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English of Academic Study Essay Outline Theme: Equality Introduction Genre: Problem and Solution Hook: Social equality denotes as an unbiased treatment that befits individuals in a community for example, gender. General Statement: It has come to the existence due to the social framework that revolves around inequalities. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1 948 has declared that everyone has and is entitled to equal dignity and rights without distinction of any form such s gender.Sexual harassment is a prominent problem of social inequality, especially directed to women in professional setting. Thesis Statement: Body Paragraphs Topic Sentence 1: Supporting Details 1: Supporting Details 2: Supporting Details 3: Conclusion: optional Topic Sentence 2: As sexual harassment persists in the workplace, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act Of 1 964 in the united States has started the legislation work against this conduct.Supporting Details 1 :Since then, Sex Discrimination Act was enforced at 1984 in Australia.

Cob claims that within the past few years, Hong Gong’s Sex Discrimination Ordinance, Indian’s Sexual Harassment of Women at the Workplace Act, Singapore?s Protection from Harassment Act 2014, South Koreans amendment to the Equal Employment Act and several other countries has made sexual harassment at work illegal.Supporting Details 2:an Malaysia, the All Women’s Action Society is working together with he Joint Action Group for Gender for the enactment of a standalone Sexual Harassment Act. Supporting Details 3: Topic Sentence 3: Conclusion: Summary of points: Adequate training and implementation of law Recommendation: Awareness should be strengthened and promoted highly among the people All government and non-governmental organizations must be proactive in providing emotional and physical support, and discuss this as a part Of working routine.

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