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Capitalization Rules Capitalize the first word in a sentence or direct quotation. Jimmy was 1 7 years old. He said, “My dad is the greatest. ” Capitalize names of individuals and the word l. It was Marry, not Miss Joe, who had an accident. Always come to class on time.

Capitalize family relationships used with names. Am glad that Uncle John helped us. Saw Aunt Sarah in the party. My uncle will come from UK next week. (No name with uncle) Capitalize the names of nationalities, religions ND languages.

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The nationalities of my two friends are American and Brazilian. He is a Muslim. He speaks Spanish fluently. Capitalize the days of the week, months, holidays and religious occasions. My birthday falls on Tuesday this year.

The best time to visit England is in March or April. They celebrated Christmas well. However, the seasons of the year are not capitalized, spring, summer, fall and winter. Capitalize the names of specific places including monuments.

It’s go to Slang after one month.Tag Mall is one of the world’s great wonders. Capitalize the names of companies, political groups and official organizations. Prefer to buy oil from Union oil.

The May company has huge sales every year. Their parents support Democratic Party Capitalize the names of commercial products or brand names. Want to buy Dove soap.

Pepsi Dandruff is helped by Head and Shoulders shampoo. Capitalize titles of books, magazines, essays, poems, stories, plays, articles, films, television shows, songs and cartoons.

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