Ethics and Advocacy for HR Pro essay

Most companies do not offer any time of refund that far out. Majority companies offer up to thirty days (30). From my personal experience, most organizations do not believe customer service being front line Of a company and very crucial for the growth of the company. Capos makes customer service priority which means having a personal relation with the customer.

Capos committed to their employees. Determine the major impacts that Capos’ leadership and ethical practices philosophy have had on its stakeholders. Stakeholders stay happy due to Capon’s success.

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The company’s revenue grew from $1. 6 million in 2000 to $1. 4 billion in 2010. Tony I-Leech, CEO stated, “It brand about Capos had ten core values. Those core values are: Deliver WOW through service, embrace and drive change, create fun and a little weirdness, be adventurous, creative and open-minded, pursue growth and learning build open and honest relationships with communication, build a positive team and family spirit, do more with less, be passionate and determined and be humble. The company business model built around developing long term customer relationships.

Capos look at the price but believe that customer will buy with the best service and selection. The company tries to create an unique shopping experience, offering a wide selection of shoes, apparel, accessories, and home products, free shipping, full refunds on returns and great customer service, and happiness whether to customers or employees or even vendors. It’s the zany corporate culture and focus on customer satisfaction had made it both successful and a model for other companies. Examine three (3) of the ethical challenges that Capos faces.Recommend three (3) actions that Capos’ leadership should take in order to address these ethical challenges. The first ethical challenge was in 2008 Layoff.

Capos had to lay off 8% of its employees. The CEO sent a letter explaining honestly about financial situation. All employees that were lay off received amazing six (6) months of COBRA health insurance coverage paid by the company.

The second was the merger with Amazon in 2009. The current board of directors did not want the company to focus on their clients but to shift focus mainly on product sales.Mr..

Whish did not approve of abandoning the customer – centric model and he decided to do something. Capos needed to unite with Amazon that not only accepted but promoted their value to customers. Stay, it was technical difficulties and theft of customer information. In October, 201 1, one of the processing systems encountered complications and problems quickly escalated, orders were deleted or delayed, delivered to the wrong locations, and a glitch on a website listed a set price for every item resulting in a $1. 6 million lost for the company.

January’, 2012 Capos databases were hacked and millions of customer’s personal information was taken. Capos contacted each customer informing of the predicament they were in. As Of today, Capos is still trying to recover from their ethical challenges. In the first challenge, the company was honest with the employees and presented integrity. Second challenge, the CEO made a decision because of the company core value ?long term customer relationships. Thirdly, the company greatly accepted the mistake and abided by the false price on the website.Capos does awesome of contacting customers in a timely manner especially when there are situations that go wrong. Evaluate the effectiveness of the core values in relation to developing a culture of ethicalness.

Determine the manner in which the core values us port the stakeholders perspective. The core values of the company is how he company handle transactions on a daily basis. Capos business model built around developing long term customer relationships. The company strives to make a different and addicting experience.Capos have relax and wacky atmosphere. Since the core values differ from other companies. It untraditional, the core values create a framework for the company’s actions. It’s exemplified in the company’s commitment to their customers and employees’ well-being and satisfaction.

Analyze the major ethical challenges that Capos has faced. Determine whether or not you would have resolved these challenges differently than Capos’ management. Provide a rationale for your response. In regards with the ethical challenges that the company have overcome was amazing.I have read about a few companies that did not handle layoffs well. They did not remember the ones who help the company grow which are the employees. Mr..

Whish was honest about the financial situation which is very admirable in my eyes. The other two challenges was pretty much the same scenario. I feel that the Capon’s CEO felt very strong about the employees and customers. Every decisions that he had to make was how it would affect all parties involved. It me that he has integrity and that he value the core values of his company.

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