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Ethan WhiteMrs. FitzpatrickEnglish 426 Nov. 2018The British Empire and Kipling It seems that Rudyard Kipling is a person who is very much for the British Empire. I also think that he I a loyal imperialist. In Kipling’s book there are countless examples of his strong beliefs of imperialism and how he thinks that the British Empire is an exquisite one.

One example of how he sees the English is in the quote “These men aren’t Indians; they’re English! Look at their eyes— look at their mouths. Look at the way they stand up. They sit on chairs in their own houses. They’re the Lost Tribes, or something like it, and they’ve grown to be English” (Kipling, 25-37). It is also shown how much he believes in the “Noblesse Oblige”. The “Noblesse Oblige” is if you’re a noble you have responsibilities.

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These responsibilities state that certain people are either blessed by heritage or worked to become richer and all in all better set off and these people are to make sure that the lower class are also to thrive and survive, it is their duty. I think he believes in some way that the British are the nobles and the Indians are the lesser of people. So by Noblesse Oblige the British Empire is to protect and make sure that the Indians were ok. I feel like he sees the Indian empire as inferior to the mighty British Empire. But as he states or tries to make clear it appears that he believes the English men are more selfish and only concerned for their own well being. It seemed that they did not much pay attention to the lower class people.

I think that Kipling believed that the British thought they were so powerful and they were so superior hat they knew everything and he shows this in the quote “The country isn’t half worked out because they that governs it won’t let you touch it. They spend all their blessed time in governing it, and you can’t lift a spade, nor chip a rock, nor look for oil, nor anything like that without all the Government saying — ‘Leave it alone and let us govern.’ Therefore, such as it is, we will let it alone, and go away to some other place where a man isn’t crowded and can come to his own. We are not little men, and there is nothing that we are afraid of except Drink, and we have signed a Contrack on that” (Kipling 1-13).


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