Ethics and most times make critical decisions oftentimes

Ethics itself is a very important aspect of human interactions in any field but particularly in health care its value is of great significance. In fact, in the field of medicine certain codes were developed to ethically guide a health care provider’s practice, thereby giving definition to professional ethics which will further guide behaviors and codes of conduct (Reddy ; Mythri, 2016). However, given the ethical lapses observed in modern day health care systems it is prudent to teach bioethics in a health care organization simply because there is enormous power that is provided by modern medicine and modern medical technologies.

Health care providers are now able to treat incurable diseases, extend lives and most times make critical decisions oftentimes on behalf of patients or family members. It is important to note that with this kind of power comes great responsibility and it is paramount to use that power ethically. Ideally, I believe bioethics training should not be delivered as a once a year event or only when new employees are initiated but rather it should be an on-going day to day experience, that is clearly engrained in the culture and apart of the philosophy of the organization. This would undoubtedly make learning more engaging for individuals. Furthermore, the real factor here is not just the act of “teaching” bioethics to new employees but more so the task of ensuring that it is learned. Therefore there is the need for this training given to new employees to not only be accurate but specific to their professional roles Additionally, it is the charge of any healthcare organization to ensure that these lessons are constantly being reinforced leading to their retention because that is when true learning will take place.Therefore, while it is agreed that bioethics should be taught in a healthcare organization, the real questions are: how does one ensure that these lessons are learned? And what are the most effective methods of delivering these principles?

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