Epic Of Gilgamesh Job Discussion essay

Galoshes with a perfect body, beauty, courage, made him two-thirds god and only one-third man, and even made him a king.

Qualities like this helped him throughout his journey. The Hebrew God blessed Job with an immense amount of flock, cattle, wealth, and family. Although, they were both blessed they were blessed in very different ways.

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Shillelagh’s gods view blessings in a vanity sort Of way, things that are more self-pleasing and prideful whereas, the Hebrew Bible displays blessings as things that are the exact opposite.Job’s blessings did not help him along the way; God took them away to show to Satan that he was faithful to Him, to show Job that you do not need the things of this life, but only the Lord your God. He was tested in how strong his faith and trust was in God, even after God took everything away, he still did not curse God, but did question him. The gods from Galoshes and the God from the Hebrew Bible both interacted by providing assistance throughout their journey by giving words of wisdom.

Galoshes received wisdom from timpanist relating to the story of the flood and God tells Job not to question the one who created him and everything in the universe (respectively page 23 140-163, page 36 Chi. 38). They differ because Job was compliant and blameless throughout his tribulations whereas, Galoshes was considered to be like a god. He wasn’t submissive to anyone, but himself. There is a separation in which Job knew God to be holy and so he was humble and praised God, where Galoshes could walk and be like a god.For example, t says, “When the gods created Galoshes they gave him a perfect body. Shamans the glorious sun god endowed him With beauty, Dada the god of the storm endowed him with courage, the great gods made his beauty perfect, surpassing all others.

Two-thirds they made him god and one third man” (page 19 lines 8-12). Therefore Mesopotamia did not view their gods as holy and almighty. Followers of God depicted him as the Alpha and the Omega.

No one can be like Him; he is the only one you seek for eternal life and for all of your needs.Therefore, his followers were obedient and loyal to him only. Gods of Mesopotamia thought that different gods could grant them different things so they worshipped and glorified each one during different times of their lives. For instance if they were seeking love or fertility they would pray to Sister (page 19). Gods of Mesopotamia provided knowledge, but wisdom and father like qualities are of God.

God shows his wisdom when answering Job (page 36 chi. 38) and Job shows his submissiveness when speaking back to God (page 37 chi. ). Job says, “l know that you are all-powerful: what you can conceive, you can perform.

I was the man who misrepresented your intentions with my ignorant words. You have told me about your great works that cannot understand, about man,’else which are beyond me, of which I know nothing. Before, I knew you only hearsay but now, having seen you with my own eyes, retract what I have said, and repent in dust and ashes. ” Furthermore, the people of God repent for their sins where Galoshes did not confide in the gods for forgiveness.

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