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Essay A: Winston Smith as an OutsiderBy definition, an outsider is one who is isolated from society as a result of being different. The outsider in literature usually allows the readers to connect with the character on a personal level. Specifically in 1984, a novel written by George Orwell ,the character that stands out the most and fits the proper traits to be categorized as an outsider would be Winston Smith. Winston is an average guy and also the main character of George’s novel 1984. He makes it clear throughout the plot of the story that he does not feel understood nor loved.

Winston Smith most accurately resembles an outsider by his beliefs and the fact that they are different than his peers, reacts to his social beliefs by rebelling against the government and society, and ultimately creating his own fate of punishment. Winston Smith is best characterized as an outsider because he believes in different ethics compared to the rest of the society he lives in. Not having freedom in the life he is living does not change any of Winston’s beliefs.

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In the community he lives in, it was rare to so much as think about rebellion. However, Winston starts by rebelling mentally rather than physically. Winston thinks about living his own life and overtaking the party. Despite not being actual rebellion, he writes in his diary, ” DOWN WITH BIG BROTHER”(Orwell 18). This shows his raw emotion towards the life he is stuck in and how much he fantasizes of detaching himself from it. Although he is under stern control by the government and is constantly being watched, Winston keeps an open mind and does not let it stop him from having his own morals.

For example, Winston believes in love along with love affairs. Julia, Winston’s companion in active rebellion, uses her relationship with Winston as a way to get back at the party for taking over her freedom. Whereas Winston views the affair as a way of being his own scandalous person. Both reasons for having sexual interactions are related to a hatred for the party that controls them rather than an actual connection between the two. Winston Smith believes in freedom of being himself despite his lack of being able to do so, which defines him as an outsider.

Winston Smith best handles his


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