Ethical and Socially Responsive Business essay

The Cheesecake Factory is known for its outstanding food and baked goods, s well as its commitment to give great customer service. Our customers are what keep us going.

They keep coming back because of the standards we have implemented for all employees on every level, from the busters to the CEO. We all have a responsibility to uphold the Code of Ethics. We are expected to conduct ourselves in a manner that only represents the company in a positive manner.

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We signed an agreement stating that we understood the Code of Ethics and how it pertained to our jobs, as well as our responsibility to respect our Company and its stockholders.Compliance with law is a given. We should all be in compliance with federal, state and local law rules and regulatory orders at all times. No staff member (or supervisor) has the authority to direct another staff member to break any law that will go against the Code of Ethics. As staff members we must avoid situations that may create a conflict of interest with the Company. To help aid in this matter we must always keep our “feelings” separate from what the Company sees as business. For example, we must avoid conducting Company buss news with relatives.

Relatives are considered by blood or marriage. If the situation is unavoidable, you must notify your supervisor and obtain approval. This can also be handled by simply getting another team member to handle the transaction, with management approval, to release you from any discrepancy that may occur. It helps to be honest with your supervisor about any situations that may arise. We, as a company, take pride in the services we provide to the public. Our customers and vendors are always eager to show their appreciation for the excellent service we provide.Generally we cannot accept gifts or favors from anyone.

We are allowed to receive promotional items such as ink pens, calendars, note pads or non-cash gifts that do not exceed $75, per year. We are providing such great service because we love our job of service to the community. Our Company encourages a relationship of trust, honesty and responsibility amongst the staff on any level. In return we must up hold the Company’s interest at all times. Our contractors and vendors are held to the standards as well. If everyone is held accountable our Company will continue o be at the top.We have a responsibility to our community in which we reside, as well.

Being socially responsive/ responsible is a must. Responsible, we would already have implemented certain expectations as to what is expected from our company before a situation can occur. Responsive, is our reaction after the incident; it is not always a bad thing, as certain situations cannot be foreseen.

It is up to us to help to rectify anything that will have a direct effect on the community we work in, the Company and where we live.To help aid in our social responsibility we could become more proactive. By going “green”, using products that are not harmful to the atmosphere, such as a carryout box. We can use recycled and or re-useable containers for food the customers do not consume during their meal.

This will help the environment and the customer. It can easily used as a container for homemade leftovers. We could help by making out restaurants non-smoking facilities. Sure we will have the occasional unhappy patron but it will be more health conscience for the customers and the staff.

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