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The Giver and the AY Jazzier cartoon on journalist, Peter Greets, shows the conformity the community in The Giver faced in the community and the limitation on knowledge of the world around them. The cartoon explains the lack of freedom the Journalist had to face during his ordeal with the Egyptian Government and imprisonment without proper trialing. Both of these texts’ shows how much these values are greatly in evident and are not allowing people to live a complete and fulfilling life. Being brought up to up to understand the values of truth and having the right o knowledge of the world around you is essential in having a great life.Both of these values combined can only be acquired through the freedom of education and being able to receive knowledge and truth. There are boundaries, in The Giver, where community members were only allowed to learn certain things. In the cartoon, the journalist was not allowed to speak on his knowledge of the truth and so was unfairly trialed.

‘”The worst part of holding the memories is not the pain. It’s the loneliness of it. ” (20. 194). The dreary, difficult and uncomfortable tone, explains how Jonas is facing Hellenizing situation right now, Jonas hopes that this all changes. But it certainly made them aware of how they need a Receiver to contain all that pain’. (13. 135).

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The narration gives us the opinion of Jonas and the perfect view of his actions and opinions and the interactions and the conclusions he draws from events. “It’s the way they live. It’s the life that was created for them.

” (20. 192) It shows how Jonas has powerful views as the protagonist and that he wants to change the status quo of the community. We see the vector of a man holding up a banner, which we immediately draw our attention and e that he is holding a banner in protest.Framing in the image, the banner to which the journalist is holding conveys that he is in protest relating to speech and there are circumstances, which have lead to this. His mouth being removed from his face and put on a banner with two others, symbolisms his speech had been taken from him, which meant that his knowledge could not be told of and his memories or the truth. Having A life with the ability to learn, imagine and think with the right and truthful information provided you can lead you to a diverse and broad thinking with informed and educated sections.

There is a lot of control imposed by powers, throughout the world, which shows how restrictive they are in which people struggle to live. This shows how much freedom is needed to live a fulfilling life. There are dyspepsia ideologies in the community that Jonas is living in which has made everyone lack the biodiversity usually making up a community. The Egyptian courts had misused their power, to convict and imprison Greets. “Life here is so orderly, so predictable-so painless… ” (13.

134).The perspective of Jonas, gives us the emphasis that from his view, he is struggling and experiencing readership currently in his life, in the community. “Things could change… Things could be different. I don’t know how, but there must be some way for things to be different’. There could be colors.

.. ” (16. 163-164).

Gabriel represents a symbolism for Jonas as his reason for living and communicates his real problems. It shows us how closely Jonas affiliates with him. “Having you here with me over the past year had made me realize that things must change. ” (20.

194).The speech and communication used in this message, shows how how he yearns for change and how he sees it coming. The central positioning of the banners and its symbols on it demonstrate its significance and how meaningful lips are, (but now he doesn’t have them), which has lead to him literally silent protesting.

The contrast of the background desert and sky colors to the white banner, displays how it is a peaceful protest and the events that has lead to him doing this weren’t peaceful. The framing of a person, protesting with a banner of three lips, and the bare background, shows his message of protest.Leading a life with so many restrictions and only being allowed to do a certain things as set by a governing body can lead to a life with absolute no freedom and filled with constraint can lead to a chained and depressing life in that you cannot lead according to your terms. The Giver and my related text are both different but clear examples of how the idea of Freedom through the many different ways that it has been disregarded and abolished. There are different types of medians and techniques, which have been displayed in showing is freedom and representing it to us in different manners.This may help us understand it fervently and depending on the source, help us understand it easily, to which we can analyses more further on and grasp the meaning behind the text.

Having access to the right information is essential in comprehending other people and the world around us. The rules and regulations limit our ability as humans in the ability to express and truly be free. Freedom is a human right as the UDDER Article 1 states: ‘All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.

They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood. ‘

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