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English paper Should sports figures or celebrities be considered role models? Explain how the term “role model” is currently and most commonly used in mass media, and decide if you agree or disagree with who is considered a role model.

Explain your position and provide examples. Title page Sports Figures and Celebrities As Role Models : An Annotated Bibliography Christopher Tangelo ENG 122: English composition II Instructor: Mime Garter June 21, 2015 Annotated Bibliography Pickup, C. , & Pester, G. (1999). Would like to be like her/him: Are athletes role-models for boys and girls?.European physical Education Review, 5(3), 99. The first part of the Journal deals with the meaning of role models for young people. It talks about what young people look for in their sport heroes.

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Then it breaks it down in different views, one from a boy and another view from a girl. It talks about how boys look up to men in sports and girls look up to their moms and dads and other family members. They did a study where they polled each group and came up with those conclusions. In the second part it talks about how the children views role models and heroes.They talk about how a lot of children look up to models from literatures, film, and elevation. They look up to princesses and heroes. Then the next part dives in to how sports heroes are looked at in today’s world. How much attention they get in the press and media.

It talks about how the media makes these sport role models in to someone that the average person can identify with. The last section talks about specific questions asked to children and how their answers were polled. It was found out that girls and boys mainly look up to role models and idols in the mass media.I plan on using the information above in my paper by taking from the what people look for in role models. I ill use the specifics to highlight what a role model is in the eyes of young people. Anderson, D.

R. , Huston, A. C. , Schmitt, K. L. , Linebacker, D.

L. , & Wright, J. C. (2001). IX.

Self-Image: Role Model Preference And Body Image. Monographs Of The Society For Research In Child Development, 66(1), 108-1 18. In the first section it explains how we as people look at role models and who we choose as role models.It talks about how mass media offers a host of potential models who appear to be attractive, powerful, and glamorous. And how as children tend to break away from their parents they choose to look at sports ND mass media for role models. The second section goes in to what the mass media perceives as role models.

Like men tend to look at sports figures and women tend to look at young woman usually thin and pretty. As the article goes on it goes in to role model choices and how we as people make the choice on who to look up to.Then goes in to the reason we look up to who we do. We as people tend to look at body image, stature, money and popularity. I would use this in my paper to show what we look at and how we pick our role models today. And how mass media almost tells us who we should look up to. The influence mass media has on people today . Brace-Gavin, J.

(2013). More diversity than celebrity: A typology of role model interaction. Journal of Social Marketing, 3(2), 11 1-126.

Retrieved from http:// In this journal it talks about the important concept of a role model.It explains how social marketing plays a huge role in what we look for in too proper role model. It talks about how a role model can change the way young people live their lives. They look up to certain stars and want to be like them. Young people can change the way they go about everyday life and try to immolate their role models. It also talks about the two different types of role models. One being a person who excels in everything and One who has made mistakes and has recovered and is on the right track to life again.

Ill take away from this the two different types of role models we look at today. I will talk about how a role model doesn’t have to be a perfect person it could be a guy who plays baseball but battles alcohol issues and still finds a way to beat his demons and be a better person. Read, B.

(2011). Brittany, Beyond, and me – primary school girls’ role models and constructions of the ‘popular’ girl. Gender & Education, 23(1 1-13. Ii:1 0. 1080/09540251003674089 This paper talks about the ways in which the gendered social construction of the ‘popular girl’ infuses girls’ ideas as to their role models.

It talks about the different ways celebrities are represented in the mass media today and how young girls look at them. It also talks about how most young ladies look at Brittany and Beyond characteristics rather than their accomplishments. It also talks about how they model these role models to pick up a position of power in their lives. I will use a lot from this paper because it really talk about why young girls look up to who they do and owe mass media makes these celebrities shine. Lawyer, p. (2010). Celebrity Studies Today.

Society, 47(5), 419. DOI:10. 007/ asses 5-010-9353-z In this paper it talks about what a celebrity is and how one is made. Public option is what makes a celebrity and these are the people that we look up to today. It talks about what contributes to the word celebrity, like famous people are weird, have different ways of dressing or how many times they been in rehab. It talks about what we as Americans kick for in a celebrity and how we choose one as a role model. We choose them usually because they have same views or beliefs.

I really like this paper because it really breaks down what we look at when we think of celebrities as role models.It really breaks down all the different aspects of the person who we consider to be our role model. I will use all the good ,bad and ugly of celebrities and how it all translates in to certain role models and how the media portrays these different people. Thesis Although celebrities and sports figures can be viewed as flawed and have their lives aired out to the public, many of them are positive people who make a difference and can be considered remarkably role models. Why we ay not look up to all celebrities and sport figures most of them can have a very positive influence on our lives.

L. Introduction A.Thesis: Sports figures and celebrities have always been highly looked at as role models in America today through their accomplishments and strong star power influence they have on people. II. Body Paragraph 1 A role model is a person who displays characteristics that others look up to and want to immolate in their day to day lives. In the twenty first century Mass media portrays two different types of role models. A. Supporting Evidence – in the journal writing by Brace-Gavin,” More diversity than liberty: A typology of role model interaction.

” They talk about the two types of role models.They say there is the role model that excels in life and is almost perfect in every aspect and the second role model that is often identified as human in the way that they have risen to fame but in one way or another fell from stardom do to a drug problem yet made a comeback do to rehab or some other help. Ill. Body paragraph 2 Sports figures and celebrities are often looked at as role models. The way the media portrays these lager then life people often determines who we choose and why we choose certain people as our role models. A. Supporting Evidence- In “Pickup, C.

, & Pester, G. (1999). Old like to be like her/him: Are athletes role-models for boys and girls? ” and “Read, B. (2011 Brittany, Beyond, and me – primary school girls’ role models and constructions of the ‘popular’ girl. ” it talks about what it takes for someone to look up to another person of high stature. They way someone is in everyday life and their accomplishments makes us normal people look up to them. They state that there are certain things everyone looks for weather it be their looks or how many home runs they hit last year.

IV. Body Paragraph 3 eel like people should look up to people for who they really are.I don’t think just because you are famous that makes you a role model. A.

Supporting Evidence- in the first few sentences of “Lawyer, P. (2010). Celebrity Studies Today. Society, 47(5), 419. DOI:10. 1007/asses 5-010-9353-t’ he goes to say that being famous doesn’t make you someone to look up to. You have to be famous and use your talents and influence for the good not for personal use.

A perfect example of a Sport figures role model is Derek Jester. He is someone who you could look up to and see all the great things he does on the field and off the field. V.Conclusion A role model can be defined as a person who is looked up to and a prime example of what another wants to be like. Should sport figures and celebrities be looked at as role models that are for you to decide. There are two types of role models and in my opinion you have to make the right choices to decide which one you want to look up to Given what we look for in society today many celebrities and sports figures can be looked at as great role models, yet the media like to talk about their flaws and mistakes.

We as people need to look past that and decide for ourselves who we want to be and look up to.

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