Essay on whether racial profiling essay

Today, I would like to talk about why racial profiling should be used by submitting a statistical case to prove that it should not be too quickly dismissed. Allow me to start with a question: “If a witness to a crime gave a policeman a description of a robber, the policeman would be doing a good job if he looked for suspects that matched the description. Why does the same not apply to other instances? Racial profiling is based on reasoned assumptions that it is a certain group of people who are cost likely to be the cause of a certain crime committed, and is therefore reasonable to be acted out. My first point is, just because this form of profiling involves races and ethnic groups should not mean that it should be completely excluded in the fight against crime especially when proven to be useful and effective.

Racial profiling if considered as a security measure, will simply be under the act of data mining when combined with other forms of profiling such as behavioral profiling and on-line profiling, and therefore greatly enhancing current security measures. Certain examples for successes are, when Israel uses racial profiling in its airports which resulted in not having a hijack not occurring for over 30 years, or the 9/11 case when agent Kenneth Williams urged his superiors to investigate militant Muslim men whom he suspected of training in U.

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S. As part of al-Qaeda missions, when that did not happen due to the FBI feared that the act might affect its image due to it being possibly racist, we all know what followed.. If those men had have the resource of Racial Profiling things would have happened different, he terrorists would have been investigated without restrictions and their plans would have been revealed thus saving thousands of lives.

Racial profiling then, becomes a necessity in certain situations or when other measures do not work, and therefore, it should be used sometimes, and not be completely banned. To my next point, that the pros of racial profiling outweigh its cons, with the bad side of it being that it is racist and could be unfair judgment, and the good side being that it could save and improve lives on large scale, far more than the harm it could possible cause. In two specific examples, this is very evident.

In the case of illegal immigrants, racial profiling is seen to be the most effective solution, as seen in Aqua’s Operation Wetback’s, where they intended to 1 million illegal immigrants through the use of racial profiling and they did achieve that. This may have caused anger in certain races and shown heavy acts of racism, but, it helped many more Americans. If they did not use of racial profiling to remove illegal immigrants, many Americans would have been affected negatively.

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