money or something dear is on the line. The k2 is a political based k-drama. A child caused by an affair leads the real wife
of the politician to send this child away. The child’s mother “suicided” and
this child is the one witness. She is sent to Spain where she is forced to
become a nun. The wife does everything in her power to keep the politician
running, blackmail, torture, and even murders. The politician himself is but a
puppet in her hands. This drama shows that you cannot get to power without
using those around you to your benefit. The healer is another drama where a man
is running to be congressman the man running betrayed his friends. The truth of
what happened is twisted. Politics is about power and as long as you win the
lives you ruin do not matter. The elders in this drama have also blackmailed and
killed many.



                      Religion and beliefs
differ from person to person. If you were to force a religion on people, the will
revolt. Theocratic nations have always fallen apart in history. Laws are forced
upon us whether you believe in them or not. If they go against your religion
you will still have to follow them.  I
would rather drown my consciences then be thrown in jail. The Aztecs were
native Americans in what is now Mexico. They were an empire solely based on religion. Their daily sacrifices led to their demise. The
Byzantine empire was a Christian based
theocratic nation back in Ad 324. The king believed that he should rule the
earth like god ruled heaven, in the end, the empire fell apart. Looking back at
history theocratic nations always fall. I would rather live in a county where I have free will rather than be
forced into a religion to a god I don’t
believe in.




In conclusion,
these are my beliefs. My ethics are that religion should not mix with
government. It is impossible to become a politician with ethics. That what
determines if you are good or bad is their choices.




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