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Abdul Malik Abbasi18-Sep-2018Contents TOC o “1-3” h z u Introduction3Definition3History3Importance of Information Technology4Advantages4Disadvantages5Conclusion5References6IntroductionInformation Technology is defined as the term which is used to store and organize the data to useful knowledge ad information which can now be used to process the data. It’s a very vast technology and still developing day by day. International technology is the study of computer and telecommunication such that for store retrieve and manipulate different types of data, information, instruction, programs and software, uses of computer is also include in it. It is also use for sending meaningful and distinct collection of data from different professions and different places as well. Collect and storing data is one of ancient way but in 1950’s the real and modern sense of information technology has born. Nowadays the term information technology is also known as computer.

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The essay is defining with the terms of importance, history, advantages and disadvantages. Information technology is now used to be store and collect the data.DefinitionInformation Technology is define as the study, design, work of computer based information system. The study of software and hardware with the computers, Information Technology is used to store, process and transfer information to various sources. Information Technology has become and everyday term that has define technology. Therefore, Information Technology is most useful to us and also uses in many areas. Information Technology performs a wide range of task like installation of computer applications and designing in various places as well as uses in many industries and companies.

The activities of information technology is that include the data management, engineering, networking, designing and its management and administration as well as working.HistoryInformation Technology has been around of sometime now and it has been used in working, chatting, and communication since time memorial. The latest is in electronic age. Information Technology has become most common in most people and it affects like everybody in the world. Importance of Information TechnologyInformation technology is related to working, designing, studying and much more the information which is connecting with computers Information Technology specification has grown fast in last few years just the reason is that best comments about IT.

Information technology is most important and especially important for business and education.A lot of business and companies need software program to satisfying their functional needs. The specific importance of Information Technology in business includes:In science and engineering, Information technology plays a best role in collecting and exchange the data and behavioral scienceIn the education system, Information technology helps both the teachers and students to study course materials like Google classroom, LMS, etc.AdvantagesThe work has totally changed with the respect of Information Technology. Computer has made easy work by easy single click.

They work in business, schools, education, hospital, designers, cell phone, fax machine, etc. By the helping of Internet we can get a lot of knowledge about study, work, education, designing, etc. We can get video conferencing by the help of Information Technology and make a lot of presentations in our companies. We can send emails in Nano-second with the help of internet.Creation of new jobs, it is the best advantage of information technology, creating new jobs. We have different a lot of different categories of people who are directly employed as Information Technology’s experts. Information Technology grows rapidly and new technology is developed every day as old out dated ones become obsolete.

There are many examples of information technology such as mobile computing, smart phone, network storage devices, global positioning system and cloud storage etc. Since technology makes our work easier and more efficient such as information technology creates electronic storage systems to protect your valuable records; which means that whenever you accidentally lose your documents, you have backup data in your electronic storage system, it improves efficiency by developing manual or sluggish processes to a faster automated process that takes the burden off your clients, gives you the resources you need to communicate quickly and effectively and technology transactions between a lawyer and client would be easier with email, video conferencing equipment, and internal chat rooms etc.DisadvantagesThe biggest disadvantages of Information Technology is that hacking, it is too much dangerous to making fool to all people and lost our data by hacking, Therefore people employed in the IT industry have to keep on constant learning mode, if they want to have their jobs secured. ConclusionIn the essay, we define the definition, history, importance, advantages, and disadvantages.

In the future, Information technology will become too much amount of popular in the world. In short we can say that Information Technology has bright our life.ReferencesCheck out Our Information Technology Essay Retrieved from: https://essaysprofessors.com/samples/technology/information-technology.html


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