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But sometimes its something more than that. You no longer just watch, you join the tale, you become that character. However, wasn’t born to just love books, initially hated them. The more read, the more I fell in love. It definitely helped me find a way to understand the world. 10 years ago, my family and I moved to the second smallest state in America, Delaware, as a young, energetic, and curious 7 year old. As exciting as that may sound, that stage of my life was definitely one of my biggest challenges. Imagine yourself in a school in Korea where not only you look different but stand out and have o idea what anyone is saying to you.

It’s hard enough alone starting a new school but I found myself stranded, not knowing a single word of English apart from my name. I struggled to understand the language and also failed to communicate with anyone around me. Every day, the thought of going to school was a nightmare; dreaded facing another day, feeling isolated and felt like I was somewhere didn’t belong. Mrs. Fallback, my superhero at the time was my ELSE teacher who helped and supported me throughout my hardest times by recommending me to read books in English to assist my language barrier. Mrs. Fallback brought new books every session.

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My reading journey started with Cat in the Hat by Dry. Sues which felt like a major accomplishment at the time. Dry Sues definitely allowed me to step up and challenge myself as a reader. There’s a book I distinctively remember reading; which is Charlotte Web. This book was a turning point in my development as a reader and a person; through its narrative, it taught me the importance of embracing change, appreciating diversity and most importantly friendship. Charlotte web was the first book where I was able to focus more on the hem and meaning of text.

Once again, Charles’ quote comes to mind, accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers. ” This book presented an amusing escape from the real world, while providing countless and valuable advice and wisdom that brightened my life. I was able to compare myself with Wilbur the pig and understand his isolation when he was sold to Fern’s uncle, Homer Ackerman. He was left in a barnyard by himself, yearning for companionship but snubbed by Other barn animals; until befriended by a barn spider named Charlotte.

Wilbur at first wasn’t sure f he really wanted to be friends with Charlotte because she was too bloodthirsty. Wilbur saw Charlotte catching flies as her prey which gave a peculiar yet strong first impression of Charlotte. Now, don’t get me wrong but can strangely relate his experience to my first impression of the people at school. They would constantly stare with their curious blue eyes and blonde hair. Had no idea how to approach them. But there was one concept that I stuck in my mind as a reader; if a pig and a spider can build an everlasting friendship, why can’t go out there, be confident and make new friends myself?

I particularly remember Wilbur asking “why did you do all this for me? ” and Charlotte said in reply “ahoy have been my friend, that in itself is a tremendous thing. ” Sorry, I’m getting a bit watery here; that really made me realism the importance and the meaning of friendship and the barriers that friendship can overcome. It helped me take the next step in life and approach people in confidence, regardless of how good or bad my English was. Charlotte Web was the start of a new journey in developing me as a reader but more importantly gave me an opportunity to step back and think of “who am.

Day by day, my capability of understanding and speaking English improved dramatically and it allowed me to expand my genre horizons from children’s book to fantasy books and occasionally classic books like To Kill a Mockingbird. I first approached the book as part of assessment in grade 11 and by that time, my English was of course, perfect. I was able to explicitly analyses and deconstruct the deeper meaning of the text. To kill a Mockingbird was the first classic book I was fascinated by and significantly impacted the way I viewed the greatly discussed issue of racial discrimination and social inclusion.

To kill a Mockingbird as you may all remember is about a black man named Tom Robinson who was accused of fabricated rape charges as he continuously fought for his innocence . The trial and tangent events exposed the children to evils of racism and stereotyping. Throughout the book, I was constantly contrasting the extremes of history regarding to racial discrimination. A white person’s word has prevailed over a black man based on the notion that one race is superior than the other; whereas now, this kind of racial prejudice does happen on a frequent basis but socially unacceptable.

Throughout my development as a reader, I was able to swallow the deeper meaning of To kill a mockingbird and relate it to the controversial social issue of racism, including myself. This claim of superiority, think is more or less a cover up for ignorance. Acknowledging the evolution while recognizing the ongoing challenges for equality, it forced me to reflect myself as a person and how thankful I am to be accepted into such abundant, diverse country where I am socially accepted and not having the prejudice that one race is better than the other like the sass’s.

But look where I am now; standing here confidently, proud to speak about my reallocates journey in front of my “friends”. Books have had a major impact in my life and played a role of developing me as a passionate reader but most importantly shaped the person am today. Not long ago, was proud of reading and understanding Charlotte Web and now Fifty evolved as a reader to analyses the deeper meaning books other than To Kill a Mockingbird. Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers and I’m very thankful for that.

Conclusion to link back to the two texts and evolution and development as a reader Accomplishment of getting through Cat and the Hat and Charlotte web helped me overcome my social barriers and evolved as a person and reader to be reading TAKE academically analyzing for its meaning and value of society. Link up back to the question/statement Issues of racial discrimination and social inclusion/cultural diversity Contrasting the extremes of history in regards to racial discrimination Acknowledging the evolution while recognizing the ongoing challenges for equality Reader’s development:

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