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The stand of this essay is that the World War was a greater factor to blame for the rise of power of Hitler as compared to the weakness of the existing regime. This is as the after effects of World War I had highlighted the weaknesses of the Whimper overspent thus showing how inefficient they were showing the populous that the Whimper Government was not fit to lead Germany to its greatness. 2nd Paragraph (Given Factor) (Short Term) (1/4 page) S – Issue (Hitler rose to power because… E – Relevance (Select the best evidence) (For example) (No narrative, to the point) E – Sequential Reasoning + Link Weakness of existing regime Statement: The inherent weakness of the existing regime were its inability to come to a general consensus due to its disunity and the constitutional loopholes allowed Hitler to gain dictatorship. In addition, the government’s fear of the Nazi Party’s private army, the AS allowed Hitler to ascend to power. (Choose 2, detailed) Evidence: .

The existing Whimper government had too much democracy, leading to inner disagreement and conflict within the government, leading to the difficulty of making various decisions, leaving the democratic German state to be vulnerable to the appeals of more extreme ideologies, such as communism or socialism. II. The enactment of The Enabling Acting 1 933 allowed Hitler to gain a vast amount of power, as it grounded dictatorship legally.

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It stated that any ill only required Hitter’s signature, and within 24 hours, that bill will become law, resulting in his having of ultimate power.Ill. The fear of Hitter’s AS by governmental parties were made to support Hitler via intimidation. For example, during the passing of The Enabling Act, those who were reluctant or would not vote in favor of it were threatened into doing so by the AS. IN/. The President had the power to bypass the Reichstag and rule by Decree, due to Article 48.

Article 48 was only supposed to be used if there is a deadlock, but in the future the use Of Article 48 becomes alarmingly increased.Explanation: The Whimper government did not have strong leadership, which led to the passing of policies that allowed radical parties to infiltrate the government and undermine its authority. There were loopholes in the system with the Whimper Government, radicals could exploit it and manipulate to let the benefits come to them. With this, Hitler exploited the Enabling Act to his favor, gaining control over Germany and establishing himself as the supreme leader of Germany 3rd Paragraph (Opposing Factor) (Long Term) E – Relevance (Select the best evidence) (For example) (NO narrative, to theStatement : Hitler capitalized on the effects of World War I, encompassing the humiliation suffered due to the Signing of the Treaty of Versailles, Wall Street Crash of 1929, Fear of communism, resulting in the people’s suffering. Hitler offered a viable solution then and thus the German people flocked to him, resulting in his ascension to power. Evidence (Minimum 2 detailed ones): Germany was forced to sign the Treaty of Versailles, which made Germany accept blame for the war and pay reparations amounting to 6600 million pounds, which many Germans protested, given the current state of the economy.

This resulted in the occupation of Our by the French and the Belgians so as to take raw materials and goods as reparations, which caused the collapse of the German currency due to the halt in industrial production in Germany’s most important region, resulting in hyperinflation. The savings of people that could once buy a house could not even buy a loaf of bread due to hyperinflation Then, in 1 929, the Wall Street Crash occurred. As a result of the War, Germany had to borrow heavily from America.As a result of the crash, America banks tried to call back the loans resulting in massive employment, affecting much of the middle class. Then there was the fear of Communism.

As support for communists group, the many middle-class business owners were fearful of discrimination against the, whilst owners of big industries feared state control of their businesses and industrialists were concerned of the growing strength of German trade unions. To combat this they started to support the Nazis by putting money in their campaign funds.Also, farmers heard about Communist farming policies which caused millions of deaths and imprisonment. Hitler and the Nazis offered the opposite, as hey appeared to care for the desperately struggling farmers.

At that time, Hitler offered a solution to all of Germany’s problems, resulting in widespread support. Explanation: In the absence of a stable government, which was seen as weak as they caved in to the demands of the Treaty of Versailles, which brought along events such as the Wall Street Crash of 1 929 and the Fear of communism.Allowing Hitler to tap into the widespread fear and anger of the public with regard to the consequences Germany had to bear after World War I, by promising them an alternative system where Germany would recover its roomer glory and power, causing public opinion to sway in his favor, leading to increased popularity and influence in Germany. 4th Paragraph (Comparison, 2 vs. 3) No need SEE. Stand must be stronger Owen you compare As we can see the effects of World War 1 had effected the people much more directly as compared to the weakness of the existing regime (Whimper Government).As people were much more affected by the direct consequences of the World War 1 such as the Great Depression and Hyperinflation which resulted in the lives of many being affected , as their savings which had taken long time to save were worth nothing. People’s lives were directly affected thus resulting in stronger hatred/anger being felt which Hitler managed to exploit by ensuring a system which would be rid of such problems.

People were so desperate after the economic calamities due to WWW that they would support a government that would rid them of their problems .Whereas the weakness of the Whimper government just highlighted how inefficient the government was and how they were not fit to lead the country, the effects of the weakness of the Whimper government were not felt by a large majority whereas the economic problems caused by WWW resulted n the sorrow of many. Thus as we can see the World War 1 and the after effects of it was the main pivotal factor in bringing support to Hitter’s government as they managed to tap in the resentment of the Whimper Government and current System due to the after effects Of WWW. The Paragraph (Wild Card Factor) S – Issue (Hitler rose to power because.. V) point) E – Sequential Reasoning Link Statement- Hitler had made use of the embarrassment that the people of Germany felt due to the signing of the TOP to his side by showing that Germany could become a greater country which would stand strong under is leadership, this was seen in his ” Twenty Five Points” created in Feb.

1920. Thus, people believed that with his leadership Germany would stand strong, thus flocking to him allowing his ascension to power.Evidence- 1) Nazi message was a mixture if racist, nationalist and anti-democratic ideas. 2) Hitler came up with his 1st programmer, known as the Twenty Five points in Feb. 1 920: Main Points: 1) Demanding the unions of all Germany to form a Greater Germany. 2) Demand the end of TOP 3) Demand territories 4) Only people with German blood can be citizens. Explanation; The Nazi ideology promised a resolution to the current political, military and economic woes of Germany after World War 1 .Many Germans that were dissatisfied about the way that they were treated because of World War 2 rallied around this ideology and supported Hitler who presented himself as the upholder and representative of the Nazi ideology.

6th Paragraph: 6th paragraph (Comparison, 5 vs. 2/3 depending on stand) The ideological appeal was a bigger pivotal factor than the weakness of the existing regime. This was as the ideological appeal that Hitler had provided promised a resolutions to the problems that WWW had caused .The problems that WWW had caused had made people desperate thus they were looking for a glimmer of hope that Hitler had provided by his ” Twenty Five Points” Feb. 1920. This caused Hitler to look as a viable option for the government thus causing him to rally more support.

While the weakness of the Whimper government just made the people angry towards the government , it did not cause Hitler to look much more attractive, but mainly it was due to the fact that his ideology circled around the area that Germany would be brought out of its woes which was attractive to many. The Paragraph: Conclusion Conclusion (Last Paragraph) No new ideas Summaries and Reiterate all main issues in statements in previous paragraphs As we can see, WWW was the main pivotal factor among the factors discussed in this essay, this was as it had resulted in the problems which a large majority of the Germans had to face, this would result in the Germans being desperate for a solution that would bring them out Of their woes.Hitter’s policies and promises, were solution to the problems that people were facing, thus bringing more people to support him. The problems that were caused by WWW all the more showed how inefficient the leadership f the present Whimper government was and showed that the Whimper Government did not deserve to be leading the country.

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